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    OLDCASTLE, Sir John (c.1370-1417), of Almeley, Herefs. and Cobham, Kent.

    somewhat more directly at Oldcastle. On 3 Apr. 1410, four days before Parliament was due to re-assemble after a recess, the archbishop informed the dean of Rochester that a certain ‘pretended chaplain’ named John, dwelling with Oldcastle, had been preaching

    OLDCASTLE, Thomas (d.1398/9), of Eyton, Herefs.

    in 1389 Oldcastle, Nash and Walwyn became co-feoffees of an estate at Lower Bullingham, Herefordshire. Holgot, Oldcastle and de la Bere, furthermore, took on the trusteeship of Nash’s property in and around Hereford, and in 1398 Holgot and Oldcastle acquired

    BROOKE, Thomas (c.1391-1439), of Holditch, Dorset and Weycroft, Devon.

    Parliament (on the same occasion as his father and half-brother, Richard Cheddar, had represented Somerset and Oldcastle had been summoned to the Lords), Oldcastle was arraigned before Convocation and, eventually, convicted of heresy. His escape from the Tower early in

    HARRY, John ap (d.1420), of Poston in Vowchurch, Herefs.

    Oldcastle. Ap Harry was, in fact, closely connected with Oldcastle in many private transactions. In 1405 he had been a trustee when Sir John obtained the reversion of Sir John Chandos’s* manor of Wellington, Herefordshire, and a year later

    CHEDDAR, Richard (1379-1437), of Thorn Falcon, Som.

    of some of the Cobham estates, of which Oldcastle had been in possession. In July 1417 he again provided securities for Brooke, this time undertaking that he would neither adhere to Oldcastle, who was still at large, nor secretly maintain

    HAWKSTONE, George, of Hawkstone, Salop.

    King’s bench, by an approver, of counterfeiting, treason and abettment of the lollard leader, Sir John Oldcastle*. Another connexion with Oldcastle was similarly indirect: on 17 Feb. that same year Hawkstone was associated with Richard Colfox, a Cheshire man who

    PYNE, Edmund, of Upton Pyne, Devon.

    John Oldcastle’s* rebellion; and again in 1417 Pyne formally guaranteed that neither Brooke nor Cheddar would in future adhere to Oldcastle and his cause. Whether he shared Brooke’s interest in lollardy is not known. Incidentally, it was from Sir Thomas

    MERBURY, John (d.1438), of Lyonshall and Weobley, Herefs.

    of rebellion during the King’s absence; his fellow captains were Thomas Strange*, Richard Oldcastle (his stepson) and Sir Robert Whitney II* (husband of his stepdaughter, Wintelan Oldcastle). His contributions to the war-effort continued in January 1416, when he sent 200

    CHEYNE, Roger (1362-1414), of Drayton Beauchamp, Bucks.

    inherited from his mother). That there was a link between them, forged by shared religious convictions, is clear; for when Oldcastle escaped from the Tower and raised his fellow lollards in rebellion early in 1414, the rebels from Buckinghamshire had

    BERE, Kynard de la (d.1402), of Kinnersley, Herefs.

    Thomas Oldcastle, who had acted as his surety, and in 1392 the two men, along with Thomas Walwyn II* and others, endowed a chantry in the parish church of Norton Canon near Kinnersley. Both de la Bere and Oldcastle were

    HOLGOT, Philip (d.1403/4), of Hereford.

    (by 1385) feoffees of Thomas Oldcastle’s lands in Radnorshire and (with Bromwiche) of the Herefordshire estates of his brother, Richard Oldcastle. At some time before 1389, furthermore, Bromwiche, Nash and Holgot shared the farm of the confiscated English lands of

    WHITNEY, Sir Robert II (d.1443), of Whitney-on-Wye and Pencombe, Herefs.

    Ocle Pychard, near Hereford. Several years before this later date he had married Wintelan, one of the daughters of Thomas Oldcastle and ultimately a coheir of her brother, Richard.[footnote] Meanwhile, by 1413, Robert had been knighted, and it was in

    CHAWORTH, Sir Thomas (d.1459), of Wiverton, Notts. and Alfreton, Derbys.

    CHAWORTH, Sir Thomas (d.1459), of Wiverton, Notts. and Alfreton, Derbys. Constituency Dates Nottinghamshire 1406 Derbyshire May 1413 Nottinghamshire 1417 Nottinghamshire 1420 Nottinghamshire May 1421 Nottinghamshire 1423 Nottinghamshire 1437 Nottinghamshire 1445 Ofifces Held Commr. to make an arrest, Notts. Nov.

    PAUNCEFOOT, Sir John (1368-c.1445), of Crickhowell castle, Brec. and Hasfield, Glos.

    Sir John Oldcastle*. The latter’s erstwhile friends were all required to undertake not to join in insurrections nor to succour Oldcastle in any way, and Pauncefoot was among those who helped to provide securities in £1,000 that John ap Harry*

    RUYHALE, Richard (d.1408), of Birtsmorton and Ryall in Ripple, Worcs. and Dymock, Glos.

    hiding place and headquarters. After the death of young Richard Ruyhale in 1415, Dymock was entailed on Elizabeth and Richard Oldcastle and their issue, but they both died childless, and in 1428 Oldcastle’s stepfather, John Merbury*, the former chamberlain of

    WHITTINGTON, Richard (d.1423), of London.

    particular occasion because of a family feud involving his brother, Robert, and his nephew, Guy*, although their quarrel with Richard Oldcastle did not turn violent until the session was actually in progress. Father and son then took advantage of their

    BROOKE, Sir Thomas (c.1355-1418), of Holditch in Thorncombe, Dorset and Weycroft in Axminster, Devon.

    settlement made at the time of the Parliament of 1410, in which Brooke was a Member of the Commons and Oldcastle of the Lords, involved not only Sir Thomas’s commitment to pay Sir John the large sum of 1,300 marks,

    CLITHEROE, Richard I (d.1420), of Clitheroe, Lancs. and London and Goldstone in Ash-next-Sandwich, Kent.

    occupation of Oldcastle’s London residence, it seems likely that the marriage of Clitheroe’s only son, Roger, to her stepdaughter, Maud Oldcastle, had already taken place. Clitheroe was to retain this share in the custody of the Cobham estates until more

    FLORE, Roger (d.1427), of Oakham, Rutland.

    FLORE, Roger (d.1427), of Oakham, Rutland. Constituency Dates Rutland Jan. 1397 Rutland 1399 Rutland 1402 Rutland Oct. 1404 Rutland Apr. 1414 Rutland Nov. 1414 Rutland 1415 Rutland Mar. 1416 Rutland Oct. 1416 Rutland 1417 Rutland 1419 Rutland 1422 Ofifces

    LUTTRELL, Sir Hugh (c.1364-1428), of Dunster, Som.

    LUTTRELL, Sir Hugh (c.1364-1428), of Dunster, Som. Constituency Dates Somerset Oct. 1404 Devon 1406 Devon 1407 Somerset Apr. 1414 Somerset Nov. 1414 Somerset 1415 Ofifces Held Keeper of Gillingham forest, Dorset 5 July 1391 (in reversion)-aft. Nov. 1414. Ofifces

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