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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes of the Churche.

    before it? And yet it seeth or hereth as wel as the images or pictures, either of s. Iohn, our Ladie or christ. In dede images be great letters, yet as big as they be, we haue sene many, which

    Book 5, page 941 (1563)

    scholler. for he hathe more diuinitie in his litle fynger, then all we haue in al our bodies. Thus the Ladie Maries masse for that tyme was stayed.Ouer & besides these heauenlye graces & vertues moste cheifly to be required

    King Edw. 6. The cruell burning of William Gardiner Martyr in Portugale.

    tormentors asked him whether hee did not yet repent hym of his deede, and exhorted him to call vppon oure Ladie and the Saintes. Wherunto he answered, that as he had done nothing whereof hee did repent him, so hee

    King Edward 6. Remembrances of certayne matters from the Councell to the Lady Mary.

    Iune.Youre frende to my power, though you geue mee contrary cause. Mary.A copie of the kinges Maiesties letter to the Ladie Marie. 24. Ian. 1550.RIght deare. &c. We haue seene by letters of our Counsaile, sent to you of late,

    Q. Mary. Godly Letters of M. Iohn Philpot, Martyr.

    1555. Captiue in the kings Bench.Yours with heart in Christ, Iohn Philpot.An other letter of maister Philpot, to the godly Ladie Vane.An other letter of Iohn Philpot to the Lady Vane.GOd the Father of our Lorde Iesus Christ encrease in

  • * British History Online *

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    The Common Paper, Money lent to Queen Mary, March 1558

    294 transcript ] Tempore [Joh'es, deleted ] Thom's Went & Willi'm Pierson ' Money Lente unto owne Late Soveraigne Ladie Marie Late Quiene of Englande the xxj th Daye of Marche in Anno d'ni Milli'mo qui'gentesimo lviij ° by the

    Accounts, March 1540 - March 1542

    hole bodie of the same p'ishe to contynew as wardens ffrome the ffeaste of the Annu'ciacion of o r blessid Ladie Saynt Mare the Virgyn in the yere of o r Lorde god M l cccccxl And in the xxxj

    Churchwardens' accounts, 1551-2

    ten emen t, ffro m y e feast of y e Annv n ciacio n of o u r blessed Ladie y e virgin In the said Sixt yere of y e Reign of o ur seid Sou er aing

    Accounts, December 1587 - December 1589

    hundered ffourescoore and nyne and in y e two and Thirtith yeare of y e raign of o r sou'aign Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god of England ffraunce and Ireland Queene defendo r of the faith & c'.

    Accounts, December 1585 - December 1587

    god, One Thowsand ffive hundered ffoure score and Seaven and in the Thirtith year of the Raign of our sou'agn Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of god of England ffraunce and Ireland Queene Defendor of the faith & c'. Aswell

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    CONDUCT: M.R WIL1i7 Terms Pupils, d above Ad LMai CONDUCT] HlEE abi T18l70. find every Colleges; themselve For pa: Llanrwst. Ladie C] MRS. 1 nouns be resume classes are Professors Every a training 1 Terms i Irp JOHN HENRY WILLIAMS Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    THE I NEW 'A"PATTE RN S EEP RACK. FE NO WASTE OF HAY. ATer: JONES, r .__ T = 1 ,Ladie ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~be resun Every training - ___ ~~~~~~~~~Terms _ -- ~~~~~~THE THE formation of this Rack is Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    vvlW~3 IS3 .,T t H! .-t # $\> orjn 8, 9ifthwul ' XcYmdeifth Pf. Ardd. 9. r 12. ' 8. LI ned,.i g~t -; i:s: 1;.b8ba ';ii , i.r P.,) ViTN ,E1l8Ig.WARp~.I6gi i4g:eidw )voswydd GUremm. 134*ynr fig YvirfifewddAy$,l1gor,: Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    greatly oblige. TEMS :-VERY MODURATE. HOUGH GREN, CHESTER. M RS. & the MISSES MORRIS receive a limited number of Young Ladie, to Doaxd and Educste Special attintion will be paid ro the religious training as well as to the Health Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    .C0YNL LU N DA-: AC, UCHOD wedi en buddsoddi e dan y gyf. E undr vfn aup hyfrifol, mewn,.Ariansoddiou Rbaodaliadt wedi en dethol yn-ofalus, .a ddychwehnt ] enillion rhagorol-mewan yebydig ddydcdisa.. Gellir. cael o pob mianylion yn y Llyfr Subscribers-only content


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