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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Appendix 1, Chapter 11 Camberwell.

    had ten Sons and three Daughters. When twenty Years and ...... Days were spent In Wedlock Bands , and loyal Loves Delights; November 12 day then she was content This World to leave, and give to God his Right: Her

    Book 1, Chapter 31 Entertainment of K. Charles I.

    with your dearest Consort, our good and gracious QUEEN; and with those blessed Children, that are the Fruits of your Loves , and Pledges to us of a fruitful and hopeful Succession. I can truly say this from the Representative

    Book 3, Chapter 8 [St. Pauls.] Faringdon Ward within. [Monuments.]

    Crost, high born, in Spirit and Vertue high; Approv'd, belov'd, a Knight, stout Mars his Mate, Loves Fire, Warres Flame, in Heart, Head, Hand, and Eie: Which Flame, Warres Comet, Grace now so resignes, That fixt in Heaven, in Heaven

    Appendix 1, Chapter 12 Stepney.

    of Stone, For his well-gotten Fame to rest upon: But this was rear'd to testify that he Lives in their Loves , that yet surviving be. For unto Vertue, which first rais'd his Name, He left the Preservation of the

    Book 3, Chapter 12 [St. Sepulchres.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

    Then Marble keepe to all Posterity, Her Lives deare memory, Upon whose Urne And to her Obsequies (O, obsequiously) In Loves sweet Odours Hearts shall ever burne. And let each Christian Heart joyne with my Pen, T'imbalme her Vertues in

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    mae yet hyrydiwell gesyin ddeall oddiwrth y Cacnbs'idgye Imsdependent, fad ain cydwiadierane Mr s R. J. Griffiths, awdwr "Between two Loves," o "Bartle Jolu Beotbers," ., redi ecll, trwy gystadl- L- etacetih agroue(, Si7vrshij yn Nghloleg Sydnsey, Sussex, a ( Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Mr. Bousfield, Bouverie- street. J. Constantine, Crook-mill, Westmoreland, M. Robinson, West. house, Yorkdhire, and A. Tyson, Crook-mill, flaxt-spiiineis. Attornies, Messrs. Loves a nd Cowbarn, flare-court, remnl,. J. Davies, Llansainifraid, Denbighahire, spirit-dealer. Attn en, Mr. Bird, LiverpooL 3. Hinde, Livetpool, money-scrivener. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the im as Ckionzcl of thiM day, there is also a document, which shewS tkei;miaerable o n fd 9t the Loves nor, P' less tatn the pettvlegg'i spijrst of his Ceniployers. For tdis said Governor a saig mons I and Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    as wooed by tain : she has sotihing of the coquet in her; for she Hfls with many, and seldom loves, one. Air. Kents has certainly not perfected any thinr yet bio ito n- 'he pouwer, we think-, Vvhthi l Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Origen ; norB l or Archihp Parker, nor Whitgift. 'Thou co est attended with thousands and tea thousands of little Loves, and the air is l 4ruh'd with the hiss of rustling Wings. Singing Cupids are thy choristers and thy Subscribers-only content

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    The young man's crown: an address to young men., 1889

    with majestic pace, Forth from the dome th ' imperial goddess moves, And calls the Mother of the Smiles and Loves . " Here is another description of a bride, by Lord Porchester :- " In sport unbound, In reckless Subscribers-only content

    Miscellaneous poems of that noble of nature, Thomas Paine., 1850

    tree groves, I had all that enchantment has told ; I had sweet shady walks for the Grods and then- Loves , I had mountains of coral and gold. But a storm that I felt not, had risen and roll Subscribers-only content

    Joe Jenkins on the great crisis: a labourers' views on home rule., 1892

    . A Norfolk Labourer ' s First Peep, at the World. Od. DAISY DIMPLE : Her Loves and her Lovers. 6d. ' MIGGS ' S TRIP TO THE SEASIDE. A Country " Woman ' s First Peep at the Subscribers-only content

    With the "Red Vans"., 1897

    -The Duke ' s Parishes and the Duke ' s Councils - " Britons Never, Never, Never! " - " Loves Darkness rather than Light " -Parish Councils-District Councils-The " Landlord Relief Act, " 1896 -Cartoon, by " Cynicus " Subscribers-only content

    The popular Dod, 1880

    'gainst might, The dauntless foe of bigotry's black night. Loves truth and justice; more than either-man; Nor least who faint, crush'd by the social ban. Born agitator, made the deaf mass hear They'd equal rights with plutocrat and peer. The Subscribers-only content


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