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  • * British History Online * *

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    House of Commons Journal Volume 6, 10 July 1651, 10 July 1651-10 July 1651

    Gower, Wallicana Gower, Swanley, Kilvey supra Boscos, sub Boscos, Oystermouth, Pennard, Lougher, Kyshall alias Kitle, Trewithvah alias Tryveda , and Lunnon alias Elston , with their and every of their Rights, Members, and Appurtenances, in the County of Glamorgan ;

    July 1651, An Act for the sale of several Lands and Estates forfeited to the Commonwealth for Treason., 16 July 1651-16 July 1651

    Lordships of Anglicana Gower, Wallicana Gower, Swansey, Kilvey, Supraboscos, Subboscos, Oystermouth, Pennard, Lougher, Kythal alias Kitle, Trewithrah alias Triveday and Lunnon alias Ilston, with their and every of their Rights, Members and Appurtenances in the County of Glamorgan; and also

    Index of names and places, I, J

    (Ilmister), co. Somerset, ii. 631. Ilsington (Islington), co. Devon, parsonage of, ii. 1021. Ilsley , John, i. 540. Ilston alias Lunnon, co. Glamorgan, manor and lordship of, ii. 544. Imokilly (Ymokilly), Barony of, co. Cork, forfeited lands in, ii. 726.

    Index, L

    London, gent., 11 (ii). Lulleshull. See Lilleshall. Lullingstone , Lyllyngston, Kent, 962 (vi). Lunatics . See Law and administration . Lunnon , Lunon [in Ilston, Glam. ] , lordship, 860. Lupton , (master) Roger, clerk, 714, 726, 759. Luscotes , Subscribers-only content

    Index, H,I

    See Yerder. Illyngton. See Hillingdon. Ilmer , Bucks, manor, 436. Ilsley , East, Estyllesley, Berks, manor, 937. Ilston , Glam., Lunnon lordship in, 860. Imworth alias Clements [in Egham ] , Surrey, manor, 365. Ince in Makerfield , Inse [in Subscribers-only content

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Dover , Thos., Ld. Lucy, Wal. de, Abbot of Battle, Luke , Alice, see Stalbroke; Wm., Lungevill' , Thos. de, Lunnon , Ric., Luther , Amy, Ant. (fl. 1580), Ant. (d. 1627), Ant. (d. 1665), Charlotte m. Hen. Fane, Charlotte,

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    knaw'd all about Lunnon tricks." The country- man admitted that be was quite wide awake on these matters. " Bee'st thee," said the other, shaking him by the hand, "C then as I never was in Lunnon afore, and knows Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Lord's day.. But I canna tell. It's no for me to judge what's best, for I'm no the Bishop o' Lunnon, but only the Lttrick Shepherd.-Baechweod's Edinburgh Maegziae. I The cause of rain is thus accounted for by Hutton and Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    HoENRY iIIATIEW AND GEORGE CRUIRSHAIIE. I hest ohf my clogs, hung kelt cosoat on a pin, And trudgad up tC Lunnon thri' thck ani thro' thin And heoring r dddlers-froid fwks-I'e meende free To thrust mysel in your divarshon to Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    for weedur's sak', to "keep the lattle boy from a' sike scoondrels while there's a "harse to hoold in a' Lunnon or a goother to lie asleep 'in! " We learn also that Mr Dickens having said in a former Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a comed to the 'All; I done my duty by Squoire an' I done my duty by all. Squoire's in Lunnon, an' summun I reckons 'ull 'a to wroite, For who's to howd the lond ater meai thot muddles ma Subscribers-only content

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    Conversation between George Smith and Bill Hodge, about the London Demonstration, July 21st, 1884., 1884

    gammon. Now, Bill, what are you going to do if the Lords don't care about your little lark up to Lunnon and your bands and flags B.-Why, we'll agitate and have meetings, and shew 'em the People will have their Subscribers-only content

    Thames Iron Works quarterly gazette. Vol. VI, no. 23. June 1900., 1900

    packed an' reeking when the summer 'eat is 'ere, With this cool an' dustless 'igh road, all neglected, lying near. Lunnon 's feerly stocked with wonders, but the biggest on the shelves Is the mutton-'eaded pytience of us Lunnoners ourselves.' Subscribers-only content

    Phases of distress: Lancashire rhymes, 1864

    aw've yeard an' seen, An' when thea knows thea'll say so too. Aw larnt to-day whoile aw'r i'th' teawn, An' ev'ry body knows it theer, Ut folk i' Lunnon yon are beawn To send us brass to help us here. Subscribers-only content

    Gooin to Cyprus, 1850

    everybody i'th' fowt; an' when yo' come back, for t' five o' what yo'n gotten, we'n welcome yo' like Lord Baconsfielt, an'-an'-what's he co'ed, his mon Friday, wur welcomed i' Lunnon . (Three cheers for Lord Baconsfielt.) Talkin abeaut Lord Subscribers-only content

    The barber's shop, 1856

    for a bawbee, a' your days again. Twenty thousand pound! twenty thousand pound! My bread's baken! I'm gaun up to Lunnon the morn.' 'Ay, Richie, that's fortunate, we wad like to see't.' ' O weel, I wat ye may see't, Subscribers-only content

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