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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 4, page 521 (1563)

    est radix onmium malorū in ecclesia, ф quia nō mittūtur a Deo intus (nā sine hac interna vocatione centies a Papa, rege, vel imperatore p mille Bullas electū & consecratū fuisse nihil quicquā iuuat corā deo, qui respicit cor &

    K. Henry. 5. The bloudy inquisition of Pope Martin.

    fautors, defēders or receauers of them, to be excommunicate, euery Sonday and festiuall day, in the presence of the people. Papa spiras minat & cædoc.Furthermore that you diligently do to be inquired by the sayd our authoritie, vppon all and

    K. Henry.5. The bloudy Inquisition of Pope Martine.

    K. Henry.5. The bloudy Inquisition of Pope Martine.loosing, be more then the authoritie of a simple priest or not, although he haue charge of soule.Heresie to deny the popes indulgences.26. Item, whether he beleue, that the Pope may vppon

    Book 1, page 22 (1583)

    æternum licet eße beatis,Dulce decusq; Dei, Christum quia morte decoraOrnastis, clari superi, cœtus triumphans.Non caro, non mundus, non vos turcæ, papa, dæmon,Non phœbe pernox vexabit, sol vè diurnus.Et vos ô cuncti, scanso qui culmine cœli,Vaditis ad patrem, terrena mole relicta:Quid

    The order of the Popes riding, the Emperour holding his bridle, and kinges going before him. Ex Lib. Sacrar. Ceremon. lib. 1.

    deliuer out of purgatory wil aske here a question, whether I be able also to emptie all purgatory at once,An papa possit totū purgatoriū expoliare. or not? To whom my Canonist August. de Ancho doth aunswere by a triple distinction:

  • * British History Online *

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    Statutes (Baldock and Lisieux), Pars secunda

    be sold to laymen." Hale's Domesday of S. Paul's , Introduction, p. cxxxiv. Literati, pro Clericis , usurpat Gregorius X. Papa in Epist. ad Philippum Regem Francorum anno 1273, apud Petrum Mariam Campum in Hist. Eccles. Placentin , par. 2,

    Illustrative Documents, Privilege of Erkenwald, Bishop of Rome, 674-93

    ALDUS EPISCOPUS DE ROMA. 1 Dilectissimo nobis Erken aldo, Episcopo 2 Monasterii Sancti Pauli, Agatho Papa 3 servus servorum Dei. Que ad securitatem et refugium fildeliter Deo servientium pertinent sollerti cura speculatoris oportet perspicere vigilantiam, ut dum immunitati devote Deo

    Henry VIII, August 1516, 1-10, 01 August 1516-31 August 1516

    pensione che il Papa promisse loro ogni anno quando fu facto Papa, che entro in lega con loro [ e ] t lo Imperatore; si che de directo voi siete ... mo male informati che il Papa sia scoperto ...

    Venice, February 1586, 01 February 1586-28 February 1586

    sia, o impossible o molto difficile. Giudicai opportuno ricercarlo sopr a la opinione del Papa morto in questo proposito, mi rispose sua Signoria Reverendissima che il Papa Gregorio pretendeva che facendosi Vacquisto di questo regno, dovesse ogni cosa restar nel

    Spain, July 1530, 1-5, 01 July 1530-31 July 1530

    ma ana la ultima audiencia, aprovechar poco, no dandonos, como pienso que no dar , cl Papa la comision que tengo scripta, el Papa enbia un hombre propio al Rey para persuadirle que se desista desta cosa, que se contente

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    dair (yn cynwys y pen) o'i flaen fer ei ran ei hun, dywedai gyda bunan-foddhad wrth eistedd i lawr, " Papa eat caput ecclesice." ("Y LPab yw pen yr Eghwys.") Gyda hyn, dyna y Method- ist ar ei draed, a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    sitht Romoethiwg tot eat was brourit. bohio on seeing q silver fork he was quite c eli-hterl, antd satA. ' Papa had such fat-ke as th-<r.' lle also sarii, the car;l-t in the dramtiup-rnom %ts I ike papa's; thei. hoseikeeper Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    POLI&.ex, CtItLDBALL. A lementable instance of the efects of infiatuation rindrenrln.- iosn nias exbited at this office- on Wedinesday. &Srnnel Sibley and MtariaCo Catherine Sibley his wife, Sanmnul Jones and iston, a br of 'en years old, 'hoesza Jenes, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    he completely ovi:taFlN. 'I TIhe eorny hiadil a readsv heuaa to retreat tbe Vi i -e, planed thie night at Papa. Oa the-1lt)F tit five Al. l, icr a:illV mlialched to a ards R1LiE.. Our cavqtirv andi the Ans- 4 Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    e ipperi aah, tie Archduke John hItsteteld witi :t pat vat of the arun -cy r .rp nd- Itivconsmand by Papa, to stpIorTt hi- broth er tite Ar cauk, Palatine4 and an the 12th had already fartned a jUltldmn a Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 6, Chapter 2 The City of WESTMINSTER.

