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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 4, Chapter 1 Borough of Southwark. The Marshalsea.

    within the Marshalsea , issued forth with their Daggers drawn, and Basti- Marshalsea in Southwark . Sailors break up the Marshalsea . Rebels of Kent break up the Marshalsea . Occurrences there. Upon committing a Feltmaker to the Marshalsea ,

    Book 4, Chapter 1 Bridge Ward without. St. Georges Parish, Streets, &c.

    by Beggars. BALDWINS COURT, a pretty open Place, well Built, and Inhabited, for its Entrance hath a narrow dark Marshalsea Prison. Marshalsea Court. Kings Bench Prison. Abuses here. Counter Prison Clink Prison. Benefactors to these Prisons. St. Margarets Hill. Windmil

    Book 1, Chapter 22 Gresham-College.

    of the poor Prisoners in the Prisons, known by the Names of Newgate , Ludgate , the King's Bench, the Marshalsea , and the Counter in Woodstreet , 50l. in Money, or other Provisions and Necessaries; Viz. to every of

    Book 1, Chapter 27 MORDEN College. The Founder's Will.

    the same. Gives 200l. to be laid out by his Executrix, to discharge Prisoners out of the King's Bench Prison, Marshalsea , Fleet and Ludgate , and both the Counters: Not paying above 3l. to any one. And also 100l.

    Book 3, Chapter 1 [St. Thomas Apostles.] Vintrie Ward.

    Preacher at Pauls Cross, and at the Spittle, four pence for ever; To the Prisoners of Newgate , Ludgate , Marshalsea , and Kings Bench, in Victuals, ten shillings at Christmas and ten shillings at Easter for ever; which Legacies

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Quene Mary. Persecution in Sußex. Examination of Richard VVoodman, Martyr.

    shal dispatch them for troublyng the countrey any more.Richard Woodman caryed to the Marshalsey.And so I was brought to the Marshalsea, where I now am mery God be praysed therefore) lookyng for iudgement of my fleshe: for they intende to

    Book 6, page 1664 (1563)

    go cal M. Story. let him do wt hym what he will. He hath bene with his fellowes in the Marshalsea, & nowe he is worse then he was before. I had some hope in him the other day, but

    Queene Mary. Persecution in Sussex. The troubles & examinatiō of Rich. VVoodmā, Martyr.

    Lord, what an hereticke is thys same? Why heare you hym? Sende him to prison to his fellows in the Marshalsea, and they shalbe dispatched within these xij. dayes.Wood. When I heard him say so, I reioysed greatly in my

    Actes and Monumentes of the church.

    Lord, what an heretike is this same? Why heare you him? Send him to pryson, to his fellowes in the Marshalsea, & they shalbe dispatched within these. xii. dayes.wood. When I heard him say so, I reioyced greatly in my

    Actes and Monumentes of the church.

    al hys fellowes, and we shal dispatch them for troublinge the country any more.And so I was brought to the Marshalsea, where I now am mery (God be praysed therfore) looking for iudgement ofmy flesh. For they intende to dispatche

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    PARKER, Henry I (c.1608-81), of Oldhall, East Bergholt, Suff.

    1660; recorder, Orford 1669-d.; commr. for recusants, Suff. 1675; searcher of customs, Sandwich 1678-d. Ofifces Held Jt. marshal of the Marshalsea 1661-d. Biography Parker, a practising lawyer, acquired the manor of Oldhall by his first marriage. A Presbyterian and a

    HIRNANS, Andrew, of 'Hyrnans', Cornw.

    was as a result of this that during the winter of 1420-1 he spent some time in the Fleet and Marshalsea prisons. Not long after, in July 1421, a royal commission was directed to Sir William Talbot* and the sheriff

    OVERDO, John, of Appleby, Westmld.

    point before May 1397, John was outlawed for failing to appear in court when being sued by William Hovingham for trespass, although he surrendered himself into the custody of the Marshalsea in London, and was duly accorded a royal pardon.[footnote]

    GAGE, John (by 1537-98), of Firle, Suss.

    he was committed to the Fleet with William Shelley for ‘obstinacy’ in popery, while his brother Edward languished in the Marshalsea. He procured his own release on bonds, but was confined to a house in London, with occasional visits to

    CREKING, John (d.c.1405), of Canterbury, Kent.

    later, and in March 1383 he joined others in standing bail under pain of £1,000 for a prisoner in the Marshalsea. He was one of six citizens of Canterbury who in February 1386 successfully negotiated with the Crown for a

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Ashington Roman Catholicism

    accused of complicity in Somerville's plot against the queen and of uttering seditious speeches. By 1585 he was in the Marshalsea prison, 91 and in 1592 though released he had been disarmed. 92 In 1594 he was reported to be

    Medieval Gloucester Town government and the achievement of liberties

    bring an action of novel disseisin against two burgesses before the assize justices 36 and again in 1407 when the Marshalsea court meeting at Cheltenham claimed to hear cases involving Gloucester burgesses. 37 The importance attached to freedom from external

    The borough of Southwark Borough

    pleas of the Marshalsea of the royal household and all courts of the king and his heirs which had place in the town, 117 together with the house for the safe keeping of the prisoners of the Marshalsea . The

    Hospitals St John the Baptist , Bridgwater

    pardoned his outlawry which he had drawn upon himself by fleeing from justice in that he had surrendered to the Marshalsea prison, and on 28 March 1383 a much more notorious popular leader of discontent, Thomas Engilby, was also pardoned.

