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  • * British History Online * *

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    Mary, October 1557, 01 October 1557-31 October 1557

    Revel, bound last summer for Amsterdam, was stopped at sea by some French "classionarii" and taken into her port of Montrose [Manrosse ] , claiming the ship and cargo as prize of war and refusing the petitioners' suit. They pray Subscribers-only content

    Acts and Proceedings, 1617, November

    of November 1617, to be holden at Sanct Andrewes the 25th day of that same month . The Erle of Montrose was appointed be the King to be his Commissioner; but excused himself with sickness by a letter sent to

    Historical preface, 1645-46

    Auldearn, between Inverness and Elgin. Here, on the 9th of May, Hurry hoped to surprise Montrose, and made a night march with that object, but Montrose having been informed of his approach, was prepared to receive him, and inflicted a

    Charles II, June 1661, 01 June 1661-30 June 1661

    Holland the 17th past. What stay she intends to make is not known. The body of the late Marquess of Montrose was by order of the Parliament of Scotland taken down and honourably interred at Edinburgh and in its place Subscribers-only content

    Historical preface, 1642-44

    the king to their folly, if not treachery, and he turned to Montrose. But by that time the condition of affairs had become well nigh desperate. Still Montrose was prepared to do his utmost, and having, on 1st February, 1644,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    lle yr aurhy. deddir gwyl ganmlwyddol Syr Walter Scott, yr hyn sydd i gymeryd Ile yn Awst nesaf, yn ile Montrose. Yn ol y cyfrifon awyddogol yn India Brydeinig yr aedd yr boll farwolaethau yno' oddiwrth 'ftattiad seirff, yn ystod Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ariynt. Mae Mr. Griflfths, o Gaerhun, newydd anrheg y National Life-boat Association & bywydfad newydd, yr hwn a anfoowyd i Montrose, Scotland. Ya ol dymnuniad y rhoddwr, galwyd y bad wrth yr euw i "*The Homan Governor of Caerhun," enwv Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Wedi byny yr ydym yn eu oael yn Neilston, Eilmarnock, Salteouts, ae Irvine, Ayr, Stirline, Perth, Dune;?s:. Aberdeen, Peterbead, Huntley, Montrose, Brechin, Forfar, Arb- routh, Blairgororie, Inverness, Tain, Strathpeffer, Nairn, Elgin, Forres, Grantown, Keith, Banff, Wick, John o'Gronts, Thurso, Dornacb, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yr hwn a fu am dymor yn gwein- idogaethu yn Montrose. Ysgrifena i'r Record fel y canllyn :-" Ymihlith aJaofion hyfryd u lliosog inewn cysylltiad & chapel BEsobyddol Saesneg Montrose, y mae yn hyfd genyf gofio am wasanaeth claddu, a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    sach wain am 5 o'r gloch. Y MILWRIAD NOLAN. laril Morley, mewn atebiad i Due Montrose, a ddv- wedodd fod y Milwriad Nolan wedi cydawni 220 diwrnod o waith railwrol yn ystod y ddwy flynedd ddi- weddaf, aC am yracaser Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    SCOTT, James I (1671-1732), of Logie and Castlested, Montrose, Forfar.

    and Castlested, Montrose, Forfar. Constituency Dates Scotland 1707 1708 Aberdeen Burghs 1710 8 Feb 1711 Forfarshire (Angus) 30 July 1716 Oct. 1732 Ofifces Held Burgess, Aberdeen 1698; provost, Montrose 1710, 1722. Ofifces Held MP [S] Forfarshire 1698–1702, Montrose 1702–7. Ofifces

    GRAHAM (GRAEME), Mungo (1670-1754), of Gorthy, Perth.

    Montrose and his factor leading the way in their involvement with the opposition of 1703. The following year, when Montrose’s closest political friends took over responsibility for Court management in the ‘New Party’ experiment, the Grahams remained in opposition.

    GRAHAM, John (d.1755), of Killearn, Stirling.

    family.Graham sent this letter to Montrose, who handed it to George I, and subsequently praised Graham’s ‘good service’ to the Government against the rebels.[footnote] Like his father, he was closely involved in the feud between Montrose and Rob Roy Macgregor,

    COLQUHOUN, James (1774-1836), of Rhosdhu, Luss, Dunbarton.

    of Montrose; and as being ambitious of a judge’s gown, which he never obtained. Colquhoun junior was returned unopposed for the county in 1799, on the death of the sitting member Smollett and with the ‘unsolicited’ encouragement of Montrose, so

    COCHRANE, William (aft.1659-1717), of Kilmaronock, Dunbarton.

