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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 3, Chapter 3 Cheape Ward. [St. Mildred.]

    Death and Fate, Fame will display Her gracious Virtues through the World for aye. Spain 's Rod, Rome 's Ruine, Netherlands Reliefe; Heaven's Gem, Earth's Joy, World's Wonder, Nature's Chief. On the other Side. Britaine's Blessing, England 's Splendor, Religion's

    Book 2, Chapter 10 Billingsgate Ward. Benefactors.

    Meritissimæ conjugi, hoc Monumentum, Amoris & Reminiscentiæ ergó posuit. QUEEN ELIZABETH 'S Monument. Eliza Beata , Spaines Rod, Romes ruine, Netherlands reliefe, Heavens Iem, Earths joy, Worlds wonder, Natures chiefe. Under the figure of the three Crownes. Vltimum manet in

    Book 2, Chapter 11 Bridge Ward within. Charitable Gifts.

    Blessing, England 's Splendor, Religion's Nurse, the Faith's Defender. On the other side thus. Spain 's Rod, Rome 's Ruine, Netherlands Relief, Heaven's Gem, Earth's Joy, World's Wonder, Nature's Chief. Under her. If Royal Vertues ever crown'd a Queen, If

    Book 3, Chapter 8 [S. Pauls.] Faringdon Ward within. [Monuments.]

    an unvanquisht Heart, And all these Vertues void of all disdaine. And all these Vertues yet not so unknowne, But Netherlands , Seas, Indies, Spaine, and France , Can witnesse that these Honors were thine owne; Which they reserve, thy

    Book 6, Chapter 1 The Monastery of St. PETER.

    without Monuments. Sir Francis Norris , Kt. afterwards Baron Norris of Ricot. Memorable for his warlike Actions in the Spanish Netherlands . He hath a most magnificent and noble Monument, but without any Inscription. His Effigies is there of white

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Tudor and Stuart Colchester Economic history

    almost exclusively with Rouen and la Rochelle in France , with Flushing in the Netherlands , and with 'Camphere' (perhaps Quimper , France , or Kampen, Netherlands ). One or two ships went to Bordeaux and Dieppe ( France ),

    Itchingfield Broadbridge and Itchingfield c. 1875

    28 although the present house dates from later in the 17th century; it includes some reused medieval timbers. Phildrayes or Netherlands west of Sharpenhurst existed by 1548 ; it was a timber-framed house demolished c . 1915. 29 Scattered farms

    Archaeology The Beaker Period BEAKER PERIOD Daggers

    parallels can be cited, the immediate continental sources of Middlesex Beaker people were mainly in the region extending from the Netherlands to North Germany and Scandinavia. 90 The rather high proportion of finger-nail ornament on the beakers may reflect the


    John, Michelgrove : Eliz., m. - Shelley , John, fam., Michelgrove , see Clapham Mid Sussex railway , Middelburg ( Netherlands ) , Middlesex , see Brentford ; Islington ; Syon abbey Middleton , John of, n Middleton Builders ,

    Index K-Z

    Kampen ( Netherlands ) , Kavanagh , John, Kay, A. W. J. , Kay , John, Kebyll , -, Keek , John, Kempe , Anthony, Kendall : Anne, John (fl. 1700), John (fl. 1791), Jos., Thos., Wm., fam., Kent ,

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    GASCOIGNE, George (by 1537-77).

    Ofifces Held Dep. almoner at Elizabeth’s coronation 1559; govt. agent in Netherlands Aug.-Nov. 1576. Biography George Gascoigne’s significance as a poet is not matched by any parliamentary achievement. His election while still a student at Gray’s Inn was presumably the

    MORGAN, Thomas I (c.1542-95).

    I (c.1542-95). Constituency Dates Shaftesbury 1571 Wilton 1593 Ofifces Held Capt. in Netherlands Apr. 1572, in Ireland 1574, in Wales 1575, in Netherlands 1578-84; commanded regiment in Netherlands 1584-5; gov. Flushing and other towns 1585-7, of Bergen-op-Zoom and lt.-col. English

    BARKER, John I (c.1532-89), of Ipswich, Suff.

    the borough in Parliament, Barker was a cloth merchant trading with the Continent. He married a girl from the Spanish Netherlands whose denization was granted 14 May 1572. Barker was several times in trouble for contravening regulations over the export

    BUTLER (BOTELER), Sir Philip (d.1592), of Watton Woodhall, Herts.

    in Netherlands Jan.-Oct. 1586. Biography Butler’s family had been established in Hertfordshire since at least 1450 when a namesake was sheriff of the county. Butler’s own father was a deputy lieutenant, and Butler himself served with distinction in the Netherlands,

    ROGERS, Daniel (c.1538-91), of Silver Street, St. Olave's, London.

