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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Henry. 6. Persecution in Suffolke and Northfolke for the truth.

    holy doctor: and that the best doctor after him was William Euerden, whiche wrought with the sayde William Taylour, of Ludney by the space of one moneth, and that the first Sonday of the same moneth, the sayd William EuerdenWilliam

    K. Henry. 6. Persecution in Northfolke and Suffolke.

    ministers vsed the poore Christians there in prison.W. Taylour of Ludney.Also the sayd VVilliam VVright deposed that VVilliam Taylor of Ludney was one of the secte, and went to London with Syr Hue Pye, and had conuersation often tymes with

    K. Henry. 6. Persecution in Northfolke and Southfolke.

    the Byshop and hys ministers vsed the poore Christians there in prison.W. Taylour of Ludney. Also the sayde William Wright, deposed that William Tayloir of Ludney was one of the secte, and went to Lōdon wyth Syr Hue Pye, and

    Book 4, page 401 (1563)

    shalbe more at large declared in þe history whē we come to þe yeare. Sir Hugh Pye, also, chaplaine of Ludney in þe dioces of Norwich, was likewise accused and brought before the bishop of Norwich the. of Iuly

    Actes and Monumentes Of the Churche.

    conuycte, was forced to abiure and suffred like penāce as thother before had done.¶ Thomas Moone of Ludney.THomas Moone of Ludney, was apprehended and attached for suspition of heresye, agaynste whome were obiected by the bishop, the articles before wrytten,

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Alien houses The priory of Covenham

    The Lindsey Survey, c . 1115, states that the monks held 3 carucates of land in Covenham and 1 in Ludney . Ibid. and Pat. 31 Edw. I , m. 18. Ibid. Linc. Epis. Reg. Rolls of Grosteste. Ibid. Rolls

    Parishes Kingstone

    1413 to have held a carucate in Ludney as parcel of Cudworth manor, may perhaps have been a descendant. 79 John Browne of Frampton (Dors.), owner of a freehold messuage and land in Ludney in 1563 , formerly held by

    Parishes Dowlish Wake

    west to Ilminst er , east to Ludney , and south-east to Chillington . Formerly more important roads cut or skirted the extremities of the parish: a section of Oldway Lane between Ludney and Cudworth marks the line either of

    Houses of Cluniac monks The priory of Bromholm

    of this cross at the beginning of the fifteenth century. He states that one Sir Hugh Pie , chaplain of Ludney , was accused before the bishop of Norwich on 5 July, 1424 , for holding that people ought not

    Parishes Chillington

    Chillington Down sugges t that the Foss ran on or near the line of the Dinnington-Windwhistle route rather than via Ludney Lane and Oldway Lane through Cudworth . 4 The main settlement in the parish is known as Lower Chillington

  • * British History Online * *

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    Index, L

    , lordship, 860. Louth , Lincs, Ludney, Louthney, in, 663. Louthe , Lowthe, Thomas, gent., of Sawtry, 11 (xiii). -, William, of London, 387. -, -, -, goldsmith, 619. Louther. See Lowther. Louthney. See Ludney. Love , Giles, gent., of Subscribers-only content

    Index, L, 01 September 1546-31 January 1547

    (a.d. 1515), ii. g. 773 i. Ludlowe , Thos., i. 414, 1503: g. 1537 (25). Ludnam , Kent. See Luddenham. Ludney , Linc., ii. g. 476 (85). Ludstone , Salop, i. g. 1537 (25). Luen , John de. See Liane.

    Henry VIII, November 1546, 21-30, 01 November 1546-30 November 1546

    Haverholme priory . Lands in tenure of Thos. Williamson in Kyrnyngton, Linc., Nonnecotton . Lands in the meadows and in Ludney fen within Garnethorp e parish, Linc., in tenure of ( blank ) and lands in Garnethorpe in tenure of

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    ELLIS, Thomas (1569-1627), of Wyham, Lincs.

    of Wyham, his inquisition post mortem shows that he owned the manor and advowson of Conisholme, and land in Ludborough, Ludney, Great Ponton, North and South Somercotes. He was buried at Grantham and was succeeded by his son Thomas. A

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the prisoner is Lewis, of Ludney, Gloucestershire. He is only 19 years of age, and has already spent live years in a re- formatory and prison. He was first convicted and whipped for felony at Ludney in 1873. Charge of Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Pump.- Misses Poulton, Misses E. Turner, Miss Spurge, Miss L. King, Mrs. C. Soulton. Rummage.- Mrs. Seabrook, Mrs. Goodchild, Miss Ludney, Miss Beaumont, Mr. Simmons, Mr. Humphrey. Mr. C. H. Kempton had charge of a weighing machine, which was well Subscribers-only content

    Daily Advertiser, TUESDAY JANUARY 17 1792

    Lauid, in tlse Tenure of MrI. Thonusas Hlarvey ; and altb tw;o rday Clotes of rich Marill Lanud, fituaste in Ludney, in thti P'arifls of' Gainflhs'rpre, contrailsing by Eftlinmatin fix Acres, us the'Tentivc of Mr. John Biggale, Rent, a~nounting to61, Subscribers-only content

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