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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Stanford Dingley

    brother Oliver , who died also without issue in 1260 , when his heirs were his sisters Isabel and Amicia, both of full age. 18 It seems possible that these two sisters married Reginald son of Peter and Oliver de

    Parishes Faccombe

    the manor he divided between William Cosyn and Oliver de Punchardon, although there seems to be no record of this grant preserved. 28 William Briwere, as sheriff of the county, disseised Oliver of his land 'for an ancient debt owed

    Cannington Roman Catholicism

    village hall by a priest from Bridgwater . S.R.O., D/D/Ca 175. Cath. Rel. in Som . ( 1826 ); G. Oliver , Hist. Cath. Religion ( 1857 ), 341. H.L.R.O., list of papists, 1767; S.R.O., D/D/Vc 88. Clifford MSS., acct.

    Alien houses Ballivate of Atherington

    4 Emerick, occurs 1337 5 Michael, occurs 1345 6 -9 7 Michael Nauchal, occurs 1353 8 Richard, occurs 1376 9 Oliver Miche (?), occurs 1403 10 Close, 6 Edw. III , m. 163. Pat. 23, Edw. III , pt. i,

    Beverley , 1700– 1835 Town Government

    , 1 Nov. 1817 ; 13 Oct. 1820 ; Oliver , Hist. Beverley , 422; 3 Geo. IV, c. 71. H.U.L., DDMM /2/18, f. 22; Oliver , Hist. Beverley , 429. Oliver , Hist. Beverley , 413. H.R.O., DDBC/27, nos.

  • * British History Online * *

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    Charter XI, Confirmation of charters of 1397 and 1421 (1423)

    men Leisan, Abbot of Neeth ; William, Abbot of Morgan ; John Stradelinge, Our Sheriff of Glamorgant and Morgant; and Oliver de Saint John, knights ; J ohn Merbury, John Russell, Robert Andrew, John Laurence and Robert Walshe, esquires. Given

    SLEEP, ?Oliver ?Thomas

    ?Oliver ?Thomas SLEEP ?Oliver ?Thomas SLEEP Biography Name ?Oliver ?Thomas SLEEP (SLEEPE) Gender Male Primary occupation medical barber-surgeon (Barber-surgeon) Period of medical practice 1600-1620 Address Shoreditch 1610 Other notes Failed to appear 1610. ?=Oliver BS d 1626 or ?=Thomas

    No surnames

    , 58.18 , 64.10 , 67.1 , 75.7 -, Massey, child, 74.11 -, Merode, child, 60.3 -, Odingsell, 14.6 -, Oliver, Dutchman, 43.15 -, Phillis, ser, 35.33 -, Prudence, ser, 19.1 -, Ralfe, ser, 14.17 -, Reb, ser, 32.25 ,

    Addenda, James 1 - Volume 41, September 1618, 01 September 1618-30 September 1618

    1618 September 1618 Sept.? 91. Statement [by Thos. Oliver ] of the particulars of a contest between a farmer and a minister in Jersey, relative to payment of tithes; on which the minister, being aggrieved by the justices, was forced Subscribers-only content

    The Diary of Thomas Burton, 13 April 1657, 13 April 1657-13 April 1657

    " Monarchy Asserted to be the Most Ancient and Legal Form of Government, in a conference had at Whitehall, with Oliver, late Lord Protector, and a Committee of Parliament." 1660. p. 1. The managers in this Committee were nine, Lord

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    hawdd! a 'lawer ymdrina haues y D1iwvgiad Protest- anaidd hebI oi yddo at brtijieth grdyddolmnag wrth ddarlieny'Bibl? Tvyaal ymdrinm-S hanest Oliver Cromvell' aiameera heb ddsagspartia-ethifr naill neu y fl~alla orpleldnia yniyr ynmrysonfa abwysig a gy- merodd le'yi i'.y .eshi~bas IV1rd.$gwelaf Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    GWYL D: xISo ill -I ri flibedcytihaliwryd gwyl d ddirwsatol i plant yn it, dan lywyddiaetb y' d IParcb. Abhan Oliver LlstddeIwiblefi Daethpwyd d' lgadt i B-ron'nanterbyn 2 d'r glbch'; ffurfiwyd gor- or d hoL biant, fghi hifu o',ionynt, a'U Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a geir o gwbl o'rhunwureang hwnw a nodweddai ei arddull. Fe geir y teinladol yn fivy dwfn yn NicholKas Nickleby, Oliver miwst, ac rn neillduol yn yr Old Curiosiity Shop, aG fe geir y digrifol wedi ei gario i raddau Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Ceinewydd, ai holwyd ,ysgolion Closygrtaigd, Tr- gaat gwyn, a Chastellnewydd, ar wahanol bync~au ei- ore iWaith gan y Parch". 1atid Oliver, Twngwy Yr e oedd yr' oli a-r ateb yiZ hyn)d foddhaol, ac 3n stI daugos ymchwil a Ilafur miwr. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    lifagans. THOAS.JOHNs. S sef eglwys Capel Sion, Caerdydd. t1 "qualities." Mae Mr. EffinghamWilsonyughyich cyhoeddi prudd- chwareugerdd hanesyddol. Ei theitl fydd Oliver Uromwelf; aC mae ei chydlwyniad i Mr. Thomas Car- lyle, yr hwn sydd wedi rhoddi ei farn fod y Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 4, Chapter 2 Suburbs. S. Leonards Shoreditch. Monuments.

    to Thomas Mannors, Earl of Rutland . Sir Thomas Mannors, fourth Son to Thomas Earl of Rutland , 1591 . Oliver Mannors, fifth Son to Thomas , Earl of Rutland , 1563 . All under one Monument. Richard Hary Yong

    Book 1, Chapter 29 Uproars, Mutinies and Riots.

