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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 31 Entertainment of K. Charles I.

    them, divers Ladies, and other Great Personages of Note. The Yeomen of the Guard. They all entred the City at Moorgate . Where their Majesties were welcomed with a Noise of Trumpets, appointed to attend there to that Purpose. From

    Book 2, Chapter 7 Broadstreet Ward. St. Augustine Friers.

    end of the Augustine Friers Church straight North, and opened somewhat West from Alhallows Church against London Wall , towards Moorgate , which Foot Way had Gates at either end, locked up every Night; but now the same way (being

    Book 4, Chapter 2 Suburbs without the Walls. Morefields.

    of Moorgate . Moorfield . Morefields called Magna Mora; and the Fishery there. J. S. Quo Warr. Bag of London in the Tally Court . Pet. Le Neve , Esquire. Finsbury Fields and Morefields an unprofitable Ground. Gardens without Moorgate

    Book 3, Chapter 6 Cripplegate Ward. [Bounds.]

    Postern lane end, that runneth betwixt the Town Ditch on the South, and certain Gardens on the North, almost to Moorgate . At the East end of which Lane, is a Pot-makers House: Which House, with all other the Gardens,

    Book 3, Chapter 4 Coleman street Ward.

    taketh Name, wholly on both sides North to London-wall ; and from that North end along by the Wall, and Moorgate , East, to the Course of Walbrook . And again from Coleman street , West, to the Iron Grates;

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Corrigenda to volumes IV, V, and VI

    in 1929 -32' 9 b , lines 24-5, for ' 1904 , along the Great Northern and City Railway to Moorgate .' read ' 1875 , over the North London Railway to Broad Street .' 9, note 64, for '222'

    Medieval Beverley Topography and Growth

    Minster Moorgate and Fishmarket Moorgate . Minster Moorgate was the earlier, and for much of the 13th century was known simply as Moorgate . By the end of the century it had begun to be distinguished as South Moorgate or

    Medieval Beverley The Chapter and Beverley

    minster, including land in Keldgate and Minster Moorgate . The rest of the fee was made up of scattered property at the western end of Minster Moorgate , and in Market or Fishmarket Moorgate (later Well Lane), Lairgate, and Highgate

    Hendon Communications HENDON IN 1754

    and there were several complaints about the slowness of journeys to St. Pancras or Moorgate . 65 A through service from Hendon to Victoria via Moorgate , Ludgate Hill , and Loughborough Junction was instituted in 1875 66 but was

    Street Names

    Minster Moorgate . In the 13th century it was sometimes known as Moorgate , 82 presumably because it led towards Westwood . It later came to be distinguished as South Moorgate , Kirk Moorgate , 83 or Minster Moorgate .

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    MEDDIANAU -YR EGLWYS.. ,- ADOLYGIAD AB DDARLITHIAU FICER CORRIS ar y testynnuchod, GAN Y PARCH. EVAN JONES. (YNWYSA:-yIllyfr ymdriniaeth. fanwl a y U IMeddianau -Eglwsig, mewn atebiad i Ddarlithiau y licer. "Am atebiad Mr. Jones, yn gwbl-a.libyiol aryfaith eifodyn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    GE 0 R-GE 'S PILE, & GRAVEL PILLS.! : ]MEDDYGIMAH9IETf LYSUOL. . V MAfl y Peleni hyi yn fey th sicr, J h uansiadiogeli'Pie rGre4a¶lauoahydea crail sydd yn en ean s o er Lyiwyau, Ysgafndetyi'yPen' Gaew, Diffyg Anadi, Gwysit: Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900


    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    BICKERDIKE'S PATEN4T S§ELF-ATN GAS; REGULATOR.. ANTED ACTIVE AGENTS in DOLGELLEY l and neibbburood for the Sale of above 'Good comimission given, bult nonle except :parties with :good 50 pef cent. -Addresswith full particulars, MEr. Jlohn Devmle, 2, 'iBrigh1cro' R~oad, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Mixture, sud yn beware of worthless imitations or substitutes. Lid cll ty vu OWMNI YSWIRIOL WOCLEDDOL 'el Prif Swyddfa: l, Moorgate St., London., E.CG yn Sefydlwvyd 1836. - YSWIRIANT YNGLYN A THAN A BYWYD yn Gartref ac mewn Gwledydd eraill Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online *

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    NORTON, ?John ??Thomas

    (John)) Period of medical practice 1586-1614 Address Moorgate 1596 Other notes Summoned 1596. Cf Widow Norton (BSC cards 1603)? Venn I.3 p.269 has Thomas N, BA MA Cantab (Raach p.229). Known London address Moorgate Parish St Stephen Coleman Street Ward

    East Indies, June 1627, 01 June 1627-29 June 1627

    stones in the Company's yard at Blackwall, brought home from the Indies instead of ballast, towards paving the highway without Moorgate; though ready to pleasure the city in so good a work, could not now deliver their resolutions. Two barrels

    Appendix, Outward Fees, 1562-3

    clean the grate 5s., to the keepers of the grates at Aldersgate 10s., to the keeper of the postern called Moorgate and the ditches there 26s.8d., to the keeper of the grates of Aldgate and the late Crutched Friars 6s.8d.,

