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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ychydig o d-defaid so wyn, a'r Las osob yn- d-d-ynt yr hyrade otarwaid-d-. Yr oedd- yma ef yr gwed-dol amn Loch towion.: - Priefan, buff, 6o. i 7*0, y pwa ;: mnutton, 84. i 9c.; lamb, iOn I i to.; Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    araf. Marwaidd hefyd aedd y frasnach mewn moch, a's rhai yr aedd cydeawad lied Lawr. Yr redS gafyn da am Loch bychain. Psisarn: bidf, B Ge. i Sr y pwys; mutton, 7r. i Ste. y pwys; lamb, 6>s, i 831c.,; Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    trayn aurhydeddnl goruchaflaeth y rhaia etholwyd yn aelodau G'zFBwrdd Ysgol yn y le. Mae morfl newydd 'gael ei -ddal yn Loch liil, Scotland, yr hwn oedd yn gwneyd dinystr mawr:yn y pysgodfeydd ar y glanau er's tro. Dywed y Pall Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Plumnlumnor. Yr oedd yn Scotland 'ainryw lynan dyd'dorol so afonydd, y rhai yr ymwelid a 'hwy -gan deitwyr, egis Loch Lornond, Loch <Cathet-ine, '&:c. Yr oedd gan y -Cyiry hwythan en Culfor Menai brydferth, en Llyn Tegid, a-lliaws a lyn. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    bim , - . ,,,- . rA . mw Mase cyhlq.eddiad cyfnodol ar gyferq mud a,rtbyd wed ei gyhwyn ynel oegr. : ' Mae y Tywysog Leopold yn-awr yn cael ei ystyried allan o berygl, ac yn parhau i Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    30 March 1738, 30 March 1738

    204 Journals of the Houfe of Lords. A. 1738.. M « Kent and &gt;«« M^ are Plaintiffs, and Rbbert Whil- « £y and Catherine his Wife Defendants, was returnable &quot; before their Lordfhips, from the Court of King&apos;s &quot; Subscribers-only content

    4 June 1746, 4 June 1746

    59° Journals of the Houfe of Lords. A j *&quot; c&lt; It (S (C a (C a (t ti &lt;&lt; i&lt; it c&lt; M ct i&lt; i&lt; &lt;c it (i (C tc t&lt; ligs, David IVenhfs Efqutre commonly called Subscribers-only content

    12 April 1771, 12 April 1771

    Geo, III. journals of the Houfe of Lords. j/vingftone, &c. Road A Meffage was brought from the Houfe of Com¬ mons, by Sir Alexander Gilmour and others; With a Bill, intituled, &quot; An Ad to enlarge the &quot; Term Subscribers-only content

    15 April 1771, 15 April 1771

    ii Geo. Ill, journals of the Houfe of Lords. Liverpool to A Meflage was brought from the Houfe of Com- ft Road mönS) by gir Charles Bunbury and others: I With a Bill, intituled, &quot; An Aft for repairing Subscribers-only content

    7 August 1789, 7 August 1789

    fhall feem meet; and that James Loch and John Dick&quot; &quot; /on, VV riters to the Signet, may be required to anfwer &quot; the faid Appeal:&quot; It is Ordered, That the faid James Loch and John Dickjon may have a Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online *

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    Extracts from the records, 1594

    Stabill Greyn, the haill west syde of the gaite Rattounraw quhill it cum to the new hous biggit be Johnne Loch outwithe the West Porte. Lipper . Lipper gevin wpe and present: Alexander Walker present and ordanit to be putt

    Extracts from the Records, 1560, Jan-June

    wellis and calsayis ordanis him with like deligence to caus big the wall langis the college yairdis fra the Northt Loch to Leyth Wynde, and siclike langis Leyth Wynde to the biggit land at the heid of the samyn vpoun

    Extracts from the Records, 1583, Jul-Sept

    said lettres. 4 September 1583. Ramsay, inbringing of the Sowth Loch . Anent the offer maid be George Ramsay, brother to the laird of Cokpen, to inbring the Sowth Loch to the Kowgaitt, vpoun certane conditiouns proponeit be him to

    Supplementary extracts, 1581

    of the said loch and offerit thairfoire ather to pay xiij s. iiij d. yeirlie to the commoun rent or ellis to vphald the calsey at the eist end of the said loch, sa far as the loch boundis at

    Extracts from the Records, 1555

    fifty five yeiris. Marie R. 17 May 1555. Anent the Borrow Loch. The prouest baillies and counsale ordanit that nane of this burgh burgessis thairof lat furth the Borrow Loch, vndir the pane of tinsale of thair fredome and pvnissing

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Lilleshall Economic history

    despite a considerable fall in prices. 83 Moreover after 1825 Loch advised the landlord against investing in further estate improvements. 84 By the 1850s rents had been increased further, but Loch 's improvements had been placed the tenants in a

    Ketley Economic history

    enabled James Loch , the marquess of Stafford 's agent, to adjust the pattern. 56 The former Reynolds and Freeman holdings were broken up, and two of the others over 25 a. were dissolved. With land thus released Loch created


    1803-9 , and his incompetent brother George 1809-12 , 68 to the ruthless Scot James Loch 1812-55 . 69 During the younger Bishtons' and Loch 's stewardships the family's income was greatly (if tempo rarily) enlarged: from 1803 70 to

    Lichfield Economic history

    1; L.J.R.O., VC /A/21, CC 17529, plan 7. L.J.R.O., D. 77/5/2, f. 250; S.R.O., D. 593/K/1/3/2, Jos. Simpson to Jas. Loch , 30 July 1814 ; D. 615/M/3/4; 55 Geo. III, c. 27 (Local and Personal). Lichfield Mercury , 29

    Index K-Z

    , see Sweeney Llywelyn ap Iorwerth (Llywelyn the Great), local authorities , and see boroughs; parishes; poor-law unions; urban districts Loch , Jas., n , Lockhart, J. W. , Lodge farm , see Quatt London , Blackwell Hall , City,


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