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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn rhy fychan, a gwerthodd of gydag ychydig ostyngiad yn y pris i gyfaill claf. f Y mae pwyllgar bwrdoisiaoth Moscow wedi bod yn ystyried pa un a fyddai y maddian goreu i gyflenwi a y ddinas honoa &helaethrwydd a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ei thy, cafwydd 300p. wedi eli celu ynddel. Y mae y cholera Asiaidd wedi gwneyd ei ymddean osiad yn ninas Moscow. Bn pedwar o ddynion farw o heno ya ngorsaf y ffordd haiarn yn .ddisymwtt iawn. Ysgrifena gohebydd i un Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yr orsaf yn dra di- symwthj wedi ymledu i amryw fanau. Y mae yn teyrnasu mewn modd dychrynUlyd iawn yn Moscow, ac er fod oerni anarferol yr hinfel pe byddai ynatalei gynydd i raddau y dyddiau diweddaf, nid yw nifer Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    <Shabimau mtitn1o'q1. Mae yn beth mor anghyffredin i ni ddyfod o hyd mewn adroddiad Seneddol i ddin cyfeiriad at Gymru a Cbymraeg fel y synwyd ni yn fawr, wrth ddarllen yn araeth y Prif Weinidog ar Fesur y Tir Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a symI. Dywedir ei bod hi a'i phriod yn byw cyn iddynt ymwahanu mewn lIle neillduedig, yn agos i ddinas Moscow, ac mai amgyichiad a gymerodd le i amen ei ffyddlon- deb a fu yn achos o'r ymwahaniad. Yr oedd Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online *

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    East Indies, April 1572, 01 April 1572-30 April 1572

    Astracan, the cause of the goods sent last year still lying there; the finest, as silks and spices, sent to Moscow, the remainder being galls, of which there are great store; their value. Besides Mr. Bannester four more have died,

    East Indies, March 1571, 01 March 1571-31 March 1571

    by his untrue practice; knows not what Edwards' malice may do. Sends copy of le tter to the agent at Moscow. Intends sending Edwards away to avoid his false practices. Unless the Queen take some order to punish falsehood, it

    BOMELIUS, Elisaeus &c.

    of death 1574 Address St Michael le Querne 1564 (marriage) Other notes ?MD Cantab by 1568. Trouble 1570. Sent to Moscow 1570 and d there in prison (?by torture) 1574. NB what was his family name? Bomelius = 'of Bommel',

    Supplement, August 1562, 07 August 1562-07 August 1562

    length, and twenty in breadth, and lies now at Smolensko with 200,000 men. A town is taken from the King of Poland by the King of Sweden's men of war. Orig. Imperfect. Endorsed : Intelligence from Moscow. Pp . 3.

    Journal, May 1705, Journal Book I, 01 May 1705-31 May 1705

    were read, and notes taken for a representation thereupon. Trade. Virginia. Reference from Mr. Secretary Harley about tobacco trade to Moscow. A reference from Mr. Secretary Harley of the 24th of the last month, upon a petition of several merchants

  • * Transcribed Papers of Jeremy Bentham *

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    her auspices and by her permission > [a premium was offer ' d ] by the Government the University of Moscow published the following advertisement published pre miums not for [the best ] poems nor for painting declamatory but for

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Church Lawford

    treble, by Watts of Leicester , 1621, was given by Mark Brewster , a London wool merchant who died at Moscow . Two others were recast by J. Taylor & Co. in 1872 . 44 A fourth bell was added

    Paddington Protestant Nonconformity

    1932 and replaced by no. 228 Harrow Rd., reg. 1962 to 1965. 5 Brethren. Plymouth Brethren used Moscow hall at no. 23 Moscow Rd. 1872, 1888. 6 Presumably different group used New Providence hall. Attendance 1902 : 43 a.m.; 49