    Index, M, 01 January 1617-31 December 1621

    -, Wm., 765, p. 339, 799, 825, 827. -, -, letter from, 1620 : 911. Mooreton , see Moreton, Mathew. Moorgate , Mooregate, or Moregate, stones given by East India Company to pave, 750, 752, 754 (2). Moors , the,

    East Indies, China and Japan, October 1619, 01 October 1619-31 October 1619

    hard stones brought from Surat by the Anne for ballast, given "for the use of the city to pave without Moorgate." An action to be entered against William Angell for a debt due to the Company, and the Governor to

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    1663 People & Places Participant: Henry Ayer [Eyre] Role: defendant Details: male Participant: Hannah Spencer [Spencer] Role: plaintiff Details: female Location: Rotherham (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Rotherham (Rotherham) : ecclesiastical parish Moorgate(Moorgate) : street name Moorgate House (Mooregate House) : habitation


    55 Aldermanbury (55 Aldermanbury) : habitation Participant: Joseph Nottingham [Nottingham] Role: witness Details: male; 44; Gentleman Location: Nottinghamshire Place(s): Moorgate(Moorgate) : undefined Participant: Thomas Billiald [Billiald] Role: witness Details: male; 70 Employment: Farmer Location: East Markham (Nottinghamshire) Place(s): East


    female; 70; Wife of John Wright, Farmer Location: Mattersey (Nottinghamshire) Place(s): Mattersey (Mattersey) : ecclesiastical parish East Retford (Nottinghamshire) Moorgate Ho (Moorgate) : undefined Participant: John Allsebrook [Allsebrook] Role: witness Details: male; 61 Employment: Bookkeeper Location: Clarborough (Nottinghamshire) Place(s): Spittlehill


    Retford (West Retford) : ecclesiastical parish The Mermaid Inn (The Mermaid Inn) : habitation Location: East Retford (Nottinghamshire) Place(s): Moorgate Ho (Moorgate) : undefined Location: West Retford (Nottinghamshire) Place(s): The Queen's Arm (The Queen's Arms) : habitation A public house


    Hall) : undefined Location: Ireland : country Place(s): IrelandTipperary : undefined CountyNenagh (Nenagh) : undefined Location: Rotherham (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Moorgate(Moorgate) : undefined Location: Ackworth (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Ackworth (Ackworth) : ecclesiastical parish Location: Silkstone (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Barnsley (Barnsley) : undefined

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    28 May 1799, 28 May 1799

    Lords. A. 799- Tannere&apos;^ Indemnity Bill. Moorgate Enclosure Bill. A Meflage was brought from the Houfe of Commons by Mr. Dickinfon and others: With a Bill, intituled, &quot; An Act to indemnify all &quot; Perfons who may have incurred Penalties Subscribers-only content

    30 May 1799, 30 May 1799

    Hides.&quot; Moorgate Enclofure Bill. Taunton Roads Bill. Hodie i* vice leela eß Billa, intituled, &quot; An Act for &quot; dividing, allotting, and enclofing, the Commons and &quot; Walle Grounds and Stinted Paftures, within the Ham- &quot; let of Moorgate, in Subscribers-only content

    6 June 1799, 6 June 1799

    like Report from the Moorgate Lords Committees to whom the Bill, intituled, &quot; An Act Enclofure &quot; for dividing, allotting, and enclofing, the Commons &quot; and Wafte Grounds and Stinted Paftures, within the &quot; Hamlet of Moorgate, in the Parifh Subscribers-only content

    7 June 1799, 7 June 1799

    Whether this Bill fhall &quot; pafs?&quot; It was refolved in the Affirmative. South Brent, &c. Enclo- it fure Bill: c&lt; Moorgate Eiiclofure Bill: Beckhamp- ton Road Bill: Cuvelje&apos;» Nat. Bill: X799- Meflages to H. C. that the Lords have agreed Subscribers-only content

    14 April 1824, 14 April 1824

    maintaining a Turnpike Road leading from the Eastern &quot; Side of a certain Bridge called Spittle Hill Bridge, over &quot; Moorgate Beck in the Parish of Clarborough, in the &quot; County of Nottingham, to Littleborough Ferry, in the &quot; same Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    FAUCONER, Thomas (d.1434), of London.

    a relentless enemy of heretics, Fauconer was also a great benefactor to the City. It was during his mayoralty that Moorgate was first built ‘for ease of the Citizens, that way to pass vpon causeys into the fielde for their

  • * The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online, 1674-1913 *

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    ANN LEACH, Theft, 14/09/1803

    . JOSEPH ROBERTS sworn. - I lodge in Sweden's passage, Moor-lane, and drive a hackney-coach : I was standing at Moorgate on the ranks, the prisoner asked me to give her some drink, on the 15th of August, about half

    Ordinary's Account, 16/09/1741

    exchanged Horses with him. He told me what he was and where heliv'd, which was at a Publick House near Moorgate , as well as I can remember. A short Time after this, crossing the Country from Mims to St.


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