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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Wrockwardine Manors and other estates

    known - Ralph of Orleton (fl. 1141-55 ), Adam of Orleton (fl. 1172-80 ), Ralph of Orleton (fl. 1186- c . 1225), and William of Orleton (fl. 1240- 64 ) 18 - the manor of ORLETON first definitely appeared in

    Parishes Eastham

    William , Hanley Child and Orleton were chapels annexed. The parish was very populous, and one curate received £20 for serving both Hanleys and a second £8 for serving Orleton . 145 Chapels at Orleton and Hanley Child were annexed

    Wrockwardine Charities for the poor

    A pair of almshouses was erected in Wrockwardine village in 1841 as a memorial to Edward Cludde (d. 1840) of Orleton . The houses were designed by Edward Haycock , built by Thomas Smith of Madeley , and paid for

    Wrockwardine Economic history

    closed between 1856 and 1870 . 10 Ralph of Orleton held a mill worth one mark a year, probably at Orleton , in 1198 . 11 A water mill at Orleton , mentioned in 1305 , was ruinous in 1324

    Avening Church Church of the Holy Cross

    Cobham , 257. Cal. Pat . 1324-7 , 118, 129; Worc. Episc. Reg., Reg. Orleton , i, f. 16 and v. Worc. Episc. Reg., Reg. Orleton , i, f. 26; Reg. Lynn , f. 5. e.g. Cal. Pat . 1334-8

  • * British History Online *

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    b. Aubrey's Surrey. Cotton MSS. Brit. Mus. Cleopatra, C.vii. fol. 84, 85. Ibid. f. 182. b. Regist. Wint. Ad. de Orleton, pt. i. f. 110. b. The endowment consisted of 16 acres of arable land, the rectory-house and appurtenances, the

    Index, O, 01 January 1533-31 December 1533

    , duke of. See Henry. Orleans , John d'. See Toulouse, abp. of. Orleh , 1388. Orleston , 589 (2). Orleton , Heref., g. 1595 (6). Orrarde , Will., 299 ii. Orrell , Wm., 299 ii., 926, 993-4 : g.

    Index, O, 01 January 1515-31 December 1518

    Lewis Duke of, letter from, 300 7. -, -, negociating with Worcester in Flanders through the dean of Tournay, 3007. Orleton , Heref., 4536. Ormeston , Rob., als. Dikynson, 3479. -, -, underclerk of Parliament, 185, 1583. -, Wm., underclerk

    Index, O, 01 January 1519-31 December 1523

    duke of, ancestor of Francis I., 1102. -, duke of. See Henry, son of Francis I. Orlegh , p. 1361. Orleton , Heref., 1168, 2074. Orlingher , Northt., 3146. Orme , Thos., p. 244. Ormesby , 1261, 2734. Ormeston ,

    House of Lords Journal Volume 63, 27 July 1831, 27 July 1831-27 July 1831

    , through Woofferton and Little Hereford , to Monk's Bridge , in the said County, and also from Ludlow to Orleton , in the County of Hereford ." Ordered , That the said Bill be committed to the Consideration of

  • * Who Were The Nuns *

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    Catherine Blount

    Details Catherine Blount in religion Gertrude Born in Orleton Died 1682 3 Dec in Brussels father Mr Miles Blount

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    BREINTON, George, of Hereford.

    of which he had purchased from the widow of John Falk*), he held lands, obtained through marriage, in Yarpole and Orleton (five miles north of Leominster). He also had landed interests across the county border with Shropshire, at Richard's Castle.

    CORNWALL, Sir Richard (by 1480-1533), of Berrington, Herefs.

    Herefs. 1506-7, 1519-20, 1526-7; one of King’s spears by 1510; steward, lordships of Eardisland, Fencote, Mansell Lacy, Orleton and Pembridge, Herefs. June 1510-d., lordships of Clifford and Winforton, Herefs. and Glasbury, Rad. June 1513-d., Hereford in 1526; commr. subsidy, Herefs.