    Parishes Whitchurch

    are missing), a black letter edition of Chaucer of about 1545, and a book of hours in Sclavonic, printed in Moscow in 1639 . Advowsons Henry de Blois, Bishop of WinChester, gave the church of Whitchurch and the land belonging

    Paddington Bayswater

    Place, leading north from the Uxbridge road to a 'street or place called Moscow Cottages', itself linked to Black Lion Lane by a road soon called Moscow Road . 61 The two new roads were said to commemorate Orme's business

    Index K-Z

    Rd. , Mortimer : John, Rog., earl of March , Mortimer Cres. (est.) , Mortimer Rd . , Moscow Ct. , Moscow Rd. , Moslems , Mother Huff's P.H. , motor car dealers and repairers , the Mount , Mount

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    The rejected stone; or, Insurrection vs. resurrection in America, 1861

    demand hewing down next. It certainly will. In what attitude does all this place the North A mother fled from Moscow in a sledge drawn by an Arab steed. At her breast, folded warm from the cold of the bitter Subscribers-only content

    The siege of London., 1885

    FORCED TO RETREAT.-DETERMINED DEFENCE AND BLOWING UP OF THE CASTLE .- THE BURNING OF EDINBURGH .-GHASTLY SCENES.- EDINBURGH A SECOND MOSCOW . WHILE the movements referred to in the preceding chapter were being carried out, the two lines of railway, Subscribers-only content

    The siege of London., 1885

    ruins, beneath which lay the calcined bodies of thousands of its devoted inhabitants. To the French, Edinburgh was a second Moscow , and, as they marched south ward, with the blind¬ ing snow beating in their faces, and a freezing Subscribers-only content

    The siege of London., 1885

    the Zouaves.-The English foiced to Retieat.-Deter¬ mined Defence and Blowing up of the Castle.-The Burning of Edmbuigh.-Ghastly Scenes.-Edmbuigh a Second Moscow 47 CHAPTER X. Great Suffering of the French Aimy.-Bitter Weather.-Another French Force lands at Cailisle.-More Fighting.-Splendid Chaige of the Subscribers-only content

    Stray leaves from the supposed diary of William Ewart Gladstone., 1884

    Diary. November 10 .-Czar states at Moscow that if Turkey does not accede at once to his demands, Russia will be prepared to act independently. [See above entry. Although the agitation I had raised brought me at this period into Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Tuesday 31st December 1844

    's architect, who showed us some fine plans, for the Palace he is going to build for the Emperor at Moscow . He also showed us some plans of Churches. After luncheon, we again went to Winterhalter. -The conclusion of

    Thursday 12th June 1851

    to the Exhibition. Viewed the other Russian exhibits, on the opposite side, amongst which were silk & good brocades from Moscow , which beat the French, & are really magnificent; - light silks, clothes, woollen & leather products of all

    Thursday 23rd November 1843

    & was very agreeable. He talked of the horrors of the Retreat from Russia , & described the burning of Moscow . He had been Col: du, du Régiment de Lanciers de la Garde Imperiale. He knew the Empress Marie-Louise

    Monday 30th October 1843

    with all he has seen, with Scotland &c -. He talked of when he was in the Army, - of Moscow , &c - All this interested me so much, particularly after reading in 1812. The Gd Duke spoke of

    Saturday 28th October 1843

    1812, finishing the 2nd sol: & getting a good way on into the 3rd. The description of the fire at Moscow , is beyond everything fine. We reached Paddington station at a little before 4, & got into the train,

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    DIMSDALE, Thomas (1712-1800), of The Priory, Hertford

    and her son, and the same title to his son ... The baron inoculated numbers of people at Petersburg and Moscow; and, resisting the Empress's invitation to reside as her physician in Russia, he and his son ... returned to

    HERBERT, George Augustus, Lord Herbert (1759-1827).

    conceive how much I am really distressed.’ 27 July, Moscow is added to the itinerary, ‘with as little expense as possible, for I am poor beyond description’. Having gone by Moscow, they returned from Petersburg by Finland, Sweden, and Copenhagen,

