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    Venice, June 1582, 01 June 1582-30 June 1582

    (Raitri) arrived at Cambray; and they say as many more are expected. The Prince of Parma has begun to bombard Oudenard. It appears that the Grand Almoner of the Queen of England, a man of great weight and of the

    Venice, July 1582, 01 July 1582-31 July 1582

    Venetian Ambassador in France, to the Doge and Senate. The Prince of Parma has compelled Oudenard to come to terms with him, and it will probably be obliged to surrender. The Duke of Alen on is trying to relieve the

    Venice, May 1582, 01 May 1582-31 May 1582

    taken Alost, a small but important position between Brussels and Ghent. The Prince of Parma is pressing the siege of Oudenard. Don Antonio is in Tours. Paris, 4th May 1582. [ Italian . ] May 14. Original Despatch, Venetian Archives.

    Index, O, 01 January 1578-31 December 1579

    Oblyen , 179. Occurrents , 653, 661. Ochialim , the, Occhiali, in command of Turkish galleys, 95. Odenard . See Oudenard. Odenburgh , put under contribution by Walloons, 447. Odiham , co. Hants, letter dated at, 319. Ohain , Ohen,

    Index, N, O, 01 January 1581-31 December 1591

    of, 124, 533, 541, 542, 607, 649, 659. Otto , Duke, 540. Otto , Edward, Elizabeth's agent in France, 430. Oudenard , town of, 82, 87, 90, 91. Outlaws enrolled for the Armada , 538. Ozeda , Countess of, 563.

    Elizabeth, June 1582, 26-30, 26 June 1582-30 June 1582

    the whole forces will have a general muster a fortnight hence, and then be presently employed for the relief of Oudenard, upon the arrival of the French forces, which are said to be 'sometimes' about Cambray, Saint-Quentin, and Cr vecoeur

    Index, A, 01 January 1581-31 December 1591

    82. -, alarmed at possible alliance of England, Spain, and Burgundy, 87. -, raises troops, 87. -, tries to relieve Oudenard, 91. -, at Bruges, 97. -, at Ghent, 108. -, attempt on Antwerp, 124. -, secre tary of, 146.

    Index, P, 01 January 1581-31 December 1591

    662, 1036, 1129. -, -, in Flanders, 7, 40. -, -, assured of Henry's good intentions, 42. -, -, besieges Oudenard, 82, 87, 90, 91. -, -, before Cambresis, 115. -, -, takes Zutphen, 169. -, -, agent of, in

    Elizabeth, January 1581, 1-10, 01 January 1581-31 January 1581

    some enterprise in hand, for they have made great provision of ladders and boats. It is thought to be upon Oudenard or Nynove. About three weeks ago those of Ghent took prisoner in a skirmish him that helped M. de

    Elizabeth, February 1581, 16-28, 01 February 1581-28 February 1581

    M. de la Noue's son departs shortly for France. He has charge of 150 French horsemen serving at Nynove and Oudenard, but more than half of them are gone away by stealth, to France and to the enemy. This week

    Elizabeth, July 1582, 26-31, 26 July 1582-31 July 1582

    two Italians, one of whom, called Francisco, accompanied Salcedo hither from the Prince of Parma's camp after the surrender of Oudenard. There are taken, for the same practice, a Lorrainer and a townsman of Bruges, and at Ghent sundry imprisoned

    Henry VIII, October 1521, 21-31, 01 October 1521-31 October 1521

    his ambassadors with [Wolsey's ] advice touching his progress; which he intends to follow. He will therefore go tomorrow to Oudenard, thence to Curtraye and Lylle. Hearing it said by some that the conclusion of the truce lay in Wolsey's

    Index, H, 01 January 1710-31 December 1710

    demand for Extraordinaries due to her husband, 106. -, [Emanuel ] , major general, regiment of, officer of, killed at Oudenard, 437. -, Emanuel Scroop, Envoy Extraordinary to the Elector of Hanover: children of, 535. death of, 115, 530. executors

    Index, C, 01 January 1710-31 December 1710

    surveyor of, see Dunbarr of Bomeden, P. Calcino . See Columba. Calder , John, lieutenant in Howe's regiment killed at Oudenard, children of, relief for, 437, 461, 580, 586, trustee for, 587; widow of, her bounty, 437. Caldicut , ,

    Declared Accounts, Army, 01 January 1709-31 December 1709

    the Duke of Wurtemberg, General of the Danish Forces, for six standards and nine colours taken at the battle of Oudenard as by the Duke of Marlborough's warrant 348 16 9 the Prince of Hesse for two standards and one

    Charles II, June 1671, 01 June 1671-30 June 1671

    went to Enghien to compliment the French King from the Governor. The French King on the 2nd (N.S.) went from Oudenard toward Tournay, whence the Court will not remove in a month, only the King may make some visits at Subscribers-only content

    Index, N, O

    esteemed part of it, 130. Otton see Belchamp. Otway , John, lands, Ireland, 551. Ouel lin see Quellin and Llewellyn. Oudenard tapestry see Tapestry. Ouldham , William, see Oldham. Oulton , Robert, coastwaiter, London, 588. Ouseley (Ouzley), Andrew, rebel in

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