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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Sunbury Charities

    Other eleemosynary charities were endowed by Roger Boehm (will dated 1801), lord of Sunbury manor, T. P. Ford (d. 1803), Killingworth Hedges (declaration of trust, 1843), Elizabeth Collingridge (will proved 1858), and Francis Needham , Earl of Kilmorey (d. 1880:

    Houses of Benedictine monks The priory of St Leonard , Stamford

    1292 Ingram of Chaton, 17 presented 1292, resigned 1293 Geoffrey of St. Botulf, 18 confirmed 1293, died 1302 Robert of Killingworth , 19 presented 1302 John Fossum, 20 resigned 1333 Robert de Cambehowe, 21 presented 1333, resigned 1338 Nicholas of

    Houses of Benedictine monks The abbey of Wymondham

    of Nicholas Radcliff e from the priory in 1380 , the abbot sent in his place to be prior William Killingworth , archdeacon of St. Albans . Nicholas, in his turn, became archdeacon; he lived to a great age, took

    Fen Drayton Economic history

    Butlers farm, supposedly over 250 a. when purchased in 1578 , but reckoned as only 160 a. in 1633 , Killingworth 's farm, and former chantry land. 89 There being no copyhold, the lord's strictly manorial income was small, comprising,

    Cherry Hinton Economic history

    Cooper , John Killingsworth , Robert Killingworth , and Francis Wyse held large estates of c . 70-100 a.; and nine others held the equivalent of yardlands and half yardlands. Members of the Killingworth , Carrow and Wyse families who

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    COMMERCE. THE FUNDS.-SATURDAY, FOUR O'CLOCYr. Consols ...... Do.'Account - . . 3 percent. Reduced - 3 N'ew ... :4 Redaund -- . . . . Leng A nnuities. Bank Stocke.. cxeheqsser Bils IndiaStk*.: Ind'ia Bobds . .. Price. 924 Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    20 s6d-South Hartley, 22s-West Hartley, '25-.wilingh ton, 23s sd-Wall's end: Bewicke and Co., 24s Gd; G(usts: 24S Sd; Hilda, 23ssd; Killingworth, 23s 6dt Newmareb,22tsO Belmont, 26s 3d; Hetton, 270 9d; Lanlbton, 27ns d; Lyuo , 25o 9d; Thornley, 26s 3d; Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Mlain, l9a- Townley, 21s-Wylftns, 23s-Wall's End: Bell and Brown, 21s 9; * Iewicke amnd Co. 22s 0d ; Heaton. 22s; Killingworth, 20s 0 ; Newvmarch, 19s 6d; NN,rthnrsberlaund, 20s; Urpeti, ISi; Belniont, 22s Us ; lleaddell'a Hetton, 13s 9d; Haswel1, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the market:-Adair's, lsa 61-Carr's Hartley, 20s-Felliug Main, 17s 3d-Holywell, 20i-Willington, 20s 3d-Wylam, 20s-Walls End: Heaton, 20 1 Hilda, 20s 9d; Killingworth, 20ss d Newmarch, l9s1 d; 'Belmont, 21s ad; Braddyll's Eietton, 22s 3d; Lanobton, 22s Gd; "sons, 21s; Russell's Hetton, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    17s-South Tanfield, lfis-Tanfield Moor, 22, 5d-Town- ley, t8s.-West Hartley, *21s-Wyltls, S20s-Wall's End: Bell aud Brown, 22s; Gosforth, 22s9d; Hotspur, 22s; Killingworth, 22s; Newmarclh, 21s 6d; Bensham, 21s 9d; Belmont, 229 Dd; Braddyll's Hetton, 23s 6d; Haswell, P3s 3d; Hetton, 2:1 Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    26 February 1699, 26 February 1700

    (videlicet,) landend: land» " I? March, 1623. A Meffage to the Commons, " with a Bill, concerning the Caltle of Killingworth ; " with a fpecial Recommendation thereof, for that it " concerned the Prince. " Eodem Die. A Bill Subscribers-only content

    9 March 1707, 9 March 1708

    Journals of the Houfe of Lords A 1707. Comes Feverfiam. Ds. Sommers. Comes Berkeley. Ds. Halifax. Comes Plimouth. Ds. Hervey. Comes Scarbrough. Comes Warrington* Comes Bradford. Comes Orford. Comes Jerfey. Comes Grantham, Comes Greenwich. Comes Cholmonde- ley. Comes Crafurd. Subscribers-only content

    1 April 1790, 1 April 1790

    County of Nottingham." " An Act for dividing and enclofing a certain Common, Moor, or Trad of Wafte Ground, called Killingworth M or, in the Parifli of Long Benton, in the County of North- *' umberland." " An Act to Subscribers-only content

    16 June 1808, 16 June 1808

    not be for the Advantage of the Defendant the Infant, to apply for an Aft of Parliament, to fell the Killingworth Farm, being Part of the Teftator's Eftates in Fee, inftead of felling it for a Term, which was accordingly Subscribers-only content

    20 June 1808, 20 June 1808

    the Affirmative. And then he withdrew. Ordered, That the Bill, intituled, " An Adi for Bonuer'sBill; vefting an Eftate, called Killingworth Farm, in the County of Northumberland, being an Eftate devifed by the Will of Thomas Bonner Efquire, deceafed, in Subscribers-only content

  • * The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online, 1674-1913 *

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    Ordinary's Account, 19/03/1701

    Felony and Burglary with the forementioned John Thomas . He said, he was about 30 Years of Age, born at Killingworth in Warwickshire , a Taylor by Trade; and that he came up to London about the latter end of

  • * The Clergy of the Church of England Database *

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    Johannes Bust, 13/11/1611

    Appointment Evidence Record CCEd Record ID: 226863 Linked to person: Bust, John 1611-1639 Vacancy Data Close Window Evidence CLERICAL DETAIL Surname Bust Forename Johannes Title Qualification University College Year EVENT TYPE Type Institution Date 13/11/1611 Office/Status Vicar Clerical Status


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