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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Actes and Monumentes Of the Church.

    because they do not followe your mynde, they doo displease you. But the decrees of Councels are not so mutable, as the wils of men. Knowe ye moreouer, that the verye same byshoppes whych do consent with you in word:do

    K. Hen. 8. A Table of the Frenche Martyrs.

    a few dayes, whiche youhaue to lyue by the course of nature, so to start away andto denye the truth? Knowe you therefore, that althoughyou haue, by your foolishnes, auoyded the corporall fire,Philbert prophecieth.yet your life shall be neuer the

    Letters of John Hus.

    Christ, that you do not follow me in any such leuitie and lyghtnes, which you haue seene in me. You knowe how before my priesthod, which greueth me now, I haue delyghted to play oftētimes at chesse, and haue neclected

    Q. Mary. Ghostly letters of M. Iohn Bradford, holy Martyr.

    vnder the mightie hand of the lorde. No man shall touche you without his knowledge. When thei touche you therefore, knowe it is your weale. God therby wil worke to make you like vnto Christ here, that ye may be

    K. Henry.5. Letters of Iohn Hus.

    rebukes, stripes and prisonement, and shall not doubt to geue your lyues moreouer for his holy truth, if neede require. Knowe ye, welbeloued, that Antichrist beyng stirred vp agaynst you, deuiseth diuers persecutions. And many he hath not hurt, no

  • * British History Online *

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    Index, J, K

    see Grange. Knevet , Mr., 476. Knollys , Sir Francis, 238, 324, 458 (1), 540 (3), 883 (2), 897 (1). Knowe , the, 807 (8). Knox , John, 258, 418 (3, 5), 454 (4, 5), 550 (3), 861 (1), 968

    Index, Q, R

    Rulla , Donato, 569. Russel , Lord (of Scotland), 70. Russia , 443, 819 (8). Rutherford , John, of the Knowe, 807 (8). Ruthven , the family of, 757. -, Patrick, Lord, 76 (6), 94 (3), 104 (3), 159 (1,

    House of Lords Journal Volume 9, 25 February 1647, 25 February 1647-25 February 1647

    December , 1646. "In Presence of "Robert Baillie. "Jo. Cheislie. "Ja. Hope. Loudonn. Lauderdaill. Charles Erskine. Hew Kennedy. Ro. Barclay." "Knowe all Men by these Presents, That, upon the One and Twentieth Day of January , 1646, I, John Drummond

    Middlesex Sessions Rolls, 1631

    written these spurious and counterfeit letters, running as follows in the name of the Most Noble Henry Viscount Faulkeland, " Knowe all men by these presentes, That I the Right Honble. Henrie Earle ( sic ) of Faulkeland one of

    Documentary addenda

    come I Thomas Iinckin of Cardyffe in the Countie of Glamorga? yeoman doe send greeting in our lord god eu'lastinge Knowe yee that I the said Thomas Iinckin haue and doe by theise presents for and in Considerac'on of the

  • * Victoria County History *

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    The hundred of Tandridge Introduction and map INDEX MAP TO THE HUNDRED OF TANDRIDGE

    L. and P. Hen . VIII , vi, 1394. Parl. Surv. Surr. no. 3. Exch. Dep. 11 Jas. I, East. 18. No doubt the correct spelling was Hundred's Knowe . Manning and Bray , Hist. of Surr . ii, 289.

    Parishes Charlwood

    messuage called Charlwood Place , with all fields, & c. called the Great Parke , the Little Parke , the Knowe , the Great Godfreyes, the Lesser Godfreyes, the Greater Biggle Hawe, the Lesser Biggle Hawe, Bush Field, the Granthams

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    THE LITERARY EXAMINER. Pre-Historic Times, as Illustrated by Ancient Remains, and the Manners and Customs of Modern Savages. By John Lubbock, F.R.S., and President of the Ethno- logical Society. Williams and Norgate. The title of this able and original Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    had devoted his life. It is said that Earl Catbcart intends to erect a memorial on the spot, at Court Knowe, from which Queen Mary Stuart saw Langside fight. The monument is to be of granite, bearing the Scottish crown Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    wea two *I~lt~~ cellars, "o, cah~hue stable,, do.; sredsictive t. aodent5tanilitsls isrtenaires of old turf maybebad.-ApIsy ier. ArthurW lrot I Knowe r APWORTH (near hingowood G.%v.R. Station).-To be MC,t Ij ja~raly Huse pol-amy afeccharmisng country, -sltnt. a bsttials r.estceb Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    temporary engagement to settle a-!li.-.Il Eseefoty Posl, Nottinglam. c1356 n. 1IM N (respeoteble) ae Watchusan or any Place of Trust. Knowe LI town well-Address, 365, Daily Poet. st2ll it 1%riDCL-Wanted, by Advertiser, to Live with Mesdical Man. i IIWould like Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    beat Lady Dounles. Laird heat Melbourne Melwood beat Stroller, Ii) All their Masters beat Bauile Rio Tinto beat Hexpath ()' Knowe Marehal Macnialon bt Rattler Mary Morrison beat Harl Karl Garfield beat Baffier ' Sapper heat Barebag Lion boat Anchor Subscribers-only content

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