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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Lonsdale hundred Introduction and map LONSDALE HUNDRED

    by the sandy estuary of the Kent , and therefore known as Lonsdale South of the Sands and Lonsdale North of the Sands . The former is Lonsdale proper, the greater part of it being in the valley of the

    Townships Nether Kellet

    to Adam son of Orm, who was in return to act as master serjeant or bailiff of the hundred of Lonsdale . The grant was confirmed in 1199 when John became king, 4 and the manor continued to be held

    Friaries Dominican friars, Lancaster

    preaching the Crusade on Holy Cross Day , one at Lancaster , another in Kendal , and a third in Lonsdale . 2 Master William of Lancaster in 1311 received licence to give a rood of land for the enlargement

    List of maps

    PAGE Index Map to the Hundred of Lonsdale 2 " " " Parishes of Lancaster , Heysham and Claughton 5 " " " Parish of Cockerham 89 " " " Parishes of Bolton-le-Sands and Halton 127 " " " "

    Hospitals St Leonard , Lancaster

    documents as the hospitale leprosorum of Lancaster . John's grant included free pasture for their animals in his forest of Lonsdale , and the right of taking fuel and building timber therein without payment. Deprived of these privileges during the

  • * British History Online *

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    Parishes (West Ward), St Michael, Lowther

    building fell into decay, William, earl of Lonsdale in 1810 gave 100 and built a new school in a more convenient situation at Hackthorpe. Indenture made 6 November, 1826, between William earl of Lonsdale of the one part; and the

    House of Lords Journal Volume 16, 26 August 1697, 26 August 1697-26 August 1697

    Thomæ Comiti Fauconberg, Rad'o Comiti Montagu, Ric'o Comiti Scarbrough, Fran'co Comiti Bradford Thesaurario Hospitii Nostri, Ford Comiti Tankerville, Joh'i Vicecomiti Lonsdale , ac Prædilectis & Fidelibus Consiliariis Nostris Carolo Domino Berkeley de Berkeley, Thomæ Domino Wharton Contrarotulatori Hospitii Nostri, Rob'to

    Supplementary Records, Dillicar

    other bridges between Westmorland and Yorkshire being in decay; order to the chief constable of Lonsdale Ward, Mr. Jas. Bland and Mr. Joseph Ward to view and give an estimate. Report as follows: Crook-o'-Lune Bridge 2; Crowther alias Lune Bridge

    House of Lords Journal Volume 16, 24 August 1699, 24 August 1699-24 August 1699

    Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas to be Speaker, was read, as followeth; ( videlicet ,) Signed, "Tho. Cantuar. Lonsdale, C. P. S. J. Bridgewater. Marlborough. Jersey." Commission for revoking L. C. J. Treby's as Speaker. "William the Third,


    brother. The entailed estates lay in 15 places (named) in co. Lancaster, including Over Kellet, Bolton in Lonsdale, Ellel, Caton, Farleton in Lonsdale, and also Farleton in Kendale and Bighall, co. Westmorland; Misc. Genealog. et Herald ., N.S., iii, 236.

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    KNUBLEY, Edward (d.1815), of Wigton, Cumb.

    KNUBLEY, Edward (d.1815), of Wigton, Cumb. Constituency Dates Carlisle 29 Nov. 1786 26 Feb 1787 Carlisle 1790 3 Mar. 1791 Ofifces Held Sheriff, Cumb. 1785-6. Biography An adherent of the Lowther family, in 1785 Knubley was appointed sheriff of

    KNUBLEY, Edward (aft.1749-1815), of Wigton, Cumb.

    of Lonsdale’s ‘dogs’, as James Boswell was wont to refer to the hard pressed adherents of the 1st Earl of Lonsdale, was thrice unsuccessful in establishing Lonsdale’s interest at Carlisle. After victory at the poll in 1790 he was unseated

    BAYNES GARFORTH, John (1727-1808), of Steeton Hall, Yorks.

    London, was the attorney, agent and steward of James, 1st Earl of Lonsdale, sat for his boroughs and followed his bidding in Parliament. Like other members of the Lonsdale group he had voted against Pitt on the Regency, 1788-9, but

    FLUDYER, George (1761-1837), of Ayston Hall, Rutland.

    there seems to have been some question of returning him for Cockermouth on the Lonsdale interest in 1812, but he was not chosen. In 1818 Lonsdale returned him as a stopgap for Appleby. Once again he was an inactive Member,

    LOWTHER, John Henry (1793-1868), of Swillington, Yorks.

    militia 1820; lt.-col. 1 W. Yorks militia 1830. Biography Lowther, like other Members returned by his uncle William, Earl of Lonsdale, consistently supported Liverpool’s administration and opposed Catholic relief. There is no record of his having spoken before 1820. Neither

