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  • * British History Online * *

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    James 1 - volume 101, September 1618, 01 September 1618-30 September 1618

    for Bettering the State and Lessening the Charge of the Ships that now remayne." [Sept. ] 3. "Proposition for a Newe Establishment of the Navy Roiall by Addycion of more Shippes." [Sept. ] 4. "An Abstracte of the Propositions and Subscribers-only content

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1519-20

    iij d It e m, paid for a Newe albe for the blake vestment ij s viij d * * * * * It e m, paid to M r Doctor for Newe cloth' for ij Amesys xiiij d It

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1516-17

    * 2 paid for a Newe lok & ij staplis & a key to s ir Ioh'n Wallers chambre dore x d paid to hym for his Bedsted in that chambre, and for a Newe lamp glasse v d *

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1522-3

    Drynk and ffire at e Newe sessing of e clark es bill' vj d ob. * * * * * 2 It e m, p ai d for Newe Revyng of a Surples & a newe band iiij d *

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1514-15

    Church Rents. Quitrents and Payments. Payments for the Church. ] 1 Paid for Cariage of ij lode of stuff, Newe & olde, to the potters howse & for the pale at Mo er gunters vj d * * * *

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 6, page 1142 (1563)

    moste vntrue: and the contrarye is moste trew. I aunswered: We reade in the decrees: that the fower generall Councelles, Nicene, Constantinopolitane, Ephesine, and Calcedone haue the same autoritie that the foure Euangelistes haue. Canō law approueth priests mariages.And

    Actes and Monumentes of the churche

    Actes and Monumentes of the churcheRunning title across gutter.pell, to apprehende pouertye, and to walke in the way of holy simplicity. He left in writing to his disciples and folowers, his rule, which he called Regulam Euangelicam. 1. the

    Book 4, page 615 (1563)

    scismatikes were in dede as they be called or no? Ye moreouer I did once see a booke of the Newe Testamēt (which was not vnwryttē by my estimation this C. yeres) and in my minde right wel translate after

    K. Henry. 8. The history and death of Rich. Hunne,

    K. Henry. 8. The history and death of Rich. Hunne,came vp, they foūde hym hanged with hys face towardes the walle. Wherupon they (astonished at this sight) gaue knowledge thereof immediatly vnto the Chauncelour, beyng then in the Church,

    K. Henry. 8. The aunsweres of Iohn Lambert to the Byshops Articles.

    that is, euen downe to the earth, repentyng hym selfe full sore, beyng readye to amend, and folowe after a newe waye, as appeareth by his answeare, where he sayth: O Lord what wylt thou haue me to doo? As

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Houses of Premonstratensian canons Abbey of Dureford

    of the Ordre,' at their general chapter, when Stephen was 'assigned to abide in another place of that religion called Newe . Hous in the diocese of Lincolne under obedience upon the peyn of cursyng, the which he utterly disobeieth,'

    Teffont Magna Teffont Magna Parish , 1801

    Dinton and Teffont in 1567 two were said specifically to hold their lands in Upper Teffont. 42 They were Leonard Newe , and Thomas South , who also had a freehold estate in Dinton . 43 The South estate in

    Parishes Crayke Bishopric of Durham . Azure a cross or between four lions argent .

    xv fote one way and ix fote another waie w t lodginges over it covered w t leade, and a newe strong grate dore of iron at the entryng in at it.' The survey is accompanied by a line plan

    Parishes Chelsham

    round the site of an older house. In this parish is an estate called FAIRCHILDES . In 1322 William le Newe and Alice his wife granted to John Fairchild of Chelsham 11/2 acres of land abutting on the highway leading

    Parishes Chesham

    to themselves the use of 'all the howsinge adjoining to the neyther ende of the hall and housing called the Newe Lodginge and the stable containing 3 baye,' and closes called Beddells, Rounde and one near the Lord of Privy

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    :Gy weiidog; ,Tramor, wrtkhy lysgead Prye. Ae yp rnhelach, dealwn. ei , fodjwedi, y j ci ddiolchgarwch' Igwresocafi i , Newe z ( ddarlleuwyram y 0 ymortb. ,8ms~erol, a .esyespn si'r d~ioddfy F~frengig __ _ _ _ _ - Mae Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    .and M&e,] Vi~s~, x ,oit - eJ " t^ b . 1 4. '--' Angraffedig dros y ,North d South Waje& Newe paer Company, Limited) gan Jomq DAVOS, yn ei Swyddfa Argraffu yn Bridge-street, Caernarfon, I e ei&A 10, 1871. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    bellach r5 trwy ymofyn a'r Ysgrifenydd, le J. LLOYD JONES, 6, Lord-street. Argraffedig (dros y Norti& and South W les Newe paper Company,. Limited) gaxi. JOHN DAVIIS, yn e Swyddfa Argraffn yn Bridge-street. Cafla'i' Awat 10, 187 A . ' Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    OPTICIAN-V AND PUZZ E P06KtT KtIVES No. 2, TOP of Jerioh.-ss., £SHMFF!L~LD. e Argraffedig (dros y NotIVa and Soeuth Wales .Newe . paper CoL epanY, Limited,) gan D. Ii. JUNtS, V11 . Swvdd fit Argraffu yn J.arliament StrecP, -Dolgd3 Mydref Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Neheadir America. Anfonweb, gan arngau enveloc yn c,7 wye sow a phreswv!fod yr anfonydd at My aS, Station D, Newe eorx Lisp UAS. DARGA?1WDDIAD GwERTHFAWR AT Y GWALLT.-Os ydyw eich gwallt yn troi yn frith neu yn wyn, nan Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    FORBES, John (1801-1840), of 15 Harley Street, Mdx.

    in 1809, and educated in London under one Pearson.[footnote] His father followed two years later and took up residence at Newe, Aberdeenshire, so John may have been one of the "John Forbes" listed as attending Aberdeen grammar school in the

    GEDNEY, John (d.1449), of London.

    the City lay in St. Christopher’s parish, although he owned other shops and tenements elsewhere, together with premises called the Newe Inne outside the Temple Bar.[footnote] His activities as a feoffee now make it very difficult to distinguish many of

    TONG, William (d.1389), of London.

    the local people.[footnote]Tong’s interest in the wine trade led him to buy a house and tenement ‘known vulgarly as Le Newe Taverne’ in the parish of St. Peter Wood Street. This he and his wife acquired in May 1379 from

    FORBES, Charles (1773-1849), of Newe and Edinglassie, Aberdeen and 3 and 9 Fitzroy Square, Mdx.

    (1773-1849), of Newe and Edinglassie, Aberdeen and 3 and 9 Fitzroy Square, Mdx. Constituency Dates Beverley 1812 1818 Malmesbury 1818 1832 Ofifces Held Rect. Marischal Coll. Aberdeen 1814-18, 1822, 1833; gov. Foundling Hosp. 1817-36, v.-pres 1836-d. Ofifces Held V.-pres. European

    SPERLYNG, Andrew (d.1438), of Wycombe and Ludgershall, Bucks.

    fellow burgesses, he had been granted an annual rent of four marks from a tenement (presumably a tavern) called the Newe Inn, adjoining the close of Wycombe rectory. Early in 1421 he and two other men allegedly appeared in the


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