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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Stanway Churches

    churchwardens held a house and a total of 20 a. of land, presumably as endowments of obits or chantries. 22 Links continued with St. Cross chapel in Colchester , occupied from c . 1496 by the Crutched friars . In

    Woodditton Woodditton in 1815 Newmarket 's Cambridgeshire Suburbs

    c . 650 a. of heath estimated in the 1790s 29 was probably never ploughed before inclosure. Even afterwards the Links in the north-west was used mainly for sport: game coverts, 30 a racecourse in the 1890s , and a

    Minster Lovell Religious history 72. Minster Lovell church interior, looking east

    , 'Roman Catholicism in Oxon .' ( Bristol Univ. PhD thesis, 1970 ), 317-18. E. St J. Brooks , ' Links with Peter Heylin and Sir Thos Mo re ', N & Q , 152 ( 1927 ), 129-31. Bp

    Branston Introduction

    along the south side of Burton Road date from the 1920s and 1930s, 10 and a side estate called the Links dates from the 1980s . In the late 1990s houses were being built and plots prepared along Regents Park

    Anglo-Saxon Gloucester c.680 - 1066 GLOUCESTER c. 1000 A.D.

    agriculture. 7 Gloucester was still, however, regarded as an administrative centre in 577, 8 and there may have been institutional links between the Roman and the late Anglo-Saxon town. On the Continent, such a connection was provided by the Christian

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    dymun. t iadau da trwy eu haurhegion -Bridegroom's present to the bride, Gold Brooch -,Brides present to the bridegroom, Gold Links; Bridegroom's present to -the bridesmaid, Gold Bangle; Rev. William James, Cheque; Miss and Miss E. James, Silver Cake Basket Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    of the city, by surch revolting exlt biiont4. WVby not mae tiem at a distance,-in thue Kin;r's p'tkl, in lumtufield Links, &c. ln suich siitution ihey ceilEl be mrnr coi enienie y littynded by thoia [wlose~praved cuiriosity'stimulakeP Illem to observe Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a O 1< " the lPeep e the er-a.," ,les at len Isoh Ip0ptaied Ued'' r-il synilicant title of'' Tire Links of the Lqrwe4 T'1hee wvortes are of such urequisocal uriity, ttlt iaiy ArictL be styled tbe Reformers' 'feaxt Ror Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    of the explosion of a large quantity ofcombustibles. Arrangements had been made fbr a brilliant display of fire-works on the Links, in the centre of which a large uncovered waggon was placed, from whence several beautiful and very powerful rockets Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    and Dri Robertson compiled his History of Charles V, in the: same-small white cottage, still to be seen at Burntsfieldi Links, in Scotland. - At a great dinner given by many of the first rank,' Lalande was placed between Mine. Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 28 Act for preventing Fires.

    Commodities, in any Cellar, Warehouse , or other Place on that side next the Street, which by the shaking of Links , Torches, or casting in of other Fire at the Windows next the Street, may be in danger of

    Book 1, Chapter 29 Punishments. Pillory, Whipping, &c.

    a Man caried of four Men. And before him a Bagpipe playing, a Shawm, and a Drum beating, and Twenty Links burning about him. The Cause was, his next Neighbour's Wife beat her Husband: it being so ordered that the

    Book 2, Chapter 6 Bishopsgate Ward. Spittal Field.

    Texts were several, yet their Discourses were upon the same Subject with an apt dependance upon one another; like the Links of a golden Chain; the second beginning where the first ended; and the third, where the second ended, and

  • * British History Online *

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    Extracts from the Records, 1574, Apr-June

    wynes, mak oppin all gyrnell durris for seruyng oure Souerane Loirdis liegis of wittalis, remove Jhonn Loganis gudes of the Links, poynd and pryse the samyn according to the ordour, and to reform the biggingis outwith the West Poirt quhairby

    Extracts from the Records, 1573, Oct-Dec

    Lord Lindesay, prouest, baillies, dene of gild, counsale and dekynnis of craftis settis to maister William Balfoure in Leyth the Links of Leyth and thair West Linkis betuix Sanct Nycholace chapell and Weirdy Brow, for the space of thre yeris

    House of Commons Journal Volume 12, 27 February 1699, 27 February 1699-27 February 1699

    until she was delivered, there was always Waiters on board, as well for the Custom-house, as Excise and PrizeOffice, and Links kept on the Cellar-doors, by all Three Sets of Officers, until the Delivery to the Buyer; which was in

    Historical Collections, April 1643

    raised Men, and provided Arms and Ammunition of all Sorts, Crows of Iron, Pick-axes, Axes, and Iron-wedges, with Torches and Links to further the Design of suppressing the Court of Guard at Froom-gate. 3. That he conspired, with others, to


    bought, and sent to Leith for distribution among the poor and sick persons on the Links. On 7th January 1574 5, the house on the Links of Leith, called Little London, is directed to be cleansed, the "clengit folkis of

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    30 November 1803, 30 November 1803

    &quot; That the Petitioners having brought an Action in the per s* &quot; Court of Seffion againft William Gordon, in Links of &quot; Arduthie, the Court pronounced certain Interlocutors &quot; by which the Petitioners conceive themfelves aggrieved, &quot; and are Subscribers-only content

    29 June 1807, 29 June 1807

    defired. Upon reading the Petition and Appeal of Charles and Cathcart Dempßers, Merchants in Saint Andrew&apos;s, Pro¬ prietors of Pilmor Links, and of James Begbie, their Tenant ; complaining of Three Interlocutors of the Lords of Seffion in Scotland, of Subscribers-only content

    21 July 1807, 21 July 1807

    Petition and Appeal of Charles and Dempflers Cat heart Detnpßers, Merchants in Saint Andrews, Pro- ^„ft cw prietors of Pilmor Links, and James Begbie, their Tenant; horn et al. complaining of Three Interlocutors of the Lords of Sef- fion in Subscribers-only content

    8 August 1807, 8 August 1807

    it does not find that Charles and Cathcart Dempßers, and theh- Tenants in the Links of Pitmuir, are obliged to deftroy the Rabbits and preferve the Links entered ; and alfo of an Interlocutor of the Lord Ordinary in Scotland, Subscribers-only content

    23 March 1809, 23 March 1809

    Ailfa. Comes Rofslyn. Comes Grey. PRAYERS. The Anfwer of Agnes Tough, Widow and Dif- ponee of William Gordon deceafed, in Links of Arduthie by Stonehaven, to the Appeal of Catherine Gordon, Spoufe of Walter Stewart, refiding at Cairntown in the Subscribers-only content


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