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Ynghorffy I, Ty yr oedd Esgobion Hereford, Llundain, Petelbor- d ough, Rochester, a Gloucester, Arglwydd Redes- dale, Iarll Bandon, Iarll Lonsdale, ynghydag Iarn1 a Fortescue. d Cymerodd y dirprwywyr brenhinol eu heisteddle o flaen yr orsedd am ddar o'r gloch, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    athraw. Arol bod me*n gwavtol swyddau;.penodwyd - of yn 1839 ,yn ganonryn Eglwys Crist, an yn 1844, ar air ddyrcbai'iad*'.Arrobddina'oa Lonsdale i .EgobaethLicb- dins ID- field, ynUbriiatbraw Coleg y, Brenin, yn Liundain. Bu aid fe yn, y swycd honom inilawer. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ry blaenwylwiyr, dan lywyddiaeth yr Ueh gadben Dirtipall. Oyfansoddid y bimenvyiwyr byn o carbiWeerSe, hdd- dd geidwaid Nothl, milvyr brodorol Lonsdale, ao erail. gv Derbyniwyd hyshysrwydd oddiwith y rkat hyn en bod ml mewn ymdrechfs gy4a'r Zurinaid. Darfo. i 4rghydd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    draed, yn dyfod a gyfeiriad y gwerayll, a .d phan y daeth yn nes, adnabyddasoam y blaenor fel y llywydd Lonsdale. Yr oeddynt hwy yn dychwelyd yn Y dawel i'r gwersyll. Yr oedd efe wedi bad yn wael, 'f wetii Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    -For prospectus, apply to the Registrar, at the College, Aberystwyth. E. J. EVANS, H S LEWIS MORRIS, I J - Lonsdale Chambers, Chancery Lane, . London, July, 1880. , LIST OF CO-MPO-SITIONS COMPOSED AND PUBLISHED BY ) D. JENKINS (MUS. Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    24 August 1699, 24 August 1699

    Lord Chief Juftice of the Common Pleas to be Speaker, was read, as followeth; (videlicet,) Signed, «' Tho. Cantüar. « Lonsdale, C.P.S. " J. Bridgewater, " Marlborough. " Jersey." Commifllon for revoking L.C.J.Tre- Vy's as Speaker. " William the Third, Subscribers-only content

    24 August 1699, 24 August 1699

    with their Speaker ; the Commif- Gpn was read, as followeth ; (videlicet?) Signed, ff Tho. Cantuar. " Lonsdale, C.P.S. W J. Bridgewater. " Marlborough. " Jersey." " GuLiELMus Tertius, Dei Gratia, Angl. Scotia, " Francis, & HiVnia Rex, Fidei Subscribers-only content

    28 September 1699, 28 September 1699

    to fupply the Place of Lord Chancellor, in the Upper Houfe of Parliament, as follows; (videlicet,) Signed, 1 Tho. Cantuar. Lonsdale, C.P.S. J. Bridgcwater. Cha.Montague. Marlborough. Sir George Treby Knight, Chief Juftice of Our Court " of Common Pleas at Subscribers-only content

    23 January 1699, 23 January 1700

    the " Court of Augmentations was; which Powers, by that " Annexation, fobfift in that Court to this Day". " Lonsdale, C. P. Si "Stamford. Rivers. a J. CuLPEPER. u Bergevenny. " AuDLEY. « W. WlCXOKN. " Gi. Sarum. •' Subscribers-only content

    10 April 1700, 10 April 1700

    the Lord Prefident reported," That they had "R.Ferrers. Pembroke. Richmond. " attended the Conference; and delivered the Bill, with " Lonsdale, C.P.S. J.Bridgewate*. " their Lordfliips Reafons, to the Commons." " Raey. Stamford. " Bolton. " Bergevenny. Mohun. " Anglesey. Subscribers-only content

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    clerk Employment: rector of Bentham Location: Bentham (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Bentham (ecclesia paroch' de Bentham) : ecclesiastical parish Yorkshire, West Riding Lonsdale (Lonesdale) : rural deanery Notes: Cannot identify the surname 'Mirestowe'. Participant: NicholasWillingham [de Wyllyngham] Role: undefined Details: male; clerk


    Location: Danby Wiske (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Danby Wiske (Danbie, Danby, Danbye in the Forest, Danbye) : ecclesiastical parish Glaisdale (Glasdale) : chapelry Location: Ayton (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Lonsdale (Lonsdaill) : undefined Location: Ayton (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Ayton (Ayton in Cleveland) : ecclesiastical parish


    Location: Cheshire Place(s): Cowpland (Cowpland) : rural deanery Location: Yorkshire, North Riding Place(s): Amounderness (Amondernes) : rural deanery Location: Lancashire Place(s): Lonsdale (Lonsdall) : rural deanery Location: Lancashire Place(s): Kendal (Kendall) : rural deanery Location: Furness (Fournes) : rural deanery


    ecclesiastical parish Location: Dereloght (Dereloght) : undefined Cannot identify. Location: Ostelergarth (Ostelergarth, Ostilergarth) : undefined Cannot identify. Location: Lancashire Place(s): Lonsdale (Lonsdal') : hundred Location: Dalton In Furness (Lancashire) Place(s): Dalton in Furness (Dalton in Furness) : ecclesiastical parish Location:


    Location: Langshaw (Langshaw) : undefined Cannot identify Place(s): Clapham (YorkshireWestRiding) Clapham (Clapham) : ecclesiastical parish Chester (Cestren) : diocese Location: Whittington (Lancashire) Place(s): Whittington (Whyttington, Whittington) : ecclesiastical parish Location: Yorkshire, North Riding Place(s): Lonsdale(Lonsdale, Londesdale) : rural deanery

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    Winder Lodge

    0 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Meeting Places Public Hall, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England 1919 Masonic Hall, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England 1932 Masonic Hall, Highfield, Sedbergh, Yorkshire, England 1953 Masonic Rooms, 7 Fairbank, Kirkby, Lonsdale, Westmoreland, England 2006

  • * The Clergy of the Church of England Database *

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    Blank Blank, 19/6/1733

    Liber Cleri Detail CCEd Record ID: 189725 Close Window Evidence CLERICAL DETAIL Surname Blank Forename Blank Title Qualification EVENT TYPE Date 19/6/1733 Office/Status Curate Location Lonsdale/Barbon/ OTHER INFORMATION Source LRO, DRCh/12 (Exhibition Book) Ordinary / Jurisdiction Peploe, Samuel/Chester 1726-


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