    Peace within London and Middlesex . These Letters were as ensueth. Oliv ero de Ingham , & c. i.e. To Oliver de Ingham , to John Matravers , John de Stoner, Robert de Malberthorp, and John de Grantham ; to

    Book 5, Chapter 5 [Maior, Sheriffs, &c.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    Prison: whose Crimes touched the State of the King and his Crown. Afterwards the King appointed certain of his Justices, Oliver de Ingham , John Matravers , John de Stoner, Rob. de Malberthorp, and John de Grantham , to hear

    Book 2, Chapter 7 Broadstreet Ward. S. Martins Outwich.

    William Clitherow and Margaret his Wife . [Nicolas Wotton Bachelor of Law, sometime Rector of this Church, 1482 . ] Oliver and William, Sons to John Woodroofe *, Esquire. Hugh Pemberton , Taylor, Alderman, 1500 . and Katharine his Wife.

    Book 2, Chapter 7 Broadstreet Ward. St. Bartholomews.

    all the said Churches. Upon this a great many Families of this Congregation preferred a Petition An. 1656 . to Oliver the Protector, that Delmeys Cause might be heard before a Colloquy. Which he granted: A Colloquy consisted of a

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    OLIVER, William (d.1432/3), of London.

    OLIVER, William (d.1432/3), of London. Constituency Dates London Nov. 1414 Ofifces Held Warden of the Grocers’ Co. May 1407-8, 1411-12. Biography Oliver first comes to notice in May 1395, when he was attempting to recover a debt of £32 which

    OLIVER, Richard (1735-84), of Fenchurch St., London

    his uncle, Richard Oliver (whose daughter he subsequently married), a draper and West India merchant. He retired from business after succeeding to his father’s estates in Antigua, and, with his brother-in-law Thomas Oliver, entered City politics.Richard Oliver was one of

    OLIVER, Charles Silver (c.1763-1817), of Inchera, co. Limerick.

    1796-1807. Biography Oliver was returned to the last Irish parliament for the family borough of Kilmallock, which was disfranchised at the Union. His father, who died in 1799, had represented county Limerick in two parliaments and in 1802 Oliver aspired

    LOVEBAND, Oliver (by 1527-55 or later), of Calais.

    LOVEBAND, Oliver (by 1527-55 or later), of Calais. Constituency Dates Calais Nov. 1554 Ofifces Held Deputy, afterwards collector of quit-rents, Calais 18 Dec. 1548-55. Biography Loveband was elected to Parliament on 4 Nov. 1554 by the deputy of Calais and

    BECKET, Oliver (by 1532-75/76), of the Middle Temple, London.

    BECKET, Oliver (by 1532-75/76), of the Middle Temple, London. Constituency Dates Saltash Nov. 1554 West Looe 1558 Ofifces Held Auditor, M. Temple 1561. Biography Although Gilbert Becket made provision for all his children, including Oliver, on his deathbed in 1532,

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    11 May 1689, 11 May 1689

    Petition fet forth : It is Ordered; by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo¬ ral in Parliament affembled, That the faid Oliver Clo¬ bery may have a Copy of the faid Petition and Appeal; and be, and is hereby, required to Subscribers-only content

    7 June 1689, 7 June 1689

    Schomberg took the Oaths, and made and fubfcribed the Declaration, in Purfuance of the Afts. Upon reading the Petition of Oliver Cloberry, De¬ fendant to an Appeal depending in this Houfe, in which Ezechiel Lampden is Plaintiff, praying a Day Subscribers-only content

    12 June 1689, 12 June 1689

    Junii. gatee of William Clobery deceafed, complaining of a De¬ cree obtained againft him, on the Behalf of Oliver Clobery, wherein he is decreed to pay the Arrears, and growing Domini tam Spirituales quam Temporales prasfentes Intereft of Five Hundred Subscribers-only content

    18 June 1689, 18 June 1689

    Upon reading the Petition of Oliver Clobery, mewing,c^ " That, after he had received the Judgement of this Lampen» " Houfe, upon an Appeal againfl Ezechiell Lampen, the " faid Lampen ferved the faid Oliver Clobery with a " Protection Subscribers-only content

    25 January 1691, 25 January 1692

    of Richmond, on Wednefday next, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon; and that Sir John Franck- lyn or Oliver Ange do then attend, with the Rentals re¬ lating to the Alnagein 1623 and 1638. The Earl of Bridgewater Subscribers-only content


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