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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Houses of Franciscan Friars Chichester

    the castle, 4 and here they built the church of which the graceful remains still stand, and in which Archbishop Peckham held an ordination in 1282 . 5 Of history these Grey Friars appear to have had little; when the

    Houses of Dominican Friars Chichester

    before 1283. In this latter year their prior, William, was accused of having celebrated mass at Steyning , although Archbishop Peckham had laid the church under an interdict. 2 Apparently at this time they had only temporary buildings, as, in

    Alien houses Collegiate church of Steyning

    or his bailiff and held a visitation, but a similar attempt by the deputies of Archbishop Peckham was foiled by the abbot's bailiff, whom Peckham excommunicated, 11 as he did also the prior of the Dominicans of Chichester , who

    Houses of Benedictine monks The priory of Luffield

    3 Edw. I . m. 19. Reg. of Peckham (Rolls Ser.), i. 101-2. That is to say, the prior, convicted of grave immorality, together with other monks in the course of Peckham 's visitation, was wasting the goods of the

    Houses of Benedictine monks The priory of Luffield

    and Rymer, Faedera , xii. 563, and xiii. 97. Reg. of Archbishop Peckham (Rolls Ser.), i. 101. Pat. 8 Edw. I . m. 21. Reg. of Archbishop Peckham (Rolls Ser.), i. 102. Ibid. iii. 584-5. Linc. Epis. Reg. Rolls of

  • * British History Online * *

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    House of Commons Journal Volume 9, 2 March 1668, 02 March 1668-02 March 1668

    That the Bill be ingrossed. Peckham's Estate. Mr. Steward reports from the Committee, to which the Bill to enable John Peckham Esquire to sell Lands in Norfolke , to pay Debts, was committed, a Clause to be added to the

    America and West Indies, Addenda 1583, 01 December 1583-31 December 1583

    28. 22. Articles of Agreement between Sir Humphrey Gylberte, of Compton, co. Deven, and Sir George Peckham, of Denham, co. Buc ks and George Peckham his second son. Whereas her Majesty by Letters Patent bearing date 11 June 1578, hath

    Illustrative Documents, Letter of John Peckham, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1280

    Illustrative Documents Letter of John Peckham, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1280 VI. EPISTOLA JOHANNIS PECKHAM, 1 ARCHIEPISCOPI CANTUARIENSIS, AD FULCONEM LOVEL, 2 ELECTUM LONDINENSEM. 3 . Frater Johannes etc. Venerande discrecionis viro, sibique in Christo Karissimo Domino ffulconi Lovel, Archidiacono Colcestrie,

    Addenda, Mary - Volume 7, March 1556, 01 March 1556-31 March 1556

    Perezius . ] [March. ] 45. List of 21 prisoners committed to the Tower, Fleet, and Newgate; among others, Henry Peckham, Throgmorton, Fernando Lygons, the keepers of the Star Chamber and Hyde Park, Sir Thos. Carden, Carter, searcher of the Subscribers-only content


    14s. 9d. Peckham, 531l. 8s. 6d. and Dulwich, 62l. 19s.; the proportion at Camberwell, is 1s. 9d. in the pound; which, in consequence of improvements and new buildings, is about to be lowered to 1s. 6d.; at Peckham they pay

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Appendix 1, Chapter 5 ANTIQUITIES.

    Woman, about the Time it was found, dreaming she was brought to Bed of a Child with two Faces. At Peckham was a very large Urn of Glass digged up in the Highway, which is now in Gresham College .

    Appendix 1, Chapter 11 Clapham.

    the Boys of his School, founded in the Parish, for teaching of 28 Children: It is endowed with Lands in Peckham . CLAPHAM . F Rom Battersey we next take our Course to the Parish of Clapham , situate upon

    Book 4, Chapter 1 Bridge Ward without. St. Olaves. Monuments.