    County government 1530-1660

    the marshals. 128 The money in this case was to be provided by the Treasurer for the King's Bench and Marshalsea , who was at least partly responsible for providing funds for the upkeep of the gaol. He worked apparently

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    Table of contents, 11 June 1735

    Manor of Sudbury Act (37) 36 A Report Relating to the Fleet Prison (38) 37 A Report Relating to the Marshalsea (39) 39 Mr. Bambridge's Case MS section (40) 40 Margaret Goddard estate. MS copy of bill (41) 41 " Subscribers-only content

    21 June 1819, 21 June 1819

    lie on the Table. Upon reading the Petition of the Prisoners confined Petition of for Debt in the Four Courts Marshalsea of the City ^ebj?rs in of Dublin, whose Names are thereunto subscribed, üublm GaoL complaining of their Distress, and Subscribers-only content

    12 July 1819, 12 July 1819

    to the County Gaols and Bridewells, " " are given to The Lord Lieutenant, in regard to " " the Marshalsea of the Four Courts : For the Pur- '« " pose of securing the Execution of the Act, it Subscribers-only content

    12 July 1819, 12 July 1819

    Two Bridewells: Of'the Debtors Gaols, the " Four Courts Marshalsea is the principal one, but " it has many Defects, and is too small; and the " Sheriff's Prison and City Marshalsea are both dis- '.' gracefully bad : The Subscribers-only content

    27 June 1820, 27 June 1820

    with the Amendments, be ingrossed. Upon reading the Petition of the Uncertified Bankrupts Petition of confined in the Four Court Marshalsea, in the City of Uncertified Dublin, on behalf of themselves and other fellow Prisoners similarly situated, and confined in Subscribers-only content

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ma :~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I: i ~ ; -LXY-Y .. A 41 As if Frfe' a nibbisli: cart hicoltinually increasing and ever- hapeless mass of LW iP e m tdown u t e;F rekga-lef ttdpick ou t wltiatb'ielgs to hin. Th Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    hios, " andl points at them for his.'? The secrnd is atnL old mran, 1 a' close pkisorier in thre Marshalsea for a debit beieyole-catly contracted to serve a friend." " A third is live the for- mer;" and with Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ordered 'to be printedi and it was ordered that liTts of the ees paid in the Fleet, Klieg's Bench, and Marshalsea ?r'lOr, be laid before the Hufllxe. OFFICE OGE WORKS-qIEGAL RAP.EE-SHOW. Mr. VfL Nsre ARr moved for leave t@aTing ig Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    sentenee of the Court to be, that the detendant tbe comuntted to t he custody of the Marshal of the Marshalsea of the Court, for twelve calendar months. THE KI-NrG i. ftKERn: The AnToater-GErNteaRL moved for the sentence of the Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    higha indiidcsauls, who 'were supposed to pzirtieipate i tlhe Gaol Fees of the Pri- sons of the King's Bench, Fleet, Marshalsea, and Palace Court, those prisons wvere excepted and excllded from the operation of the Act, the mllotion was unanimously Subscribers-only content

  • * The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online, 1674-1913 *

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    Ordinary's Account, /17/0180

    had been in prison once "for madness,"this his wife explained to me, to be no other than the marshalsea , where he was confined for debt, and kept his long fast in the manner before mentioned; she also related, that

    Ordinary's Account, 11/07/1764

    but was cast in this also, and a fresh execution granted against him; so that he was confined in the Marshalsea for six or seven weeks, till the payment of the groats failing he was discharged, and then began to

    Ordinary's Account, 31/05/1718

    same time clapt upon him, and no Money, nor Credit, nor Bail to give in, he was carried to the Marshalsea , where he continued a Prisoner some time; so that when the next Sessions call'd for his Service, he

    Ordinary's Account, 13/11/1752

    not say positively, whether it was so or not. After this, he was again taken up, and confined in the Marshalsea for some Time, from which Confinement, he and his Friends thought to release him, by taking him before a

    Ordinary's Account, 17/12/1684

    Day, and by his Excess had deeply run himself into Debr, upon this he was cast a Prisoner into the Marshalsea , where he continued for a long time, and was relieved by the Charity of several Worthy Persons, yet

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    no name is given

    27 Dec. 1752. Erased: Became No. 13, 27 Dec. 1752. Notes (1): Last entry December 1757. Declared vacant 6 December 1758. Meeting Places Marshalsea Tap House, Marshalsea, Southwark, London 1752 Tiger's Head, Borough, London 1753 Black Bull, Borough, London 1754


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