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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Hospitals St John the Baptist , Malmesbury

    Hospitals St John the Baptist , Malmesbury 29. THE HOSPITAL OF ST . JOHN THE BAPTIST , MALMESBURY The date of the foundation of this hospital is unknown, but it apparently incorporated an ancient chapel said, according to tradition in

    Hospitals St Mary Magdalene , Malmesbury

    Hospitals St Mary Magdalene , Malmesbury 30. THE HOSPITAL OF ST . MARY MAGDALENE, MALMESBURY This hospital is mentioned in an undated charter commemorating the deeds of Walter Loring, Abbot of Malmesbury ( 1208-22 ). 1 During Walter's abbacy a


    the Conquest Malmesbury was as developed as any town in Wiltshire , and the two hundreds which later merged as Malmesbury hundred probably contained as many villages to the square mile as any other in the county. Malmesbury stands on

    Malmesbury hundred

    farm to Malmesbury abbey. 10 Because the grant was of Malmesbury and three hundreds, and in the period 1226-8 the third hundred was called Malmesbury , 11 it has been suggested that there was an earlier urban Malmesbury hundred, but

    Parishes Westport

    W.R.O. 88/5/18 . Above, Malmesbury , manors. Ibid.;W.R.O., tithe award. W.R.O., G 7/515/9. Above, Malmesbury , manors. Ibid.; P.R.O., PROB 11/ 1609 , f. 232. W.R.O., tithe award. Ibid. 622/1; above, Malmesbury , manors. Above, Malmesbury , manors, local govt.

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    CORBYN, Thomas.

    CORBYN, Thomas. Constituency Dates Malmesbury Mar. 1416 Malmesbury 1417 Biography Unidentified.

    FROUD, Thomas.

    FROUD, Thomas. Constituency Dates Malmesbury 1395 Biography Unidentified.

    RANDOLF, John.

    RANDOLF, John. Constituency Dates Malmesbury Apr. 1414 Biography Unidentified.

    STENYSHAM, Richard.

    STENYSHAM, Richard. Constituency Dates Malmesbury 1415 Biography Unidentified.

    BLANKPAYN, William, of Malmesbury, Wilts.

    BLANKPAYN, William, of Malmesbury, Wilts. Constituency Dates Malmesbury Jan. 1390 Malmesbury 1393 Malmesbury 1394 Malmesbury Jan. 1397 Malmesbury Sept. 1397 Biography Blankpayn was assessed at 1s. towards Malmesbury's contribution to the poll tax of 1379, when he was described as

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 4, Chapter 7 The Parish of St. Clements.

    that House were slain by the Danes, whose Bodies were buried in a Place near to the old Monastry. William Malmesbury saith, They burnt the Church, together with the Monks and Abbot; but the Danes continuing in their Fury (throughout

    Book 5, Chapter 1

    A SURVEY OF THE CITY of LONDON . BOOK. V. Containing an Account of the GOVERNMENT, and Governours, of the said CITY; Its Corporations and Trades; Its Laws, Orders, and Customs; and Militia. CHAP. I. The Government of the

    Book 6, Chapter 2 The Monastery of St. PETER.

    Wife to Henry the Fifth , Cæsar Augustus, and Mother to King Henry the Second . This Queen (as Wil. Malmesbury avoweth) every Day in the Lent Time went to Westminster , barefoot and barelegged, and wearing a Garment of

    Preface 5 The Life of JOHN STOW.

    viz. In written Hand, saith that Author to the Reader, I had Gildas Sapiens, alias, Nennius, Henry Huntington , William Malmesbury , Marianus Scotus, Ralph Cogshall, John Eversden , Nicolas Trivet , Florentius Vigorniensis, Simon of Durham , Roger Hoveden,

    Book 2, Chapter 8 Cornhil Ward. St. Peters

    Westminster to be the place, where Lucius builded his Church, upon the Ruines of that * Flamine, 264. Yeeres (as Malmesbury saith) before the comming of the Saxons, and 411. before the arrivall of Augustine. Read also his Appendix in