    CHILDE, William Lacon (1786-1880), of Wrockwardine and Kinlet, Salop.

    of his mother Catherine (n�e Lacon Childe) in 1801. Childe's wife was of another long established Shropshire family, Cludde of Orleton. His father-in-law, mayor of Shrewsbury in 1795 and a militia colonel, made the Cluddes' estate of Wrockwardine available to

    WIGMORE, Roger (d.1403/4), of Lucton, Herefs.

    boy predeceased him, for after his death (which occurred before December 1404), his heirs were found to be Isabel, wife of William atte Walle of Orleton, Herefordshire, and Margaret, widow of Thomas Fox, the daughters of his kinswoman, Juliana Byrcher.[footnote]

    CONINGSBY, Sir Thomas (1550-1625), of Hampton Court, Herefs. and the Black Friars, Hereford.

    comprised the Herefordshire manors of Hampton Court, Bodenham and Pencombe, the site of the Black Friars at Hereford, lands at Orleton and elsewhere in Herefordshire; and estates in Brecon, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, Shropshire and Worcestershire. This landed wealth enabled him to

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    park, Herts. On the 31st ult. at l.eanington Spa, the Lady Charlotte Jane St Maur, to William Bliunt, Esq., of Orleton, Hereford. shire, and Cuimberload street, L-.ndorn. On tbie 3l inst. at Herts, Robert, eldest son of John Small. wood, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    th3 22nrl ult., tire Hon. P. C. Herbert, to Anna Miaria, Only child of the late E. Cudde, Esq., of Orleton, Salmp. D)esathe.- On the 26th tilt., nt Burton terrace, near York, lI.ThoirDson, roq, in his 81st year-On the 2?nd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the 4th inst., at 8S Onslow square, the wife of Ralph Disraeli, Esq., of a daughter-On the 4th inst., at Orleton, the Hon. Mrs 1. Herbert, of a daughter-On the ath inst., at No. 9 Chesterfield street, the Hon. Mrs Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    35; R. I 6yd Kenyon, The Pradoe, Osewestry 34, ;Earl ef Pains, Walcot, L~ydhury North, 31~ hon. F C. Herbert, Orleton, Welrlnton, 31; 'Xllliam Nevett, Yorton, farmer, 30; Rev. I. John Lee, Worthing, 29, General HerbertPrtfde Sreauy2;an Samuel Hudson, all,S Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    haced a sfuptuoums dlimmer before thuem, under thie presidency of Sir T. E. Winnisgtoro, Bitt., i.P., Mr. IV. Straffordi, of Orleton, being ii the vice-chair. There was a nuenerous attendance. On this occasion it had been arrasuged to present a Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    A Bill for repairing the Road leading from the Town of Ludlow in the County of Salop, through Woserton and Little Hereford, to a Place called Monkbridge, in the said County: and also from the said Tow..., 11 June 1750

    rfo y^/W Coz/zziy ; /2//^ ^//i? /ro^ /#?/z/W 7S?2w 0/ Ludlow, /o <# iV^c<? or //d«/^ ^//?^ &fo Maidenhead #/ Orleton, /» ^<? t?0z//?{y 0/ Hereford. (fc-^fcJb>^,c^il|)0t:ca0 the Road leading from the Town of Z«^o> in the Preamble. ^i&z&vSrS^O, County Subscribers-only content

    10 May 1751, 10 May 1751

    faid County, and alfo from the faid Town of Ludlow " to a Place or Houfe called The Maidenhead, at Orleton, " in the County of Hereford," was committed. late Earl of Dalkeith's Eftate, Bill: it L. Abp. Cant. L. Subscribers-only content

    13 May 1751, 13 May 1751

    and alfo from the faid Town of Lud- " low to a Place or Houfe called The Maidenhead, at " Orleton, in the County of Hereford." The Queflion was put, " Whether this Bill {hall « pafs?" It was Refolved Subscribers-only content

    22 May 1751, 22 May 1751

    ; and alfo from the " faid Town of Ludlow, to a Place or Houfe called " The Maidenhead, at Orleton, in the County of He- " reford." " 18. An Aft for enlarging the Term and Powers " granted Subscribers-only content

    27 February 1753, 27 February 1753

    Comes Oxford. Comes Halifax. Comes Pomfret. Comes Buckingham- ßire. Comes Fitzwilliam. Comes Egremont. Vifcount Fauconberg. Vifcount Leinßer. Vifcount Folkefione. PRAYERS. Orleton to The Lord Willoughby of Parhani reported from the ofcuraber6Lords Committees to whom the Bill, intituled, " An batch, Subscribers-only content


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