    Sarah Briant his second Wife, 1659 . And Eleanor his fourth Wife, 1668 . And Anthony Briant , late of Peckham in the County of Surry , Esq; 1683 . And John Briant , 1702 . And Richard Briant ,

    Appendix 1, Chapter 11 The Circuit Walk. Clapham. Camberwell.

    worshipful Families of the Scots and Bowyers now (or lately) inhabited; with divers other fair Seats. The Parish taketh in Peckham , and Dulwich , famed for its purging Waters, and the College. The Church is ancient, and adorned with

    Book 1, Chapter 27 DULWICH College.

    the Counties of Sussex and Surrey . Sir Edmund Bowyer , of Camberwell , Knight. Sir John Grymes , of Peckham , Kt. Sir John Bodley , of Stretham , Kt. Sir John Tonstal , of Cashalton, Kt. With divers

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Retail of all respectable Chemises, Hairdressers, Perfumers, and Patent Medicine Vendors. The above preparations are prepared solely by John Blake Peckham, London. 1) EADY-MONEY ACCOMMODATION-Persons ,.IL of any trade or profession, male or female resident In London nr Country, can Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    :Retail of all respectable Chemists, rress, erfuners, and Patent Medicine Vandors. The above preparations are prepared solely by John Blake Peckham, London, R EADY-MONEY ACCOMMODATION-Persons Pt of any trade or profession, male or female resident in London or Country, can Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    all respectable Chemists, Hairdressers, erfumers, and Patent Medicane Vendors. )D The above preparations are prepared solely by John Blake ex. Peckham, London. in jfONEMY-A Private Gentleman, with surplus TE l capital, .i willing to niake prompt advances to Geotle- ed Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Drbin'; Retailof all respectable Chemists, Hairdressers, 0rffrmers, and Patent Medicine Vendors. Thp. above preparations are prepared solely by. John Blake Peckham, London. LOAT d £sD HoAasmexss.-All Sn!- ' fering from irritation of the sthroat and hoan ess- wiliberagreeably jursrised at Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    uchaf o fw "Mr. Thompson," fel y galwai Peace ei hun. Aethant yr a yn ddilynol i Lambeth, Greenwich, a Peckham, ac yn be r y lie olaf a enwyd y deallodd Mrs. Thompqon mai y Di a dyn yr Subscribers-only content

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 5, page 909 (1563)

    touching that matter. He saide it was no newe chaunge, as might bee perceiued by a certaine constitution prouinciall of Peckham: and Cistercienses dyd communicate vnder bothe kindes.Then in the processe of his his sermō, he came to these wordes

    K. Edw.3. A Table of the Archbyshops of Cant.

    he was made Cardinal by pope Gregory, which could not be.48. Iohn Peckham. 13Robert Burnell bishop of Bathe was elcted, but by the Pope refused: For whō Iohn Peckham a Gray Frier, was placed by Pope Nicho.In the first yeare

    K. Edward. 3. A table of the succession of the Archbishops of Canterbury.

    Pecham and Thomas Byshop of Hereford. Who being excōmunicated by Peckham, appealed to Rome, & went to the Pope.The Prior & couent of Cant. made their appeale agaynst this archb. Peckham, that he should not cōsecrate Walter le Schamell new

    Book 5, page 903 (1563)

    and wyshed in all men in other thynges the lyke obedience: and also he dyd alleage the constytution prouinciall of Peckham, concernyng the receyuing in both kyndes: and also he referred hym selfe to hys wryting in that behalfe. Item,

    Book 5, page 905 (1563)

    that thys was not the fyrst tyme of alteration in that matter, as maye appeare by a constitution prouinciall of Peckham made aboute two hundred yeres ago.Item, he spake of the kynges proclamation, made agaynst the vnreuerent speakyng of the

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    PECKHAM, James (d.1400), of Yaldham in Wrotham and Hadlow, Kent.

    while she was single. On the strength of this document, Roos had Peckham arrested in July 1377 and imprisoned for three weeks in London. On his release, Peckham sued for damages of £1,000, and, although only £10 was awarded him,

    PECKHAM, Henry (by 1526-56), of Denham, Bucks.

    PECKHAM, Henry (by 1526-56), of Denham, Bucks. Constituency Dates Chipping Wycombe Mar. 1553 Chipping Wycombe Oct. 1553 Chipping Wycombe Apr. 1554 Chipping Wycombe 1555 Biography Henry Peckham may have followed his father and elder brother into the service of the

    POLHILL, Nathaniel (1723-82), of Peckham, Surr. and Howbury, Beds.

