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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ADDYSG. FesTOnIOG.-Penodwyd l pwyllgor cynwysed'ig:-,0 WE oddeutu ugain o bersonau- yn y lie hwn'ychydig yn gel ol i ddewis y 3iifer. a benodid o. aelodaiu iffurfio IW' Bvrdd Ysgol i'r, lle, gydea,'r amcan o ,osgoi y blinder | d Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    'GOSOD CAREG SYLFAEN. CAPEL SEISNIG .Y.: R AOSLLNERCRRUGQG. v B IV !- -- - -A; A; n.A M A. Y mae achos Seisnig wedi ei gychvwynhgan'y Method- istisid Calfliaidd yo y lle uchod er'icrynramsserbellach, .ac. O'r diwvedd. peuderfynasant'_ fyn: Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y Go- croAD yr arian a gyfranwyd mar garedlig i gyfarfod .'r neovyn ar Fryniau Cassie, gan bersonau unigol a Mena gvinulledfaoedd. Bnasai adroddiad wedi ei g-hoeddi cyn hyn ond fel y disgwvylid cael manyrlion leilach oddiwrth y cenhadon am Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    EISTEDDF9D GADEIRIOL ABERAYRON. Cynaliwyd yr Eisteddfqd uchod cyddMericher',yr 'y .284ini- cnfsol,0 iei pabel-l gyfeusyAi ddifion i gyawys JI ,dafe4uu 4b000':bdrsonb eiddoATri'lrord a .opkins (C 75` Bfoad Quay, BristbL. Yr oec-dd ydiwrnod yn-bur ys ddidyonol, r' torfeyddh oedd yns dylifo-i'r Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ... ..eiifV @oedda8 . b ri Mudgin -ag avn;-1 , e -fiiy0dio. In bretenuol ddivdiimi d o edussid -6wtjrejol dogllv Mena fe ~efl,; : 1O y grawn hdb e- nghtaLA.l l -e ,'. Anf r arian. ,gda'T archebionsecytaf. si~g~on-'gb i~t4om Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online *

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    Spain, August 1513, 01 August 1513-31 August 1513

    and afterwards, on the 8th of July, by Pedro Beltrian by land, vi Flanders, and by sea by Lope de Mena, servant of Don Pedro de Urea. Has received no answer from him to all these letters. The most efficacious

    Spain, July 1513, 01 July 1513-31 July 1513

    despatch L. 806. f. 19, as having been sent on the 8th of July by Pedro Beltrian and Lope de Mena. p. 147. The words seems to be Calkelwel. Is it, perhaps, Valkenberg or Fauquembergue, between Calais and Th rouanne?

    Elizabeth, November 1581, 21-30, 01 November 1581-30 November 1581

    of him. The Chevalier d'Orason's brother, lately come from Dauphin , has brought information to the king from 'Duke de Mena' that he has razed the walls of all the towns in Dauphin , saving eleven which he has secured

    Elizabeth, December 1580, 11-20, 01 December 1580-31 December 1580

    'this next day.' Now that peace is concluded, M. de Lanc me is come from Montagut, and the Duke 'di Mena,' the Admiral of France, has put his troops into garrison in the towns of Dauphin , himself remaining at

    Index, L, 01 January 1581-31 December 1582

    son of, with Duke of Tuscany's daughter, 406 mentioned, 414, 423, 619. -, Charles of, Duke of Mayenne, or Maine, 'Mena,' 16 rumour of secret treaty between Lesdigui res and, 62 mentioned, 75, 95, 148 French King entertains, 182 to

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes West Pennard

    and south doors are contemporary with the building. Most of the glass is of the mid 19th century, some by Mena of Paris . 250 There was a wainscotted singers' gallery in the 18th century. 251 The church was 'thoroughly'

    Index A - Z

    rector of Meare , 137 Glanvill , Jos., rector of Street , 192 Glasgow , 185-6 glass stainers , see Mena ; Milner; Ward and Nixon; Willement Glastonbury , 1-4, 6-58 , 8-9, 17, 52 , 59, 82, 120-1, 125,


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