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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Sawbridgeworth

    Sir Henry Parker , Lord Morley , together with woods of 91/2 acres called Sperthes Grove , Walters Grove and Patmore 's Grove . 119 Lord Morley was succeeded in 1555 by his grandson Henry, who died seised in 1577

    Index K-Z

    Rd . , Parsonage farm , Parton , John, Passionist Fathers , Passive Resistance League , Passmore , see Caroë Patmore , Coventry , Patti , Adelina, Paulet , Sir W m ., Pavilion Cottage , Pawlett : Eliz., m.

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    fleet , see Colne , river Parson's Heath , Parsonson, A. C. , Partridge , fam., Pasley Engineering Co. , Patmore , Ric., Patrick , earl of Salisbury , Pattrick , Geo., Pawsey , fam., Paxman : Edw. P., Jas.

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    Anne, see Cheyney Parsons , Thos., Pasley , Admiral Sir Thos ., bt., Passionists , Paterson , John Yates , Patmore : Coventry , Ric., Paul: Cath., m. Sir Wm . Stapleton , Fran., Sir Geo ., John Wm .,


    Parsons , Thos., 208 Parsons (S. H.) and Co., leather merchants, 130 Partridge , Rob., 216; Wm., 216; fam., 216 Patmore , Coventry , 76 Pavely , Wal., 54 Payne (Payn), John, 126; Ric., 125; fam., 79 Pearson , Hugh

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Hen. 8. A table of certayne persons abiured with theyr Articles.

    dealynges of the Byshoppeand his Chauncelor agaynst the sayd Patmore, not-withstandyng his appeale vnto the kyng and to de-termine therof accordyng to true equitie and iustice:& to restore the sayd Patmore agayne vnto his saydbenefice. But what was the ende

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of Persons abiured, with their Articles.

    That thereis as much bawdrie kept by goyng in Pil-gremage to Wilsedone or Mowsswell, asis in the stewes syde. &c.ThomasPatmoreDraper.1531.This Patmore was brother to M. Patmoreperson of Hadhā, who was prisoned in Lollardes tower for mariyng a Priest, & in

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of Persons abiured, with their articles.

    Pilgre-mage to Wilsedone or Mousswell, asis in the stewes syde. &c. Tho. Pat- more Dra- per. 1531. This Patmore was brother toM. Patmore Person of Hadham,who was prisoned in Lollardes to-wer for marying a Priest, and in thesame prison continued

    K. Henry 8. A table of certaine persons abiured with their articles.

    orMousswell, as in the stewes side, &c.This Patmore was brother to may-ster Patmore Parson of Hadham, whowas prisoned in Lollards tower formarying a Priest, and in the same pri-son continued three yeare.This Patmore was accused by di-uers witnesses, vpon these

    K. Hen. 8. A Table of Persons abiured, with their Articles.

    haue offended.&c. Itē, for saying, that Luther was a goodman. Item, that hee reported, throughe thecredence & reporte of M. Patmore Person ofA welspryng where Wickleffes bones were burned.Hadhā, that where Wickleffes bones werebrent, sprang vp a well or welspryng.Iohn

  • * British History Online *

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    Roger Whitley's Diary, April 1686, 01 April 1686-30 April 1686

    & Lee supt with us; parted about 10. 19. Monday, Saladine came to me, with a letter from Roger & Patmore to speak about his brother; I went to Mosyer; then to Cosens; there I met Saladine; he walked with

    Surnames beginning 'P'

    d, 16.13 Patience : Joa, ser, 73.17 Marg, ser, 59.21 Wm; Olive, w, 5.12 Patisall Thos, child; Wm, ?bro, 9.64 Patmore Sar, ser, 28.19 Paton Jos; Han, w; Eliz, d; Reb, d, 17.120 Patredg Ann, ser, 29.28 Patrick : Kath,

    The Justicing notebook of Henry Norris, 1738-9 (nos 249-315)

    a Warr t : for her. 286 . Tuesday, 9 January 1739 Cath: Baker complains ag t : Jn : Patmore for assaulting her & cutting her gown maliciously. On her Oath made a Warrt: for him. 287 . Monday,

    Index, P, 01 January 1533-31 December 1533

    1438. Pate (Pates or Pattes), Ric., archdeacon of Lincoln, ambassador in Spain, 1370, 1417, 1418 : g. 1481 (12). Patmer (Patmore), Thos., 299 (ix. G.), 573. Patrington , York dioc., App. 9. Patterton , John, 1613. Pattynson , Ric. 988.

    Henry VIII, May 1533, 26-31, 01 May 1533-31 May 1533

    er the honest priest that last year was martyred by you in Kent ? Do you not hold Nicholson, Smyth, Patmore, and Philips, with many others, in prison at this hour? Corrected draft, not in Latimer's handwriting. Imperfect . R.

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    wos preveited goingj tirougit tbe Itolii of his dcIty, and the %vretohed mnin It;d his vufferinga for some minuates prolonged. Patmore and Tlhom- pOll appeared to feel but a momentgIry ptrig,-Just beoore tile bodies toerg cist dowes, anooter prroof eu Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Penny; Middlesex sessions, 91. Padded calves, 106. Cording v. Ballantine, 107, 252. Dicas v. Onwhyn, 107. Colburn v. Patmore, 107. 252.' Patmore v. Colburn, 107. Resignation of Mr Baron EBalley; Sir J. Campbell appointed Attorney General, 123. Rex v. Smart; Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    LAtt Blanchard, Esq. 11. Revelations of Russia end the Emperor. 12. Confessions of an Italian Innkeeper. ' 13. Poems. ByCoventry Patmore. hc.&c. Henry Colburn, Publisher, 13 Great Marlborough street. FRASERt'S MAGAZINE, for SEPTEMBER, FRASER'S ~~price 2s. 6d. eontains:-- 1. A Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    BLAOCKWOOD'S MAGAZINE, for JULY, 1854. No. CCCCLXV, price 28. od. CONTENTS. The Growth and Prospects of British America yLetter to Eunebius-Riddles Evelyn and Pepys The Secret ofStoke Manor-Part II The Battle of Lepanto Clive's Dream before the Battle of Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    EDITOR OF THE ' EXASINER,' 46 fMoorgate street, London, July 13th, 1854. Sir, I perceive in a work by Mvir Patmore, entitled ' My Friends and Acquaintance,' that the following statement occurs: " Unlike most of the denizens of this Subscribers-only content

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