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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Westbury Fairs and markets

    held at the beginning of Lent were still being held, 75 and by 1825 an Easter fair had been introduced. 76 The profits of this, like tho se of the fair at the beginning of Lent , belonged to the

    Colleges Marwell

    the church. 3 To Bishop Blois ' foundation Peter des Roches added, by a deed dated the second Sunday in Lent , 1226, a deacon, and laid down rules for the general governance of the chaplains on a collegiate basis.

    Hospitals St Leonard & St Thomas Martyr, Peterborough

    ointment and a stone of tallow ( sepi ); and with three bacon pigs, namely, one each at Christmas, before Lent , and at Easter. It is interesting to note, as affecting the question of the infection of leprosy, that

    Worship in the Minster

    holy days, and from about 1820 on Wednesdays and Fridays in Lent as well. Both morning and evening prayers were said on Wednesdays and Fridays in Advent and Lent and during the six days before Easter. 78 It was reported

    Houses of Benedictine nuns Priory of Redlingfield

    dole of pence, bread, beef, and herrings, according to ancient use, and certain alms to aged poor at Easter and Lent cost the nuns £9. 8 The foundation charter states that the house was dedicated to God and St. Andrew

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Book 4, page 591 (1563)

    beleuest oblations and pylgrimages, may be deuoutely and meritoriouslye done to the sepulcres and relyques of sainctes.17Whether the faste in Lent and other, appointed by the Canon lawe, and receiued in common vsage of Christian people (onlesse necessitie otherwyse requyreth)

    Book 6, page 967 (1563)

    of our lord, 1003.Lent fast.Concerning lent fast, some thinke that Telesphorus, about the yeare of our lorde. 140. was the autor therof. But that peraduenture maye be as true, as that whiche they also attribute to him, that he ordeined

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of the Frenche Martyrs.

    Counsellers, where he kepthis Easter, whether he receauedat the same Easter, & whether he was cōfessed before, & fa-sted the Lent: also he was byd to say his Pater noster, theCrede, and Aue Maria. Whiche he did, but denied to

    Book 6, page 1085 (1563)

    vpon Iohn Bolton, a mā of Reading, imprysoned for the true testimonie of a Christian conscience.THe Lent followyng the coronation of Quene Mary, whiche Lent was in An. 1554. there was a wryting sette, vpon the church dore at Reading

    Actes and Monumentes of the Church.

    euery faithful mā or woman is not bound to fast in Lent, or other daies appoynted for fastinge by the church, and that euery manne maye lawfully eat flesh and all other meates vpon the said daies and times. And

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 5, Chapter 10 [Vinteners.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

    Power. Th' Ordinaunce to be rede every Yere twice; viz. at the going to Burdeaux, and at the beginning of Lent . The Companie, when new Wyne is, shal from the Ryding of the Maior unto Easter-day, assemble every Fortnight,

    Appendix 1, Chapter 2 APPPENDIX.

    the View of the active Youth, with whose Mirth and Liberty they seem to communicate. Sports in Lent . Every Sunday in Lent , after Dinner, a Company of young Men ride out into the Fields on Horses which are

    Book 5, Chapter 27 [Statutes for buying] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Fish and Fowl]

    , 3d. ob. One Kid from Christmas to Lent , of the better sort, for 10d. At ot her times of the Year for 6d. One better Lamb between Christmas and Lent for 6d. And at other times of the

    Book 1, Chapter 21 Inns of Court and Chancery.

    The Term Times. And, 3. The Dead, or Mean Vacation. They have Two Learning Vacations; viz. Lent Vacation, which begins the first Monday in Lent , and continues Three Weeks and Three Days; and Summer Vacation, which begins the Monday

    Book 1, Chapter 29 Sports and Exercises. Punishments.

    beyond the Tower, for having Flesh in her House in Lent , and that both raw and roasted, was set on the Pillory, for disobeying the Command for keeping Lent . And four Women who partook thereof, were set in

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    LANEY, John (d.1633), of Cratfield and Ipswich, Suff.

    Ipswich 1586 Ofifces Held J.p. Suff. from c.1583; recorder, Ipswich 1585; Lent reader, G. Inn 1590, receiver of admittance money 1596. Biography Laney was an Ipswich lawyer. On 23 Jan. 1585 he was appointed recorder at £13 6s.4d. p.a.provided he

    WHELER, Richard (d.1614), of Lincoln's Inn and Thames Ditton, Surr.

    1586 Marlborough 1589 Marlborough 1593 Marlborough 1597 Ofifces Held Keeper of Black Bk. L. Inn 1594, treasurer 1596-7, Lent reader 1597; common pleader, London 1587-90, common serjeant from 1601, dep. recorder 1608-d. Biography As a young man, Wheler brought marked

    PRICE, Leisian (by 1527-88), of Neath and Briton Ferry, Glam. and London.

    incidents were closed by his humble submission and he lived them down. In 1562 he served as steward at the Lent reader’s dinner, but when six years later he was called to the bench his repeated refusal led to his

    ALLSOP, John (by 1520-70), of Ludlow, Salop.

    ALLSOP, John (by 1520-70), of Ludlow, Salop. Constituency Dates Ludlow Nov. 1554 Ofifces Held Town clerk, Ludlow ?by 1541, bailiff 1543-4, 1552-3, 1562-3, ?dep. recorder. Biography Possibly of Derbyshire origin or descent, John Allsop is first mentioned in the

    BASTARD, William (c.1560-1639), of Gerston and West Arlington, Devon.

    1601 Ofifces Held Of counsel to Totnes by 1596; j.p. Devon from 1601; bencher and Lent reader, M. Temple 1605, treasurer 1613; recorder, Dartmouth 1604, Totnes bef. 1620. Biography Bastard was a lawyer employed by Totnes corporation in lawsuits arising

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    6ohedia ethau. Y BEDDARGRAFF TYWYLL. I Syr,-Y mae bron yn sicr fod eglurhad "Is Ilyn," r mor bell ag y mae yn myned, yn hollol gywir. Y a i mae " a ydwyt " i'w ddeall yn niwedd y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yw guys y cy~fodiad, neu -rhybydd a -gwaheddiad i ymbaretei erbyny dyddyr-adgyfododd 2 Christ o'r bcdd. o Y gair Saesneg, Lent, syddoe gyffalyb ystyr. Gair h Sacsonaidd yw am y Gwanwyn, nen y pryd y bydd pethan yn cyfedi ac Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y. Trefoyddien Calfltnaidd y yflie hwo trefol. Wmewa tai anedid, er's aminyw dlynyddau ye oh. Dangosai Userg: Pyr athnawen a Lent yno bunanymewadiad mawriaddysgu hefyd l lawer e blant budron, a charpiog a ddeuent i'r yegol. W let wl: .ai Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    fynych mewn rhai newyddiaduron yn Ngbymru. Y mae yn amlwg nad yw y gwrthwynebwvr hyn yn gwybod fod y geiriau Lent Term yn arferedig bpb blwyddyn yn hysbysiadau Owen's College, yr hwn sydd mor bell ag y gall fod oddiwrth Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    erbyn yr athrawon. Dywedir en bad yn euog o alw eu tymhoran Coaegawl ar yr enwau Pab- yddol .Ahichaelmas Term, Lent lerm, ac Easter Term. Y mae yn deilwng o sylw fod y grwgnacbwyr en hun- cin wedi tewi ar Subscribers-only content


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