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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Haresfield Church

    fourth, by Thomas Rudhall , 1779; another was recast in 1846 when a sixth was added. 27 John Rogers of Moat Place (d. 1698) by his will dated 1695 gave Starsmead House as a dwelling for the parish clerk or

    List of illustrations and maps

    's Buildings from the South-east 359 " " " Frog Walk 365 " " " Entrance Court, looking towards the Moat 371 " " " Ground Floor Plan folded plan, facing 372 " " " Chapel Court from the South-west corner

    Haresfield Manors and other estates

    1672 , 8 and in 1680 was described as 'adjoining to the great old stone house and shooting towards the moat'. 9 The house and estate passed to Robert's daughter Elizabeth who married Edward Smith of Nibley ; Elizabeth as

    Editorial note

    East 110 " Bransford Chapel from the South 111 Longdon Church from the South-East Madresfield Court: The East Wing and Moat 118 " Church from the South-West 121 Great Malvern : General View plate facing 124 " " Priory Church

    Parishes Little Horwood

    and beyond on rising ground is a reservoir. There are several outlying farms. The old Moat Farm, now demolished, was surrounded by a homestead moat. 2 Horwood House , in the south of the parish, is a modern building recently

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    7, 8. Treifioi, GUaewia, oberdcfo, 13hwefror17, I. MoSI n Dwyreinil Docs," Cayrdado, CMhifrol' rhanw uphafGorlrew , Babell, Abertawe, Chwreff 9.i Moat 81; ' Laneiliai. Vhwafror 28,-29.: M ~ qao Chwdfrcr 16, 17. e. Ll 4,nlynwydy, Tr~wyvn Uchaf, liydfelJ MFawrth 80, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Llanbrynmair ... ,, 5 26 Casio..,, 8 461. 16s. Od. 32e. od. Llanidloes ........ , 1.0 Caersws ........ 9 2 Moat Bane *. 6 312, l s. Od 30s. Od. Abermule ....,,5 00 Montgomery . ,, 6 5) Forden . Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    entertain of your Quinine Bitters. I have used it extensively whilst travelling n, through the tropics. aud always with the Moat happy iP results. I consider it a very reliable remedy in debility, is especially of the digestive organs, and Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    l2eg aed;- goron, Ellen Jones, Rhnallt; ail, Jarnet Elizabeth Williams, Otanclwyd.-;, trydydd, .Robert Evans, Gaines. - Areithto, Mr. Richard Williams,. Moat gaertBodffari. Sillobu, * Dora Williams,alanciwyd. Canwyd amnywiddasnatr$n rhagoral- yr ystod y cyfaffad gar, Miss Vaughan, Plsa-. each, Trefnant, atii1. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    arr. 7 41 Oswestryerr. 6 .. . dsp. 7 44 .....dsp. 6201 Scafe ....... Laynclys . . . 6 29 Moat Lane Jun. ,.arr. 7 54 Pact ...... . D 1, ....... dep. 8 5 VIanymynech . . 8 4 Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 2, Chapter 3 Ealdgate Ward.

    the Ditch, or Moat ; and these stood until the Reign of King Charles II . But being found incommodious, were all by Command from above ( Sir John Robinson being Lieutenant) pulled down, and the Moat cleansed and enlarged,

    Book 1, Chapter 14 Towers and Castles. Bridewell, Barbican, &c.

    same with a Wall of Stone, and Gates. King Henry the First gave to this Richard, so much of the Moat or Wall of the Castle, on the Thames side to the South, as should be needful to make the

  • * British History Online * *

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    House of Commons Journal Volume 1, 20 February 1606, 20 February 1606-20 February 1606

    first Fruits of our Love, obviis ulnis.- Amantium irae amoris redintegratio. - Exitus primus in intentione, ultimus in executione. No Moat in our Eye, that did not make our Eyes to Water. - A House of Wisdom, Discretion, Providence; free

    Volume G 245, November 1646, 01 November 1646-30 November 1646

    Volume G 245 November 1646 November 1646 Nov. 1. 77 . Order by the Members of Parliament for co. Wilts, who by order of the House of Commons, 6 Oct. 1646, were to receive 3,000 l . out of Subscribers-only content

    Volume 203, June 1659, 11-20, 01 June 1659-30 June 1659

    said goods are said to belong to his late Highness. Banqueting-house in the Mount garden. Cloister court and bowling green. Moat garden. Chapel and ante chapel. His late Highness's kitchen. Room at the end of the wardrobe. Scullery. Controller's kitchen. Subscribers-only content

    Elizabeth, February 1569, 01 February 1569-28 February 1569

    a priest; Hobe Maxwell; Bastyane Barlawe; Gawyne Moat; Eddie Thomsoun; Niek Johnsoun; Dave Falles; Oduar of Tralltrow; the laird of Bellaggen; John Cokburn, person of Skerlyn; William Seirrys, servant to the Queen; Gawan Moat, servant to Lord Herries; John Johnston Subscribers-only content


    (Latin missale .) A Mass-book; a book containing the words of the Mass. Mixon, mixen. A dungheap, a compost heap. Moat. A wide and deep ditch, filled with water, surrounding a castle, for its defence. Molares (Latin.) Grinders, millstones. Morowe


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