    (1723-82), of Peckham, Surr. and Howbury, Beds. Constituency Dates Southwark 1774 29 Aug. 1782 Biography Polhill was ‘an eminent tobacco merchant’ of Southwark,[footnote] and from 1777 partner in a City bank. He seems to have been a wealthy man, and

    GRYMES, Thomas (1574-1644), of Peckham, Surr.

    (1574-1644), of Peckham, Surr. Constituency Dates Stockbridge 1601 Haslemere 1614 Haslemere 1621 Surrey 1624 Ofifces Held J.p. Surr. 1608. Biography Grymes’s paternal grandfather came from Cheshire to London, where he prospered as a haberdasher and was a ‘very good friend’

    PECKHAM, Sir Robert (by 1516-69), of London, Biddlesden and Denham, Bucks.

    his brother Henry was condemned for his part in the Dudley conspiracy Peckham made a long statement on his behalf.[footnote]In the general pardon which he obtained in 1559 Peckham was described as of Biddlesden alias of London. Removed from the

  • * John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera * *

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    John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera

    [Theater, Theater programs] The Graphic Theatrical Programme. X Pll The nnprecedentedly > ? passed iti 180th repre>? has been formed to re] : ? "The Sor'T""- ¦ '^ •¦.? Glasgow, A ? Dublin, etc., .^.? engaged : — Misses Subscribers-only content

    Mellin's Cold Liver Oil Emulsion

    (With Hypophosphites of Lime & Soda) [Patent medicines, Advertisements, cod liver oil manufacturer] Subscribers-only content

    Mellin's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil and Hypophosphites

    (Containing Fifty per cent of the finest Cod Liver Oil in a most palatable and digestible form) [Patent medicines, Advertisements, patent medicine, cod liver oil manufacturer] 'IHOUIAdOe v?OPYUIGHT. v?OPYUIGHT. 'IHOUIAdOe EMOLSIONi oP Finesf |i? HORWECIANCODLIYEROILIJ ¦\ it) e. Tnosh Subscribers-only content

    Mellin's Food Biscuits

    [Printed ephemera, Advertising, Biscuits, Cut-paper works, biscuits and cakes] Subscribers-only content

    Mellin's Food

    dition of milk." A Free Sample with useful book on *' How to Feed the Baby" will be sent by : ? Sample Department, Mellin's Food Ltd., Peckham, London. THE NEAREST FOOD TO NATURE'S FOOD j>e:c.. * 9 / 6> Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    20 December 1689, 20 December 1689

    That from the Secretary's " they went to The Fleece Tavern in Southwark, where " his Brother fent for Mr. Peckham, who came to them; " their Difcourfe was in Commendation of him, for en- " deavouring to difcover the Subscribers-only content

    26 May 1714, 26 May 1714

    the Houfe. And Ordered, That the Serjeant at Arms attending Peckham to this Houfe, his Deputy or Deputies, do forthwith at-be attached. tach the Body of the faid Richard Peckham, and bring him in fafe Cuftody to the Bar of Subscribers-only content

    7 June 1714, 7 June 1714

    the faid Richard " Peckham be difcharged out of Cuftody of the " Serjeant at Arms attending this Houfe (paying ¦ " his Fees)?" It was Refolved in the Affirmative. Ordered, That the faid Richard Peckham be, and he is Subscribers-only content

    21 February 1759, 21 February 1759

    off till Monday the 2d Day of April next, as defired. A Meffage was brought from the Houfe of Commons, Peckham to by Mr. Butler and others: »kf *•Narae J or row«, W7ith a Bill, intituled, " An Aft to Subscribers-only content

    21 February 1774, 21 February 1774

    on the Behalf of Hooker Bartelott an Infant, John Woodward Clerk, William Woodward Clerk, on Behalf of himfelf and V/illiam Peckham Woodward his only Son, an Infant, and Sir John Hynde Cotton Baronet; praying Leave to bring in a Bill Subscribers-only content

  • * Who Were The Nuns *

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    Ellen Bride

    Details Ellen Bride in religion Helena Martha a Jesu Died 1812 7 Jan in Peckham

    Frances Hilliar

    Details Frances Hilliar in religion Francis Winifred of Sta Birgitta Died 1814 25 Dec in Peckham


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