    Montrose. The proximity of his family’s estates to those of Montrose resulted in a degree of co-operation on legal, estate and political affairs. But, during the greater part of his Westminster career, Cochrane was estranged from the Duke of

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    28 March 1709, 28 March 1709

    Mar. " Dover. " RoSEBERIEi " PoULETT. '• Guilford* " ScARBROUGH." ScARSDALE. Rothes. Loudoun. " VVemyss. " Seafield. Greenwich. Hamilton. Montrose. Roxburghe. Warrington. Ilay. " Gi. Sarum. Orkney. " 4-thly. The general Defcription of Treafon in this " Act, without Subscribers-only content

    16 October 1722, 16 October 1722

    prsefens Parliamen- Adjourn. turn continuandum eife ufque ad et in diem Mercurii, decimum feptimum diem inftantis Oftobris, hora un- decima Auror. Dominis fie decernentibus. Die Veneris, 31° Januarii, 1723, hitherto examined by us, Greenwich. Montrose. Wharton. FlNDLATER. Hu. Bristol DIE Subscribers-only content

    2 June 1733, 2 June 1733

    and apply- " ing to it the moft proper and effectual Remedies. " Strafford. COEHAM. " Carteret* " Suffolk. " Montrose. " MarchmonT. " Masham. lt Wa. & Nottingham; " Thaner. " Bedford. " Tweeddale. ** Chesterfield; Bathurst. Coventry. " Subscribers-only content

    13 February 1733, 13 February 1734

    CoBIlAM. " Tadcaster. " WlLLOUGHBY Strafford. Boyle. Mas ham. WEYMOUTH. Litchfield. TwEEDDALE. DE Brook. <; Marceorough. " Bridgewater. Chesterfield. " Montrose. Cardigan. " Carteret. Ker. Gower. " Oxford & Mortimer. Griffin. " Foley." Then the Queftion was put, " Whether Subscribers-only content

    13 February 1733, 13 February 1734

    Bristol. Abihgdon. Litchfield, " Bedford. Griffln. *' Marchmont. " Boyle. " TwEEDDALE. " Masham. Gower. Northampton. Carteret. Weymouth. Clinton. " Montrose. " Tadcaster. " WlLLOlTGHBY r>E BrOOK. " Oxford & Mortimer. " Chesterfield. " Foley. " Cardigan. " Ker.!> Dijentient. Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Hendon Public services

    and Edgware , 58 including Moat Mount open space (67 a.), 59 Arrandene park (57 a.), Watling park (46 a.), Montrose playing fields (30 a.), Copthall park (146 a.), West Hendon playing fields (62 a.), Woodfield park (40 a.), and

    The City of Leicester Schedule of schools

    Western Park , King Richard 1947 Sec. date Sec., B. Whitehall Avenue 1952 Primary date I. J. Wigston Lane , Montrose 1954 Primary date J. Willow St., Willow Mead 1884 Bd. Sch. date Sec., G. Wyvern Avenue 1933 Primary date

    Parishes Tilshead

    Cumberland (d. 1765). 48 Another tenant may have been either William Graham , duke of Montrose (d. 1790), or his son James, duke of Montrose (d. 1836). 49 Formal gardens had been made south of the house by 1760 .

    Leicester Index A - Z

    (lochelmen, burnmen), 52, 96, guild, 35; wholesale trade, 76, 78. Moat Rd. , sch., 337. Monsell , Eyres, sch., 337. Montrose sch. , 337. Morehead , 395. mortu a venella , see L., Free School Lane . Mount Pleasant Mill

    Index A-Z

    , Wm., 17 Graham : Sir Jas ., Bt., 126, 130 Jas., duke of Montrose , 266 Sir Sandford , Bt., 126, 130 Wm., duke of Montrose , 266 Graile , John, rector of North Tidworth , 161 Grand National

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Tuesday 8th November 1842

    & Dinner the same as yesterday, Ld Fitzgerald sitting next to me, & so agreeable. She talked of Talleyrand & Montrose , &c. - The Grenadier Guard are here since 10 days, having came back from Canada , & have

    Wednesday 9th February 1853

    & looked at the picture he is painting for the Hse of Lds, of the Execution of Montrose , or rather more of Montrose preparing for his execution. It is a very fine picture beautifully drawn & painted, but it

    Tuesday 22nd May 1838

    of Montrose , and Lady Lansdowne. Lord Melbourne mentioned the Duchess of Richmond , the Duchess of Northumberland , the Duchess of Roxburghe, and the Duchess of Montrose to carry it for me; I said the Duchess of Montrose was

    Friday 29th September 1848

    turned out & received us most kindly. With some few exceptions the road is barren. From Nevin we drove to Montrose (12 miles) where we got out at the station, waiting for about 20 minutes & got into one of

  • * British Museum Image Collection Database *

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    Baliol surrendering his crown to Edward I, 1830

    Baliol surrendering his crown to Edward I [audience/assembly] John Baliol standing before Edward I, his right hand on heart, his crown on lap of Bishop of Durham.Stipple

    Montrose, Forfarshire., 1822

    Montrose, Forfarshire. View at Montrose, with figures walking along a meandering hillside road in foreground at left, boats in the bay, and in the harbour behind buildings in middle ground at right; long bridge at centre background, hills at right;


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