    MARTIN, Joseph (c.1649-1729), of London and Wanstead, Essex

    dir. New E. I. Co. 1698–1709; manager, united trade to E. Indies 1707; dir. S. Sea Co. 1711–15; consul in Moscow 1702–5; member, Russia Co. 1705, cttee. 1711, 1716, asst. 1713, ?1718; common councilman, London. Ofifces Held Commissary for commercial

    SANDYS, William (c.1607-69), of Axe Yard, King Street, Westminster.

    authorized to borrow 60,000 guilders to finance the new King’s expedition to Scotland, and he travelled as far afield as Moscow and Bergen in search of funds. He was given the supernumary post of gentleman usher in 1653, but, as

    BOWES, Sir Jerome (d.1616), of Elford, Staffs. and Hackney, Mdx.

    Czar’s chief councillors, including his chancellor. Bowes was kept waiting on Russian soil for five weeks before being installed in Moscow, where he was well lodged and well treated by Ivan, but not by the chancellor’s faction. The subject of

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    12 June 1817, 12 June 1817

    and that on one Occasion it is stated to &quot; have been proposed that Manchester should be &quot; made a Moscow, for the Purpose of strengthening &quot; their Cause, by throwing Numbers of People out &quot; of Employment. It was Subscribers-only content

    24 August 1820, 24 August 1820

    Three Times, once when he was &quot; Minister at War, another Time when he was with the &quot; Army of Moscow, and a Third Time I served, but I &quot; do not count that as a Service.&quot; &quot; Was Pergami Subscribers-only content

    11 April 1821, 11 April 1821

    Russia are those British Manu¬ factures landed ?&quot; &quot; At St. Petersburgh, and then carried by Land Car¬ riage through Moscow, Tobolsk, Irkoutsk, to Kiakta, a Distance of between Four and Five thousand Miles.&quot; &quot; Is the Consumption of those Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 23 July 1830

    Ells Superior Long Ells Embossed do. Broad Ells - - Worleys - Camlets - Mohair Camlets - - Double Colours Moscow Cloths - Templars - Striped Duroys Figured do. Vigonia Cloth - - - Merino Robe Cloth Seraglio Ratteens Shags Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 23 July 1830

    By these Regulations it is required that the Boxes of Tea destined for Exportation should be sealed at St. Petersburgh, Moscow or Odessa, accompanied by a Permit; and on Presentation of a Certificate, signed by the Consul resident at the Subscribers-only content

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    Lodge of the Muse Clio, No. 5

    (1792): 307 Lodge Number (A): 0 Lodge Number (1814): 0 Lodge Number (1832): 0 Lodge Number (1863): 0 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Notes (1): See Remarks on No. 466, ante. Meeting Places Moscow, Russia 1774

  • * John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera * *

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    [Noteheading for the Soviet travel journal]

    (Soviet travel) [Periodicals, Voyages and travels, Letterheads] / )ij^£//i^i|^!^^ ^ai^Pi AN ILLUSTRATED MONTHLY ON TpAVEL.LIFE AND SPORTS IN THE USSK AAOSCOW U5SP? -r c: I- • 'M.6-t-33 , 1-50-00. HDITOR-IN-.CHlEF L.A.&LOCK? publishers: state publishing mouse of RSFSR. ...Z^.tirus.j:iC..I.a 1935. Subscribers-only content

    Lipton, the largest tea, coffee, cocoa, and provision dealer in the world.

    Indian Offloea: 10 HARE STREET, OALOUTTA. Malta Depot: 46, 47 A 51 STRADA ZAOOARIA, VALETTA. Russian Depots: ST. PETERSBURG A MOSCOW. THE WEI6HT OF THIS FACKAOE, INCLUDIN8? THE WRAPPER IS HALF POUND. P'4k P'4 II • 1 m lri\ u Subscribers-only content


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