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ffansio mai penglog noeth oedd ganddo, a dychrynais yn ang. hyffredin, fel y methais ag aros i wrandaw ar laril Malmesbury,. Arglwydd Stratford de Redcliffe, ac a Ardalydd Salisbury yn siarad, a phrysurais i Dy ay Cyfredin i glywed Syr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    apwyntiad 1Mr. Disraeli yn l BrH Weinidog yn Chwetror, 1868, Arglwydd Cairns gefodd ei le. Wediymninldihd'larll Derby, acerthyl- iad Iarll Malmesbury fel blaenoryrArglwyddi lhory- ,aidd, ymgymerodd Arglwydd'Cairns a.'r: 'orcbwyl . a o'u harwain, ac ymddygodd yn ddoeth ryfeddal yn nygiad Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yr Arglwyddi prydnawn dydd Llun, yr d 1-leg9-.7 gofynodd larll Malmesbury i'r Ysgrifenydd Tiramor am hysbysrwydd ynghylch y newyddion I rhyfelgar o'r Cyfandir. Y mae larll Mahnesbury wedihanu o deulu o'r enw,'Harris, un o ba rai a .'ddaeth i gysyiltiad Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a Prwssia, ac ymhen ychfydig wedi i'r Axglwydd Gang- - h'ellydd gymeryd ei eisteddle ar, y sach-wlan,' gofyn- odd Ardalydd Malmesbury i Arglwydd Granville a oedd wedi derbyn hysbysiad swyddogol fad Ffrainc - *edi cyhoeddi rhyfel yn erbyn Prwsia.-Dywedodd yn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    siarad yn gyffelyb gan' eraill -gwrthowoy y cyn~ygiad trwy. fwyafrif ao 170 i 60. TY YR AEGLYDDI, Dytld Mawrth,-Gofynodd NMri Malmesbury a oedd y papyrau yr addawyd en dwyn 1 ymlaen yu barod beddyw.-Dywedodd larll Granville r ei fod yn Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    29 December 1788, 29 December 1788

    Jovis, primum diem Januarii, jam prox. fequen. horä undecima Au¬ roras, Dominis fie decernentibus. Carlisle. Norfolk, E. M. Rawdon. Cardiff. Malmesbury. Clifton. KlNNAIRD. Chedworth. Loughborough. Portland. Devonshire. Derby. Chr. Bristol. " Maynard. " Cassillis. " Breadalbane. " AUDLEY. " Hay. Subscribers-only content

    23 January 1789, 23 January 1789

    (c scarbrough. " Portland. " Wentworth Fitzwil- " LLAM. " Foley. " Huntingdon. " Buckingham. tc Egremont. £c PONSONBY. " Malmesbury. ft Sondes. " MoNTFORT." « DISSENTIENT firths 2d, 3d, and 4th Reafons, " St. Alban's." " DISSENTIENT for the Subscribers-only content

    31 May 1798, 31 May 1798

    or Enfigns;" to which they defire the Concurrence of this Houfe. A Meffage was brought from the Houfe of Commons, Malmesbury by Mr. Heathcote and others : Paving Bill. With a Bill, intituled, " An Acl for paving the Footways, Subscribers-only content

    19 January 1819, 19 January 1819

    Comes Harcourt. Comes De Lawarr. Comes Bathurst. Comes Ailesbury. Comes Abergavenny. Comes Grosvenor. Comes Digby. Comes Carnarvon. Comes Liverpool. Comes Malmesbury. Comes O'Neil, Comes Limerick. Ds. Zouche. Ds. Clifton. Ds. Saltoun. Ds. Gray. Ds. Sinclair. Ds. Colville of Cul- ross. Subscribers-only content

    21 January 1819, 21 January 1819

    E. Harcourt. E. De Lawarr. E. Baihurst. E. Ailesbury. E. Abergavenny, E. Grosvenor. E. Digby. E. Carnarvon. E. Liverpool. E. Malmesbury. E. O'Neil. E. Limerick. E. Mulgrave. E. Brownlow. E. St. Germans. V. Torrington. V. Sydney. V. Hood. V. Duncan. Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Thursday 2nd December 1852

    Heard this morning from Ld Malmesbury that Ld Cowley had entirely failed in obtaining the official assurance relation to the No III, which had been given unofficially. He now suggests having his Despatch verified; this Malmesbury thinks is the only

    Tuesday 28th December 1852

    omit mentioning that Ld Malmesbury told us, that Ct Walewski, with that pertinacity peculiar to him, had again talked about this marriage project, - determined that some one should be sent to Ernest Hohenlohe, & Ld Malmesbury thinks it quite

    Wednesday 9th June 1852

    them a little while. They, as well as Mama, & those in the annexed list dined. The Buccleuchs Argylls, Normanbys, Malmesbury , Lds John manners & Stanley & the Duke of Newcastle are staying in the house till the 11th.

    Friday 30th June 1854

    Upton dined. The Duke of Atholl sat next to me. The Duchess has been in waiting since the 21rst & Malmesbury told me much the same as the Duke of Newcastle had, regarding the state of the Empr of Russia

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    St. Aldhelms Lodge

    2888 Meeting Places Masonic Hall, Silver Street, Malmesbury, Cotswolds , England 1960 Meeting place not known 1902 Masonic Hall, Silver Street, Malmesbury, Cotswolds, England 1959 Bell Hotel, Malmesbury, Cotswolds, England 1903 Town Hall, Malmesbury, Cotswolds, England 1947 Bull Hotel ,


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