    Transilvaniæ & Nassauviæ Princip. Ingenuum. Veneta Respublica Philobasilea. Subaudiæ & Lotharingiæ Duces Politicum. Palatinus Comes. Fidelem. Imperator Pacificum. Turca Christianum. Papa Protestantem. Experti sunt. Quem He lyeth also buried in the same South Part of the Church. R. R. A

  • * Victoria County History *

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    1086 ' " " 119, note 58, line 1, for 'C.R.O.' read 'Ibid.' " " 122, note 61, for ' Papa ' read 'Papal' and for 'Reg.' read 'Reg .' " " 128 a , line 6, for 'Anglo-saxon' read

    Parishes Chesterton

    F . (Dugd. Soc. xi), 926. Tax. Eccl . (Rec. Com.), 241. Cal. Pat . 1317-21 , p. 145; Cal. Papa L . ii, 217. Cal. Pat . 1324-7 , p. 252. Ibid. 1408-13 , p. 456; Dugd. 481. Dugd.

    Houses of Benedictine monks The abbey of Peterborough

    fac ecclesiam , instead of Domine salvum fac Regem , and for saying in the canon of high mass pro Papa nostro , although erased from the book. The charge was made by brother Richard Deeping to Prior Walpole ,

    Parishes Steeple Morden

    Crockford ( 1966 and later edns.); Church Com . files. Caius Coll . Mun., XXII /1, will 1389/90 ; Cal. Papa Reg. ii. 69. Cf. P.N. Cambs . (E.P.N.S.), 61. As stated in 1633 : New Coll . Mun., 1534.

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    COMPTON, Hon. Charles (1698-1755).

    COMPTON, Hon. Charles (1698-1755). Constituency Dates Northampton 9 Dec. 1754 20 Nov. 1755 Ofifces Held Consul at lisbon 1727-42; envoy extraordinary 1742-5; paymaster of pensions 1745- d. Biography In 1734 Compton declined an invitation from his brother James, 5th

    PULTENEY, William, Visct. Pulteney (?1731-63).

    to Miss Villiers and some other scrapes, and they won’t see me. I have just wrote a long letter to Papa, one part of it is full of submission, in the other I threaten him, so that how he will

    BAKER HOLROYD, John (1735-1821), of Sheffield Place, Suss.

    BAKER HOLROYD, John (1735-1821), of Sheffield Place, Suss. Constituency Dates Coventry 1 Sept. 1780 Coventry 27 Feb 1781 1784 Bristol 1790 1802 Ofifces Held Cornet 21 Drag. 21 Apr. 1760, capt. 24 Dec. 1761; ret. 1763. Biography On the

    PONSONBY, John William, Visct. Duncannon (1781-1847).

    PONSONBY, John William, Visct. Duncannon (1781-1847). Constituency Dates Knaresborough 25 Mar. 1805 81806 Higham Ferrers 15 June 1810 81812 Malton 1812 81826 Co Kilkenny 1826 81832 Nottingham 1832 July 1834 Ofifces Held PC 23 Feb. 1831; first commr. of

    BAKER HOLROYD, John, 1st Baron Sheffield [I] (1735-1821), of Sheffield Place, Suss. and Grave Hall, Yorks.

    After leaving Lausanne he travelled home through Germany and Belgium, whence his daughter wrote to Gibbon that ‘luckily for us, Papa has neither met with a quarter master nor a commercial man, nor a farmer here, so we have seen

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    30 May 1766, 30 May 1766

    Right of him- felf and his Wife; Were prefented, and read ; fetting forth, That, *Ta regulate the feizing of Papa. 5, Bill. Adjourn. &quot; if the faid Bill fhould pafs into a Law, it would &quot; be greatly injurious Subscribers-only content

    29 March 1791, 29 March 1791

    31 Geo. III. Journals 0/* /fe Houfe 0/* Lords. 95 Addrefs agreed to. Lords fum- moned. Adjo Then the faid Motion for an Addrefs as at firft pro- pofed was agreed to, and ordered accordingly. Ordered, That the faid Subscribers-only content

    7 February 1792, 7 February 1792

    3 2 Geo. III. Journals 0/ //&gt;&lt;? Houfe 0/* Lords. 269 Duke and Duchefs of York&apos;s Anfwer to Meffage on their Mar- riage. de- Report from Committee touching Airing of Weftminfter Hall; :de- dia &£. tsde- tc &quot; Pzz/7/a Subscribers-only content

    25 June 1805, 25 June 1805

    A. « Yes.&quot; Q. « What was it ?&quot; A. &quot; She faid to the Child, that that was its Papa, «* pointing to Mr. Jadis.&quot; Q. « What did he fay ?&apos;| A. &quot; He acknowledged it.&quot; Q. &quot; Subscribers-only content

    17 June 1817, 17 June 1817

    with it?—A pretty Question &apos; you will say!—Your dear Boy is well, and desires &apos; his best Love to dear Papa and all his Friends at &apos; Serena. And now, my dear Cass, accept every 1 Blessing from me—write constantly Subscribers-only content


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