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  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Q. Mary. Ghostly Letters of M. Bradford, holy Martyr.

    pray for me. I long for Winter to speake wyth you. Rescribe ora. Pray for mee. This assumption daye in Katherines hall in Cambridge.Yours with all I haue and can.Iohn Bradford.¶ Another letter of Maister Bradford, to father Traues.THe plentifull

    K. Henry. 8. Trouble for the vj. Articles. Alex. Seton.

    K. Henry. 8. Trouble for the vj. Articles. Alex. Seton. Persons presented. Their causes. Frier Wilcocke. Wilcock a scottish frier, priso-ned in þe Flete, for preachingagainst confession, holy water,against prayng to saintes, andfor soules departed, agaynstPurgatory, and holding thatpriestes

    Queene Mary. Dyuers saued by Gods prouidence from burning in Qneene Maryes dayes.

    Springfield was preserued, through the Lordes gracious protection.¶ Gertrude Crockhey.The trouble and deliueraunce of Gertrude Crokehay.Gertrude Crokehey dwelling at S. Katherines by the Towne of London, and being then in her husbandes house, it happened, in the yeare 1556. that

    Actes and Monumentes of the Churche.

    city. The secōd time þt he brought bokes, was about all Hollantide was xii. moneth, and landed them at S. Katherines, the which bokes my Lord Chauncelor toke from him. Also that at Easter last, was the iii. time that

    K. Hen. 8. The kings mariage iudged vnlawfull. The kings oration. The Queenes oration..

    some thyng astonyed at the first, after a litle pausyng with her selfe, thus she began, aunsweryng for her selfe.Queene Katherines aūswer to the Cardinalls.Alas my Lordes (said she) is it now a questiō whether I bee the kynges lawfull

  • * British History Online *

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    Hackney Petty Sessions Book, 1736 (nos 862-913)

    Mare Street : James Atkins [ later note : Excused this Year ] ; Matthias King Esq r ; *William Katherines [ later note : to pay ] ; William Kingsland; Giles Lomas; Benjamin Barlow; *Joseph Sherbon [ later note

    Book 3, 1692

    of London bound to the said Thomas Wood for Seaven Yeares. Nicholas Browne Sonne of George Browne of S t Katherines neare the Tower of London Tobacconest bound to Christopher Hughes for Seaven Yeares. Cornelius Marra Sonne of David Marra

    Documentary addenda

    in the seid town discharg g a priest daily celebrating att Our Lady Altar. A prist daylie celebrating at Sainte Katherines Alter. A Prist dayly Celebrating att Trinity Alter. A prist dayly celebrating att Saint James' Alter. The Sondays and

    The Justicing notebook of Henry Norris, 1738-9 (nos 249-315)

    Oath made a Warrt: for him. 287 . Monday, 22 January 1739 Robert Smith bro t : by W m Katherines Headboro [for deleted ] being charged by Thomas Southwell for putting down a parcell of pales belonging to Mr

    Hackney Petty Sessions Book, 1741-44 (nos 993-1034)

    r ; M r James Lewis Berchers. Headboroughs: Thomas Cooper [for ] Henry Swell, Church Street Ward; W m . Katherines [for ] George Collins, Mare Street; William Cawne [for ] Thomas Warren, Clopton; Henry Harrill [for ] Stamp Brooksbank

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Great Parndon GREAT AND LITTLE PARNDON c. 1875

    Katherines , Sumners , and other farms, and became the largest landowner in the parish. By c . 1780 Gerounds manor had lost its identity, and most of its demesne had been merged with that of Katherines to form


    , 156 Bush Fair , 151-6 Great Parndon , 151, 155-6 Hare Street , 151, 155 the High, 151-5, 158 Katherines , 151 Kingsmoor , 151 Little Parndon , 151, 154, 156 Mark Hall , 151, 156 Netteswell , 155,

    Harlow Town HARLOW 1980

    and the neighbourhood centre o f Staple Tye were built mainly between 1965 and 1974 . The last neighbourhoods, at Katherines and Sumners , were begun in 1974 . By 1977 some 24,000 dwellings had been completed. It was intended

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Continental Gas, 2; South Motropoli- tan do., 1; North British aul'Australasians, 1 to 2; Fast and West India Docksi, 2,1; Katherines do., 1; Peninsularand Oriental Slearnfiliip and Crystal Palace, . to 1; General preferences, 4; CucArd do, and Bnratt's, 4; Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    In misoellaneous, Crystal Palace third debentures rose 2, Distillers and Edinburgh Trains J. Eas9t and West India Docks fell 1, Katherines do, 1, Surrey I l''ommercial do. 2, Regent's Canal I.'., National J Land 4 to 4, Samulia Bros. ', Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    free to cinreieS, mnission-lroosal schools, libraries, and for the use of soldiers, sailors and navvies. It haE founded a college-lt. Katherines, Tottenham- wihere 100 sclhoohllist-esses are being trained, and anotheo for the training- of lay work"crs in the east of Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ACCIDENTS AND OFFENCE$. I a. . , 7.-- