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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Alien houses Priory of Creeting St Olave

    of the Conqueror, gave the manor of Creeting St. Olave ( Gratingis ) to the Benedictine Abbey of Grestein in Normandy ; it was held in chief of the king. 1 The taxation of 1291 enters 18 s . 8

    Alien houses The priory of Great Limber

    and church of Great Limber were granted by Richard de Humet, constable of Normandy , and Agnes his wife, to the Cistercian abbey of Aunay in Normandy , and their charter was confirmed by Henry II about 1157. 1 A

    Horsham Charities for the poor

    almhouses were founded in 1842 by the Revd. Jarvis Kenrick , curate of Horsham , the former parish workhouse in Normandy being converted to take 15 aged widows or spinsters of the parish. In 1889 four aged couples could also

    Houses of Grandimontines Priory of Grosmont

    the house was peopled from an 'abbey' in Normandy , but does not give any authority for the statement, and although possibly the first brethren came from a Grandimontine priory in Normandy , it seems that in 1294 the brothers

    Durham cathedral Historical survey

    Certain features, however, which do not occur in Normandy at this date, must be noted. The long eastern arm of four bays, as at St. Albans , has no existing counterpart in Normandy , where a presbytery of two bays

  • * British History Online * *

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    Churchwardens' accounts, 1503-4

    p ar ysch'e xx d * * * * * P ay d for iij ellys and q uarter of Normandy Canvas to mak larg er the lentty n Cloth'e for the hey avttyr. xvij d ob. P ay d

    HARRIS, John

    medical practice 1564-1596 Place of birth of Normandy Other notes Summoned 1586 after 22 years' practice in England. Imprisoned but freed by French ambassador's help. Censorial hearings 18 March 1586 Entry H, of Normandy, had practised illegally for 22 years

    Addenda, Queen Elizabeth - Volume 13, April 1567, 01 April 1567-30 April 1567

    father, Sir Hugh Paulet. You wish to know the news from France; there are rumours of wars in Normandy, and a boy of mine at Coutances was hidden, and conover privately with others of this island; 400 soldiers have been Subscribers-only content

    Suppement to Undated Elizabeth

    general to reply to, except on the two first leaves, relating to the practices and laws of the Duchy of Normandy, to which they say: That they submit entirely to the laws and customs of the island, as settled by Subscribers-only content

    Addenda, Queen Elizabeth - Volume 32, July 1591, 01 July 1591-31 July 1591

    forces in Brittany and Normandy, and our ships of war on the coast secure us from any attempts. We hear that you have been touched with the gout; therefore should you be unable to go to Normandy, you must advertise Subscribers-only content

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Henry. 6. The trouble of Humfrey the good Duke of Gloucester.

    defence of the Realme of Fraunce, and the duchie of Normandy, the Cardinal euer labored to the contrary, in preferryng other, after his singular affection: wherby a great part of Normandy hath bene lost.The Card a deceauer of the king

    Actes and Monumentes of the churche

    his dioces. Secondly, because he did also excommunicate the sayde sherife. Thirdlye, because he would not sayle with him into Normandy, to make the mariage betwene Lewes the Frenche kynges sonne and his niece. &c.1202After this in the yeare of

    K. John. Brawling matter emong the monkes of Cant.

    his diocesse. Secondly, because he did also excommunicate þe sayd sherife. Thirdly, because he would not saile with hym into Normandy, to make the mariage betwene Lewes the French kynges sonne and his niece. &c.1202.After this, in the yeare of

    King Steuen. Matilde. King Steuen. Matilde. Actes and Monum. of the Church.

    is sayd, to flee þe realme) returned agayn into Normandy to Geffray Plantagenet her husband. The decease of Geffray PlātagenetWho, after he had valyantly wonne and defended the duchie of Normandy, agaynst the puysance of kyng Steuen of long tyme:

    K. Iohn. Brawling matter among the monkes of Cant.

    the monkes of Cant.led into Normandy and came to Rowan: where he was royally receiued, and truce concluded betwene him and the Frēch kyng for a time. And thether came to him the Earle of Flaunders, & all other Lordes

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 23 College of Heralds.

    Arms. That it was manifest also by a memorable Chapter, houlden by the Kings, Heraulds, and Pursuivants at Roan in Normandy , tempore HEN. 5. what necessary Orders were to be had and observed amongst themselves, and their Successors for

    Book 3, Chapter 9 [Benefactors.] Breadstreet Ward. [Gerards Hall.]

    one great House, of old time builded upon arched Vaults of Stone, and with arched Gates, brought from Cane in Normandy . The same is now a common Ostrey for receipt of Travellers, commonly and corruptly called Gerard's Hall, of

    Book 6, Chapter 2 The City of WESTMINSTER.

    Female Issue to succeed; He denounced War against them which very sharply he pursued. Calais he conquered, recovering Aquitain and Normandy by his Forces. John King of France , and David King of Scots, he took in War, and kept

    Book 6, Chapter 2 The City of WESTMINSTER.

    Brother to Henry Earl of Essex , and John Lord Berners; whom William, their Sire, (sometime Earl of Ewe in Normandy ) begat on Anne, the sole Heir of Thomas of Woodstock , Duke of Gloucester , younger Son to

    Appendix 1, Chapter 12 The Circuit Walk. Greenwich.

    Cineres Johannis Wardal , inclyti olim Londinensis Mercatoris, & c. Of the ancient Stock of the Wardals of Calais in Normandy , 1658 . Aged 80. The learned Antiquarian's Monument against the South Wall, viz. William Lambard of Lincoln's Inn

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    MOTTY, Philip.

    MOTTY, Philip. Constituency Dates Liskeard 1419 Bodmin Dec. 1421 Biography Apart from the record of his elections to Parliament, only one notice of Philip Motty has been traced: in May 1420 he was named on the list of men-at-arms

    BELL, John II (by 1514-43 or later), of Winchelsea, Suss.

    in the export of wood is revealed by the testimony given in August 1538 by a mariner of Aust in Normandy that a cargo of 12,000 billets which he had bought from Bell for use in the herring fishery had

    WELDO, William.

    esquire, in April 1415 contracted to serve Henry V for one year in either Guyenne or Normandy. His name does not occur in any of the surviving records of Barnstaple.E101/69/3/369. This man could, however, have been William Weldon (d.1447) of

    LECHE, Sir Philip (d.1420), of Chatsworth, Derbys.

    the theatre of war. By December he had begun to play a leading part in defending the northern ‘frontier’ of Normandy (between Bethune and the Breste) against attack by the French; and he was duly rewarded first with the captured

    MORGAN, Sir Edmund (d. by 3 Feb. 1655), of Penhow, Mon.

    Dates Wilton 1601 Monmouthshire 1621 Ofifces Held Capt. in Netherlands 1585, in Normandy 1591, in Jersey 1598, in Netherlands 1594; sergeant-major on Islands voyage 1597-8. Biography The Morgans of Penllwyn Sarth were a junior branch of the Monmouthshire family of

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ddiweddar y try hafen yn ymenyn wrth ei gladda yn unig yn y ddaear ! Ovneim ilawer lawnIa ymenyn yn Normandy a lleoedd eraill yn Ffraine yn y dull a nodwyd, a sierheir y ffaith er nad yw yr esboniad Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ei hyn)afiaid'urddasol, ci lhfhyran' gryI - us, a'i' trrichiau hirion.- 'Y' mae tielia -y VerTi s yn hen dyteddol-blodeuent yn Normandy cyn conewestk Gwilym, a daeth dau o honynttdrosodd gydag ef. . Yr oedd un o'r teulu yn Llefjtrdd yn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a gwnaeth enir y Llywod-raeth y'rhadd'grybwylledig fel cydnabydd-- r ddi- iaeth6iddynt a'u gwraldeb. . , ar, Yr aedd .beblogaeth yn Normandy ynfyiaog yn I fr gasod en. hunain mewn cyflwr amddiffynol . +bid- letz fod y gelyn y dyddiau diweddaf Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Yn y cyfarfod deg o'r gloch, yr hwn a 13 wyddid gan y Porch. J. Jones, gweinidog y lie, datganwyd Normandy, St. Bride, Kent, Braint, Rbyl, a Joanna. Cafwyd anerchiadau hynod bwrpasol rhwng y-gwrabanol dlonau gan y Parchn. D. W. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    c. ganwyd yn y prydnawn oeddynt Sebastian, Delgellau, m Esther, Capel Cynon, a Barnsfield. Am chwech o'r ,. gloch canwyd Normandy, Colonge, Manheim, 0 id Bavaria, Rheidol, a Balerma. Cafwyd jsylwadau 0 Lu hynod o werthfawr- yn ystod y cyfarfodydd Subscribers-only content

  • * Who Were The Nuns *

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    Sarah Ashton

    Details Sarah Ashton in religion Mary Ann Joseph of the Immaculate Conception Born in London Died 1830 17 Oct in Normandy mother Mary Errington father Moses Ashton

    Barbara Clotilda Smith

    Details Barbara Clotilda Smith in religion Louise Mary Charlotte of Divine Mercy Born 1751 in Wicklow Died 1828 9 Aug in Normandy mother Helen Coventry father James Smith

    Jane Wilkinson

    Details Jane Wilkinson in religion Mary Bernard of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary Born 1752 in Durham Died 1832 2 May in Normandy father Mr William Wilkinson mother Dorothy Parson

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    19 December 1692, 19 December 1692

    Normandy, to " prevent Tranfports from France, while the Fleet were gone Weftward. " Mr. Rujfell propofes, " that, when the whole Fleet is together, a Detachment of Six or " Eight Frigates to attend on the Coaft of Subscribers-only content

    19 December 1692, 19 December 1692

    a Lift of the Ships he defired to " keep for the main Fleet, for Newfoundland, and the Coaft of Normandy, that the reft might " be employed in cruizing. A- " Mr. Rujfell fays, " He does not apprehend Subscribers-only content

    15 February 1694, 15 February 1695

    the Confideration of the faid Bill x be committed to the Lords following; (videlicet,) March. Halifax^ E Wmtm. ' March. Normandy. / Btcbefier. Ds. Wilhughby E. r-< c JT11 t? c n • j' L)s. Lawarr. Comes bujtolke. L,pus. ot. Subscribers-only content

    24 February 1697, 24 February 1698

    St. Afaph. I. Epus. Ciceßr. Dux Leeds,~Ds. Prasfes, Dux Devon, Ds. Se- nefcallus. Dux Bolton. Dux Newcaßk. March. Halifax. March. Normandy. Comes Kent. Comes Bridgewater. Comes Denbigh. Comes Stamford. Comes Thanet. Comes Scarfdale. Comes Sandwich. Comes Burlington. Comes Maclesfeld. Comes Subscribers-only content

    13 February 1699, 13 February 1700

    "' Kingdoms:" Ds. Cancellarius. Dux Devon, Ds. Se- nefcallus. Dux Ormonde. Dux Bolton. Dux Leeds. Dux Newcaßle. March. Halifax. March. Normandy, Comes Bridgewater. Comes Rivers. Comes Stamford. Comes Bathe 1. Comes Anglefey i. Comes Feverjham. Comes Radnor. Comes Rocheßer. Comes Subscribers-only content


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