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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Woodstock Parliamentary representation

    the borough. 15 From the 1670s Spencer's influence was challenged by John Lovelace , Lord Lovelace (d. 1693), steward of the manor 1670-9 and a leading Whig. 16 Lovelace , inserted into the Woodstock council soon after his father acquired

    Parishes Hurley

    quartered shield of Lovelace impaling Azure a cross paty or. Over the other figure is an undated inscription commemorating Sir Richard Lovelace , kt., son of Richard Lovelace ; above in a circular panel are the Lovelace arms impaling (?)

    Parishes Uffington

    , who left the property to his brother Rev. Walter Bigg . His son Lovelace succeeded, and took the name of Wither in 1789 . Lovelace 's son Harris Bigg -Wither sold it to Capt. Butler in 1828 , who

    Parishes Binfield

    's will to Grace Lovelace (daughter of Robert Sampson ) and her children, and the residue of his goods are left to his 'daughter Lovelace ' and to the children of Thomas Sampson (brother of Grace Lovelace , cf. Visit.

    Parishes Monk Sherborne

    to Lovelace Bigg , the grandson of Dorothy, who thereon assumed the name of Wither. 59 Mr. Bigg -Wither was succeeded in 1813 by his second but eldest surviving son Harris , 60 whose son and heir, another Lovelace ,

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    LOVELACE, William (d.1577), of Bethersden, nr. Ashford and Canterbury, Kent.

    gave his support, Lovelace hoped that his clients would take his writing in good part.After serving for some time as justice of assize, mainly in the south and west of England, it is clear that in 1572 Lovelace expected early

    LOVELACE, Sir Richard (c.1568-1634), of Hurley, Berks.

    LOVELACE, Sir Richard (c.1568-1634), of Hurley, Berks. Constituency Dates Berkshire 1601 Abingdon 1604 New Windsor 1614 Berkshire 1621 Ofifces Held Jt. keeper, Cranbourne chase in Windsor forest, 1590; gent. pens. by 1596-1606/9; capt. in Ireland under 2nd Earl of

    LOVELACE, John (by 1497-1558), of Hurley, Berks.

    attorney to John Lovelace and John Whitwood before departing the realm; and on 1 May 1558 Lovelace was a witness to the will of Sir Philip Hoby, another Protestant who went overseas for part of the reign. Lovelace made his

    LOVELACE, Francis (1594-1664), of Canterbury, Kent and Gray's Inn.

    branch, to which Richard Lovelace the Cavalier poet belonged, first represented Canterbury in 1567. ‘By their deep knowledge in the municipal laws’, according to a contemporary, ‘the family deserved well of their country’, and in 1638 Lovelace, a professional lawyer,

    FRERE (FREURS, FRYER), Edward (by 1518-65), of Oxford.

    warden of New College, and Anne’s husband Henry Bailey, a doctor of physic. Frere’s younger daughter, who married into the Lovelace family, was reported as a recusant in 1577, as was a William Frere, but nothing is known of Frere’s

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    19 May 1685, 19 May 1685

    Ds. Corners. Ds. Cromwell. Us. Eure. Ds. Wharton. Ds. Willoughby. Ds. Pagett. Ds. Howard of Effing¬ ham. Ds. North. Ds. Lovelace. Ds. Coventry. Ds. Howard deEfcrik. Ds. Leigh. Ds. Jermin. Ds. Byron. Ds. Calepeper* Ds. Aflley. Ds. Lucas. Ds. Lexington. Subscribers-only content

    22 May 1685, 22 May 1685

    Townfend. Vicecomes Weymouth. Ds. Delawar. Ds. Morley. Ds. Ferrers. Ds. Conyers. Ds. Cromwell. Ds. Eure. Ds. North et Grey. Ds. Lovelace. Ds. Maynard. Ds. Coventry. Ds. Howard de Eß. Ds. Leigh. Ds. Jermyn. Ds. Byron. Ds. Colepeper. Ds. Lucas. Ds. Subscribers-only content

    22 May 1685, 22 May 1685

    Clock, in the Houfe of Peers; and to adjourn as they pleafe. Lord a US. Jt^uic. Ds. North ö'Grey. Ds. Lovelace. Ds. Maynard. Ds. Coventry. Ds. Howard de L. Bp. Lyncoln. L. Bp. Oxon. Comes Oxon. L. Bp. Exon. Comes Subscribers-only content

    22 May 1685, 22 May 1685

    Epus. Exon. Epus. St. Afaph. Epus. Rochefier. Epus. Bath & Wells. Ds. Eure. Ds. Paget. Ds. North & Grey. Ds. Lovelace. Ds. Maynard. Ds. Howard Eß. Ds. Lucas. Ds. Crewe. Ds. Arundell T. Ds. .Bw/ter <fe FF. Ds. Ofalfion. Ds. Subscribers-only content

    26 May 1685, 26 May 1685

    Ds. Bellafis. Ds. Ward. Ds. Widdrington. Ds. Carrington. Ds. Vaughan. Ds. Herbert de Cherbury. Ds. Mohun. Ds. Paw let. Ds. Lovelace. Ds. Mountagu. Ds. Brooke. Ds. Tenham. Ds. Arundell de War dour. Ds. Gerrard de Bromeley. Ds. Petre. Ds. Hwnfdon. Subscribers-only content

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    AT GENEDL, Y.CY RY. r mnprll ,C;vmreia. fel nob cenedl a I mae y genedlGyrareig, fel pob cenedl arall, yn .rhanedig i ddau 'ddosbarth.mawr-y nailI yn gysurus, a'r. liaU yn druenus-y naill yyn sobr, a'r flail, ysywaeth, E ynfeddw. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Ford, William Eoer-le, Fraocis Qearles, William Brown, Thomas INabbes, Thomas ilievwaood, VI'n- Drucimonld, Richard Crashaw, Williaen Habirgtrn, John jiafi, Iichlacl" Lovelace, Jomn Cleveland, XVilliaen 1-eninge, Alexander llroner Robret Herrick, Sir Richard Fahshawe, Sir Williara laveiriet, Sir Jieh n l oiihcini, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    THE WISHING-CAP. No. XXVI. A NOVEL PARTY. (fComdued.)e --ic ingentp cormituin aflu 'sse sovorura Iveato admfirans iumerum.-VLRQIL. 0 the p-leasurie Ob atten.ds - ~~~Such iowliig infi of novel friends. IF the reader is critical, and will not enjoy his Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    mnore than princely. The first and proidest of thie land bowved before her shrine, and were rejected. She selected this Lovelace fron a thronged circle of suitots, and for what qualities of forn or of utind the hapless lady berself Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    inc eased our persontal knowledge of Don Quixote, of Johna Bu~ncle, of Pars.n Aamins. of Painela, of Clarissa Harlomwe, of Lovelace, of Sir Roger de Corerley, alid a hnimdred other undying teachers of humanity, and placed its on nearer and Subscribers-only content


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