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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Wembdon Economic history

    in severalty by 1582 , 17 and common arable was inclosed by licence on Perry Fichet manor from 1603. 18 Langland common meadow had been inclosed by c . 1664, 19 and shortly afterwards c . 70 a. of Chislett

    Townships Leck

    1/2 mark at death. The 'court of the brethren' is named, and the field-names, & c., include Cultirbeck, Lidiate, Langavenam, Langland on Haverbergh, Linbutt in Brackenwray. Ibid. 895; a rent of 4 s . a year was to be paid.

    Parishes Weyhill with Penton Grafton

    not been discovered, though there is a late and doubtful reference to a lost charter of John 47 ; but Langland mentions it in Piers Plowman , coupling it with the great fair at Winchester . More recently it has

    Tottenham Manors

    Otes of Tottenham , who in 1182 sold them 5 a, in Appeland and Langland and who soon afterwards gave them a further 2 a. in Langland . 91 The rectory was assessed at 30 marks in the mid 13th

    Parishes Little Gransden

    appropriated the old inclosed pasture of Graves by Hayley wood, some 60 a., to their cattle. The ancient common called Langland common was extended to cover some 180 a. along the eastern border between Northend and the edge of Hayley

  • * British History Online *

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    State Papers, 1658, February (3 of 5), 01 February 1658-28 February 1658

    assign'd Langland as the place, sending likwise safe-conducts for mysel f and the Danish commissioners; upon the receipt whereof on tuesday last we parted from Copenhagen. In the mean time his majestie of Sweden had passed from Funen to Langland,

    Venice, January 1653, 01 January 1653-31 January 1653

    Giovanni Ambrosio Sarotti, Venetian Resident at Florence, to the Doge and Senate. I have made representations to the English minister Langland (not Grandier) who receives and executes all the orders of the English parliament, to persuade him not to recall

    Index, L, 01 January 1653-31 December 1654

    of army in Scotland, 125 accompanied Cromwell on visit to city, 184 rides with Cromwell at opening of parliament, 259. Langland . See Longland. Lanneret , East Indiaman, captured off Jasques, 105 n . La Rochelle [Charente Inferieure, France ]

    Elizabeth, July 1583, 6-10, 06 July 1583-10 July 1583

    beseech you to mention it to him in your next letter, being desirous to see how things goeth in England (Langland), not having heard anything since my coming into France. Thus fearing the worst and hoping the best, confessing myself

    State Papers, 1659, April (1 of 2), 01 April 1659-30 April 1659

    and about three or four thousand horse. In Funen he hath the like number of horse, and some foot in Langland. He hath also some forces and some few at Frederix-ode; the large works thereof are slighted, and a small

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    Details: male; 33 Employment: Farmer Location: Carleton In Craven (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Carleton in Craven (Carlton in Craven) : ecclesiastical parish Location: Carleton In Craven (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Funkirk (Funkirk) : fieldname Langland(Langland) : fieldname The Ing (The Ing) : fieldname

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    THE LITERARY EXAMINER. Chronica 3Io6oasterii St Ahbani. TVillelsi Rishlmger, quondam Monachi St Albani, et Quorundam Anony- morum, Chronica et Annales, Regnantibus Henrico Tertio, et Edwardo Primo. Edited by Thomas Riley, -M.A., of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and of the Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    LITERARY. -0 o- PROFESSOR THOROLD ROGERS ON RICHARD COBDEN. Cobden and Modern Poeiticol.Opinion. Essays on Certain Political Topics. By James E. Thorold Rogers. Mlacmillan and Co. It is not often an author has such manifest advantages as those possessed Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    is to say, a Norman education ;i his vocabulary contained a far greater percentage of Norman words than that of Langland, or Rolle of Hampole; he addressed himself in the first place to men in whom the Norman element was Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    have long ago been acquainted. His statement that Chaucer's " vocabulary contained a far greater per-centage of Norman words than Langland," is common in text-books. It is not, however, the fact, and has been long since contradicted by Mr Marsh, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    LITERATURE. -0-_ MR. WATTS'S DICTIONARY OF CHEMISTRY. A4 Dictionary of Chemistry. By Henry Watts, B.A., F.R.S. Second Supplement. London: Longmans. 1875. The Dictionary upon which this Supplement hangs as an ornamental and useful appendage was commenced about sixteen years Subscribers-only content

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