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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Stow cum Quy Education

    1836, but J. T. Martin , the squire, undertook to revive it and build a schoolroom. 92 By 1846 the Martins had provided two rooms, in which a master and mistress whom they paid taught c . 35 boys and

    Papworth Everard Economic history

    farm of c . 193 a. 31 By 1860 the two western farms were combined in the hands of the Martins , who in 1861 worked 588 a. From the late 1870s they occupied all the south part of the

    Stow cum Quy Economic history

    76 About 1800 Corpus Christi claimed sheepwalk for two of the three flocks of 160-180 then permitted. In practice the Martins , its lessees, shared out the sheepwalk between their three or four tenant farmers. 77 The stint for ordinary

    Stow cum Quy Charities for the poor

    £20 left by Henry Bowstick. That sum, probably that supposedly given by a drunken tinker which was later in the Martins ' hands, was by 1800 apparently diverted to schooling. James Martin (d. 1744) left £50 for the poor: no

    Langham Economic history

    c . 1948. In 1968 much of Martins farm, Glebe farm, School farm, Park Lane farm, and Maltings farm were still given over to orchards and soft fruit, 46 but production ended at Martins and Glebe farms before 1976 ,

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes of Marters.

    This blessedHildegardis whose prophecy this is, florished about the yere of our Lord, a M.C.xlvi. as it is wrytten in Martins chronicles.AlsoHugo in his second boke of sacraments, in the second part 3. chapter and 7. saith, Hugo de sacramētis

    K. Edward. 1. The letter of the French bishops to the pope.

    these noble men beyng present the Lordes of Auia and Bolone the Lordes Martins & other earles named afore, Mathew Dotera, Peter the Lord chāberlate, Philip the Lord of Wirtmes, and Henry of Bolone knight and also master Philip archdeacon

    K. Edward.1. The letter of the French byshops to the Pope.

    the dayes of thursday and friday aforesaid these noble men being present the Lordes of Auia and Bolone the Lordes Martins and other earles named afore, Mathew Dotera, Peter the Lord chamberlate, Philip þe Lord of Wirtmes, and Henry of

    K. Henry. 8. Persecution in Germanie. Henry Voes, Iohn Esch, Martyrs.

    easily allured and perswaded.Henry Sutphen preacheth at Breme. He made his first Sermon vnto the people, the Sonday before saint Martins day. When the people heard hym preache the woorde of God so sincerely, they desired hym againe the seconde

    K. Richard. 2. The Prophesy of Hildegardis. Hugo. Tythes. Almes.

    blessed Hildegardis whose prophecy this is, flourished about the yeare of our Lord a 1546. as it is wrytten in Martins chronicles.Also Hugo in his second boke of sacraments, in the 2. parte, 3. Hugo de sacramentis part. 2. chapter

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Pompeii) gyda La Aglia del .Reggimetrt. n Erfyziaf barhado'r no ifar ag a ddsugosid i'm rhag. rg flgenor. Mare Quijtu Martins (perebenog y clhworen. mi dy ya sdeg y dinyatr yn .y fwyddyn 79), a dymunaf s hysbysu y;eyboedd y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    .1 llf*tloff NP-RAOXCOPT.." tt. Ma .y dyddordeb mewn foZA-Zpre yn mynaed s gynydd yjihob oyfeiriad. EHysbyea perohenogion J I Nev6aitle S Cm-iicle gyfres o gyfrolan yu cylnyoS. t dethblidon.'o'r -ohwrdl&a,. traddodiadau, &o., a ymi- ddaugoaas~t yAy newyddiadur yn ystud: Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    in whihhl tle royalists were aided by the sailors of' ilieckading squadron, and that the iisurgentas wer' soleo- Plntelv routed. Martins liad led to thle intevior, and sorigo of Ihis associates wtere killed" f I I I l 1 4 Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    nT'JE$DAY'8 miN-DON G4ZETTI. BANKRUPTCY ENLARGED. XV Mtcrnichael, Fieet-street, c4rpet-manufactrer, fror JacIr . vto April 1". BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. iR. M (1 L lhty :Mr~ind''e ocztol.n-:.rnvtfct'.ret% s Pu'sost, Aclalcies.tcr, &A. Nizt{HUPTS. J Y. Coop- r Dalston, i ;Ut: re}.t-t. AttorniesC S Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    John Lloyd Baker, of Hardwick-court, Esq. J~erefordshire-William Chute Hfayton, of Moreton-court, Esq. .hertfordshire-Patrick Hadow, of Colney Chapel, Esq. Kent-Fiennes Wykehamw Martins of Leeds Castle, Esq. Lekestershire-Edmulnd Major, of Blahy, REqg. Lincoleshire,-Wiliuam Edward Tomline, of Rihy-grove, Esq. Mossonsoutshsir-Johfn Partridge, ofMsonmouth, Eq. Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    17 December 1788, 17 December 1788

    Nomine Regio firmiter obfervandam populo, qui aderat, Convocato fecimus praiconizari, " Dominica autem proximä, in Fefto beati Edmundi Regis et Martins, cum Honore & Sollempnitate, qua decuif, Corpus fuum in Ecclefia Weftmonaft' ante magnam altare, traditum fuerant Sepulturas. " Et, Subscribers-only content

    5 March 1829, 5 March 1829

    Eton in sh, & rton on Hill: Martins, brd : habitants Abingdon. ayor, &c. of )ins;don : tansfield : St. Davids, Pembroke: Troston and Thorpe by Ixworth, in the County of Suffolk, whose Names are thereunto subscribed ; severally praying Subscribers-only content

    16 March 1831, 16 March 1831

    1 GuL. IV. 16° Maria. 329 Distillers in « preventing Smuggling, and of saving the Petitioners SOrSin " an4 man^ Hundreds in Scotland from Ruin:" It is Ordered, That the said Petition do lie on the Table. Upon reading Subscribers-only content

    7 June 1832, 7 June 1832

    et al. Respondents Petition to lodge their Case, referred to Appeal Com<*. Privy Seal, &c. Bill. Customs Wharfs Sale Bill. Martins Leave to present a Petition for a Bill: Petition referred to Judges. Warwick Road Bill. Adjourn. It is Ordered, Subscribers-only content

    4 July 1832, 4 July 1832

    832. 3 IV. 4° Julii. 353 Napier v. Goldie et al. Appellant's Petition for Time for his Case, referred to Appeal Comee. Martins' Petition to change Re- ference to the Judge?. Hamilton v. Bennet et al. Frank's Estate Bill, Subscribers-only content


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