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    Landwade Nonconformity

    Landwade Nonconformity NONCONFORMITY. None known.

    Landwade Charities for the poor

    Landwade Charities for the poor CHARITIES FOR THE POOR. None known.

    Landwade Education

    Landwade Education EDUCATION. Between 1861 and 1881 c . 7-12 children aged 6-12 attended school, probably in Exning (Suff). 56 Since 1895 children from Landwade have attended local schools in Exning , 57 and West Suffolk Education Authority was responsible

    Landwade Local government

    Landwade Local government LOCAL GOVERNMENT. In the late 13th century no lords claimed any franchises at Landwade . Although no court rolls or court books survive, copyhold and freehold transactions were almost certainly dealt with by the manorial court both

    Landwade Manors

    Landwade Manors MANORS. Aelfsige of Landwade held land in the parish in the late 10th century. 49 After the Norman conquest the overlordship of the manor belonged to the earldom of Richmond of which LANDWADE was held in 1166 .

    Landwade Landwade c. 1930

    LandwadeLANDWADE The ancient parish of Landwade lies on the Suffolk boundary over 6 km. (4 miles) north of Newmarket (Suff.), and 3 km. (2 miles) southwest of Fordham village. 25 The parish is only 1 km. north-south, and at

    Landwade Economic history

    in Landwade parish, their main landholdings lay in Exning and Fordham parishes. 19 Landwade Hall farm had c . 200 a. in 1871 , but c . 302 a. c . 1910-12 of which around one third lay in Landwade

    Landwade Church

    . 10 d . for his duties in Landwade . 50 In 1833 the vicar of Burwell held one Sunday service every three weeks at Landwade chapel. 51 As long as Landwade Hall was occupied by members of the Cotton

    Staploe Hundred

    desired independence from the two parent parishes. 14 Also in 1954 Landwade parish was incorporated for civil purposes into Fordham parish. 15 In 1993 , however, almost all of Landwade , including the church and Hall, was transferred to Suffolk

    Reach Local government

    Exning (Suff.), once held by the Valence earls of Pembroke , 51 which was attached by 1440 to the Cottons' Landwade manor. 52 Leet jurisdic tion over Reach, described in 1279 as a hamlet of Swaffham Prior , 53 belonged

    Houses of Gilbertine canons Priory of Fordham

    it 40 s . yearly to the alien Priory of Stoke-by-Clare , 8 and its chapel of St. Nicholas at Landwade , given with 50 acres by the younger Robert de Hastings . 9 This church was valued at 12

    Analysis of Hearth Tax Assessments Cheveley , Flendish, Staine, and Staploe Hundreds, 1662, 1666, 1674

    and for the total of the three categories. Exempt are recorded for but three ( Great Wilbraham , Kennett , Landwade ) of the sixteen places in the three hundreds. Exemption certificates which were made out in 1672 for the

    Parishes Little Compton

    in 1571 , leaving a daughter Elizabeth, then not quite 6 years old. 12 Elizabeth married Sir Robert Cotton of Landwade , Cambs., 13 and they and their son Sir Dodmer Cotton were dealing with the manor in 1627 .

    Madingley Manors and other estates Madingley Hall

    's other son and heir male Robert. 64 Jane, however, survived to marry c . 1647 Sir John Cotton of Landwade (cr. Bt. 1641). She died in 1692 , he in 1689 , having moved his family seat to Madingley

    List of maps

    ff. 58-68v 423 29. Kennett c . 1810. Based on an inclosure map of 1813-23 (C.R.O., Q/RDc 43) 459 30. Landwade c . 1930. Based on O.S. Maps 6", Cambs. XXXVI SW.( 1889 and later edns.) 469 31. Snailwell c

    Cheveley Manors and estate

    They sold it in 1450 to William Cotton , 94 a feoffee since 1443 or earlier. 95 Cheveley descended with Landwade in the direct male line of the Cotton family for 170 years, 96 successively from William (d. 1455), 97

    Burwell Manors and other estates

    gave Ramsey c . 3½ hides more at Burwell . 65 Abbot Aelfwine ( 1043-80 ) received from Aelfsige of Landwade and his wife Leva the reversion on their deaths of a Burwell estate which the abbot then gave for

    Fordham Fordham Before Inclosure c. 1800 Fordham Village c. 1800

    of Newmarket and thirteen north-east of Cambridge , covered 4,204 a. until Landwade 's 127 a. were incorporated in 1953 , thereafter 1,753 ha. (4,331 a.)., 37 within borders that form an irregular oblong, but with substantial projections to north,

    North-eastern Cambridgeshire Hundreds and Parishes, 1845 and Later Landscape and Settlement in Flendish, Staine, and Staploe Hundreds c. 1600 Communication in Flendish, Staine and Staploe Hundreds c. 1800

    south, just north of Street way. In the 3rd century large and opulent dwellings were built, including a villa near Landwade . After A.D. 400, however, changes in fresh water levels made it harder to keep the lodes navigable, so

    Houses of Augustinian canons Priory of Spinney

    of the Count of Brittany , held the manor of Wicken with lands in Fordham and Landwade ; these his grandson's daughter, Beatrice, and her husband Hugh Malebiche held in 1208 -9. 1 Before 1227-8 they had founded the priory

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