    Iuxta Launceston 1589 Ofifces Held Government agent in Paris 1565-75; envoy in Netherlands Mar. 1575-Mar. 1577; sec. to Merchant Adventurers at Antwerp July 1575-8; envoy in Germany and Netherlands June 1577-Jan. 1578, Oct. 1580; clerk of PC May 1587; ambassador

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    haiarn yn pwyso tri thant o bwysi am bellder o gn' e Ilath o ffordd. : '-i Cychwynodd brethines y Netherlands a'i chvhnmi,. y rhai oeddynt yn y wladhon er's tro, o Lurdain am R olland, wythnos i ddydd Mawrth Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ac ymddengy.s fod hyny wedi aflonyddu ar feddyliau y trigolion, Al ..y cymerasant fantais ar bresenoldeb y Tywysog HENRY, o'r Netherlands, yn eu plith i wneyd, g*rtbdystiad penderfynol yn erbyn dwyn oddiarnynt eu hannibyniaeth. Sicriha- odd'y Tywysog i'r cynrychiolwyr a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    mawr ydoedd hefyd. Nid yn unig yr. oedd lym yn Archdduc Awstria, ond yr oedd holl diriogaeth y a Yr Netherlands a Franche Comtd yn ei gydnabod yn dy- yn wysog arnyut; a thrwy ei briodas Ag unig ferch Fer- Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    oesoedd yn erbyn y dyn pechod. Y mae deg o gymdeithasan cenhadol yn y wlad fechan hono:-l. Cymdeithas Genhadol y Netherlands, yr hon y mae ei heisteddle yn Rotterdam, ac yn gweithio yn y meddian- _ ae Hollandaidd yn India Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    hen lyfr gwerthfawr yn cynwys C cant a haner o etchings, yn darlunio hen adoiladau ni enwog saith talaeth y Netherlands, a rhywbeth tebyg, di gallwn dybio, fydd yn sicr o ddyfod i feddwl unrhyw Ii Un il i dalu Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    The Case of Mr. Jeronimy Clifford, Merchant and Planter of Surinam., 1 August 1719

    fol- lowing Word, tz/jl. We ^0 jz'/Z/ct' /'» f/ze A/^zzze^ of Z-fWr FF^/z yWz£fcfz>ze/j"".f f/ze Sf^zfe.? Gezzer^/ 9/* ?/ze ly/wea! Netherlands, 4zz^ 0," to p/e/ezzf ,Mz/e/?y of Great Britain,«« Sf<#/»Wer 0/ Hoi- land, zzW /izJenzz'/e of ffee Gezzz/e/zzfzz ffee Fz.'reS-or; Subscribers-only content

    4 May 1702, 4 May 1702

    Monarchy of France; that, to this End, *• thefe Two Powers join their Arms in Italy and in the *' Netherlands; that the Troops of France have fince " invaded and feized all the Country of Cologne and " Liege, Subscribers-only content

    17 June 1714, 17 June 1714

    of Sir Andrew Kennedy, and John Vere Ken-Si* A. K«n- nedy his Son, Confervators of the Scots Privileges mThe™%L*n Son Netherlands, was prefented to the Houfe, and read; re-sir A.Cuming. citing a Judgement of this Houfe, of the 19th of Subscribers-only content

    7 July 1714, 7 July 1714

    Commiuion or the of Scots pii- " Office of Confervator of the Scots Privileges in The vUeges in The " Netherlands, to Sir Andrew Kennedy and John Vere t 'f " Kennedy, that thereby the Order or Judgement of * Subscribers-only content

    9 July 1715, 9 July 1715

    The Spa- " Negotiations, to amufe and create Jealoufies among " the Allies, declared Her Refentment thereat, and ear- niflj Netherlands, and many other great Advantages *• both by Sea and Land, and by the Wifdom and " Unanimity of Subscribers-only content


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