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  • * British History Online * *

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    Acts, 1766

    sets forth, "That the Presbytery of Paisley had laid before them a letter from Mr James Bain, one of the ministers of Paisley, bearing a demission of his office and charge as minister of Paisley, upon the 26th day of

    Elizabeth, January 1580, 01 January 1580-31 January 1580

    was wont to dwell four days before the inclosing of the said house. Gave no counsel to hold Hamilton Castle. Paisley was rendered at the first requiring thereof. Declares this on his soul and honour to be truth. Holborn. Begs Subscribers-only content

    Extracts from the records, 1588

    . The baillies and counsall, haifing consideratioun of the present perrell of the pest now being in the toun of Paisley, hes statut and ordanit that the brig port be kepit be twa honest men of the Briggait, and the

    Elizabeth, June 1573, 01 June 1573-01 June 1573

    an eye witness, for the matters of the expugnation. The Regent is about to restore the abbeys of Arbroath and Paisley to the Duke's sons, which are yet holden against his will, and must be recovered by force. Knows not

    Extracts from the records, 1641

    east for the tyme; and that he aid and assist Renfrewe and give thame his advyse anent the mater concerning Paisley. 1 December 1641. Acts of parliament . Ordains the particular actis vnderwrittin done in parliament, to be extractit, viz.,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ddaeargryn yn Marseilles, yn Ffrainc, oddeutu tri o'r gloch boreu ddydd Mawrth c yr wythnos ddiweddaf. Bu farw gweithiwr yn Paisley y dydd o'r blaen, trwy syrthio i bair berwodig yn ngweithydd y s Meistri Robin a Houston. a Hysbysir Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yr Eglwys Rydd, yn Paisley, dydd Mawrth, cyn y diweddaf, i anfon cofeb at 1 gyfarwyddwyr y Sfordd haiarn i wrthdystia yn erbyn en gwaith yn rhedegy cerbydau ar y Sabbath, rhwng Glee. gaw a Paisley. Anfanwyd cofeb cyffelyb a'r Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a bregethodd y bregeth agoriadol. DFWIS GWaINIDOe TRWY Y BAnLOT.-Dywed y Weekly Reviele ddarfod i gynulleidfa yr eglwys blwyfol ye Paisley, Scotland, ddwyn peth newydd i arferiad. Ychvdig o Sabbotbao ye ol, cyhoeddasi y Parch. Mr. Martin o'r pwlpud y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yr adfywiad crefyddol yn parhau yn el ryma, ac yn myned ar gynydd yn Giasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Perth, Dundee, Sterling, Paisley, Greenock, a threfi mawrion eraill a phentreli trwy y wiad. Y mae darn o gerfwaith, o farmor gwyn, newydd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ; Yn Nenagh, Iwerddon, y dydd o'r blaen, Ilabydd- iwyd amaethwr Af cherig i farwolaeth gan ddau ddyn. Adroddir o Paisley i gath'fod yn foddion i dros- 'glwyddo y frechwe'io un ran i ran arall o'r Ysbyty yn y lie. Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    21 February 1817, 21 February 1817

    in the Negative. live to Re form Petition from Upon reading the Petition of the Burgesses, House- Paisley rela- holders, and Inhabitants of Paisley, whose Names are thereunto subscribed, praying their Lordships " To " take into their most serious Subscribers-only content

    5 March 1817, 5 March 1817

    Exchequer in Ireland be dismissed. After hearing Counsel this Day upon the Petition and Appeal of Robert Craig, Merchant in Paisley, complaining of Three Interlocutors of the Lord Or¬ dinary in Scotland, of the 14th of November 1809, the 5th Subscribers-only content

    1 May 1818, 1 May 1818

    Offices for the " Valence, and in the Hamlet or Tithing of Putloe, in "Burgh of Paisley and County of Renfrew" to " the Parish of Standish, both in the County of Glou- which they desire the Concurrence of this Subscribers-only content

    4 May 1818, 4 May 1818

    Acts, in so far as the same relate to the Road Bl11' " Road leading from the Toll House in Paisley " Lane, at the West Side of the Entry to the New " Bridge of Glasgow, by or near Subscribers-only content

    4 May 1818, 4 May 1818

    the House of Lords. 613 Paisley Gaol Bill. Bickenhill, &c. Enclo¬ sure Bill. Skirbeck En¬ closure Bill. Bramley Road Bill. Froxfield, &c. Enclosure Blll# Wincanton Koads Bill. Their Lordships, or any Five of them, to meet To-morrow, at Ten o'Clock Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Gilbertine houses Priory of Malton

    , but the Master of Sempringham declined to build there, and leased the land to the Abbot and convent of Paisley for 40 mark; a year, to be paid to the Priors of Malton and St. Andrew's at York .

    Houses of the Gilbertine order The priory of Sempringham

    endowed by Walter FitzAlan about 1221, was abandoned, 37 and its possessions were transferred to the abbot and convent of Paisley in consideration of a yearly payment of forty marks to Sempringham . 38 The parish churches of Sempringham ,

    Industries Silk-weaving

    have thought of attempting anything new. It is not, however, to be denied that Macclesfield , Norwich , Manchester , Paisley , & c., are under obligations to this Act. Had it extended to the whole kingdom it would have

    Houses of Cluniac monks Abbey , later Priory, of Wenlock

    33 In 1169, when Walter FitzAlan secured a community of monks from Wenlock for the foundation of his monastery at Paisley , he granted property in Scotland , which was exchanged shortly afterwards for property in Birdham (Suss.). 34 The

    Index K-Z

    Packer , Wm., Pady , Christine, m. 1 Laur. Kepeharm, 2 Jordan Rufus , Page : Mic., Wm., painters , Paisley (Renfrewshire) , Pakistan , palace , royal, at Oxf., and see king's houses Palmer : And., Eliz., Wm., Palmerston

  • * John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera * *

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    Scotch scones and milk bread twists

    on a wire tray. Recipe from our Illustrated Recipe Book-? Price 3d. post free from Brown & Poison Ltd C.R.Dept. Paisley.. r KA < u c/) oa CQ J jjoeq uo adioa'y aag sisi;^! av3^a >niw P"^ shnods hoiods n Subscribers-only content

    Brown & Polson's Patent Corn Flour

    (An essential article of diet, recommended by the most eminent authorities, and adopted by the best families. Prepared by) [Advertising, Food industry and trade, Flour industry, Advertisements, corn flour] mmu 4 PiLS Patent Corn Flour An essential article of Subscribers-only content

    Flavoured corn flour

    (A boon to the cook) [Advertising, Food industry and trade, Flour industry, Advertisements, corn flour] FLAVOURED? CORN FLOUR fo fhe Gook flavourec/? CORN FLOUR BROWN & POLSON'S? Flavoured Corn Flour takes? only a minute to cook, thus? reducing cooking Subscribers-only content

    Prospectus. The life of Saint Cuthbert, prior of Old Melrose and Bishop of Lindisfarne. An illuminated manuscript of the twelfth century.

    To secure a copy, early application is recommended, as a large part of? the edition has already been taken up. PAISLEY: ALEX. GARDNER, PUBLISHER AND BOOKSELLER TO THE QUEEN. ^'Ui^^y^lS.h.^'1 PROSPECTUS. THE LIFE OF aint utbbert prior of ©Ib fIDelrose Subscribers-only content

    The richly-embroidered muslin dress, of which we engrave a part...

    Dress, of? which we engrave a part, is one of the many? contributions of Messrs. Brown, Sharps, & Co.,? of Paisley. These manufacturers have long been? famous ; having obtained eminence not only for? the excellence of their work, but Subscribers-only content


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