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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Hen 8. The trouble and death of Thomas Man martir. Articles obiected against him.

    hys open recantation, but also from thenceforth to remayne as prisoner within the monastery of Osney besides Oxford,Thomas Man sent to the monastery of Osney. and so to beare a fagot before the first crosse at the next generall Procession

    Actes and Monuments of the Church.

    hode on his shulders like a maister of art, after that, they were sent to Osney, ther to be kept in prison till farther order was taken.Ther were suspected beside, a great nomber to be infected with heresy as they

    Actes and Monumentes of the churche

    wher any vantage might be gotte, so amongest all other he came to Oxforde, where lying in the house of Osney, was there receiued with great honor, the scholars presenting him honorably with suche dishes and rewardes as they hadde,

    K. Henry. 8. Doct. Barnes, Garret, and Hierome, Martyrs.

    hym, Garret hauing his red hoode on his shoulders like a maister of Arte. After that, they were sent to Osney, there to be kept in prison till farther order was taken.There were suspected beside, a great nomber to be

    K. Henry. 8. Tho. Bernard, Iohn Scriuener, & c. Martyrs. Thomas Dorman.

    which one, an estimatiō may be taken of the rest, which were bestowed likewise sunderly into sundry Abbeys, as to Osney, to Frideswyde, to Abyngdon, to Tame, to Bissetor, to Dorchester, to Notley, to Ashryge, and diuers moe. The copy

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 3, Chapter 6 [Aldermanbury.] Cripplegate Ward.

    I . which was in the Year of Christ , 1189 . gave to the Church of St. Mary at Osney , by Oxford , certain Ground and Rents in Aldermanbury of London , as appeareth by the Register of

    Preface 6

    St. Katharines . Liber de Knighton Guild. Liber St. Mariæ Eborum. Liber St. Mariæ Overies. Liber St. Martins . Liber Osney . Liber de Papie. Liber Roffens. Liber Tewkesbury . Liber Trinitatis. Liber Waverley . Liber de Woodbridge . Lidgate

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    HOUKYN (HOWKYN), Thomas (d.1407), of Oxford.

    he sat in Parliament for the borough. He is known to have been in the service of the abbot of Osney, whose estates also lay geographically just outside the jurisdiction of Oxford corporation. As the abbot’s servant in 1389 he

    COLET, Walter, of Wallingford, Berks. and Oxford.

    the nearby abbey at Osney: an inquisition of April 1418 states that, as a former bailiff, he was one of those who had encouraged the corporation to usurp the abbey's jurisdiction in North and South Osney. Later that same year,

    SHAWE, John I (d.1407), of Oxford.

    Hall, Shawe also owned premises in the north-east ward, including Laurence Hall. In 1389 he joined in a grant to Osney abbey of a messuage in All Saints’ parish, for which he had earlier obtained a royal licence. John Shawe

    SKERNE, Robert (d.1437), of Kingston-upon-Thames, Surr.

    in Oxford. After his wife’s death, which had taken place by January 1431, Skerne was admitted into the fraternity of Osney abbey in return for the gift of one of these messuages, and arrangements were made for prayers to be

    BENET, Hugh (d.1446), of Oxford and Thame, Oxon.

    as a spokesman (‘locutor’) in the hustings court of the borough on behalf of various outsiders, including the abbots of Osney, Eynsham and Abingdon. In 1428 he became involved in the great dispute between the corporation and Thomas Chace, chancellor

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    COURT AND CHURCH. I THiE QuEeN's NEW-YEAR'S GirTs.-The Royal charity distributed to the aged, infirm, and deserving poor of Windsor, Eton, and Clewer, were distributed on Wednesday morning in the Riding School. in the presence of her Majesty, Prince Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    in iok-keeping; also willing to make himself . *ct- useful In mill. Ioderate salary. Good refereuce.-AddreoS. W. 1 of Eoward, Osney, Oxford. c6384 J 3Bge AILLER (Mauler) shes to Recommend his headStoneman a vould taka general miUler's place; has had Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    nore healthy and stronger set of nlen? and yet a great number are living on what was ineadoxv land (Newv Osney), loiver even than Cripley. Bit Ihow different will it bh nowv: instead of erecting dwyellings for the artisans of Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    E T T E [Froan Last YVicd'ns Gralette. - -BANIRUPTS. James Broadhurat, Suffolk Brewery, Addington Square, Cam- bers-ell, and 22, Osney Crescent, Camden Road, London, common brewer.-- John tochiford Uniacke, late of S39, Strand, London, pub. Ann Gilliani, 98, Accommodation Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    university education, and land laws in Irelaid. THE BURIAL QUESTION. A corresp~ondent calls our attention to a recent case at Osney tiehsotcry, Oxford, as affording another illustration of the necessity for some speedy and equitable settlement of this qulestion. One Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    b, 236 b, 237 a. G. Godstora>e, state of the navigation, xiv. 233 b, 236 a.—esti- mates of improvement towards Osney, 252 b, 257 a, 262 b. G«iZd/brd, annual tonnage, xiv. 242 a. H. HenZey, navigation towards London, and state Subscribers-only content

    Index to the Fifteen volume of Reports of the House of Commons, 1800, 27 June 1798

    b, OrZZon manor, survey of, 194 a. Ormond, earl of, exchange of lands between, and queen Eli- zabetb, 192 a. Osney abbey, Oxon, leidger book of, 139 a. OsaesZry, Salop, original survey of the lordship of, 197 a. OsyZA, St., Subscribers-only content

    First report, 27 June 1798

    Book of the monastery of Chertsey, in Surrey, delivered into Court in 1658. 26. Leidger Book of the monastery of Osney, in Oxfordshire. 27. Leidger Book, containing Charters, Grants, &c. relating to the monastery of Saint Augustine, in Kent. 28. Subscribers-only content

    First report, 27 June 1798

    purpose. We think it, however, right to add, that we are possessed of the old Chartularies of the Abbies of Osney and Eyne- sham, and of the Priory of Saint Frideswide, which are carefully preserved as above. By order of Subscribers-only content

    Second Report from the Select Committee appointed to inquire into the State of the Public Records of the Kingdom., 4 July 1800

    table ii.] PUBLIC RECORDS OF THE KINGDOM. 615 ALPHABETICAL ARRANGEMENT OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS. RECORDS and other INSTRUMENTS. LAND TAX—fcwtfwjKai; Duplicates of Land and Poll Tax and HearthMoney Accounts from the Commencement of the Tax -"I Declared Accounts of Subscribers-only content

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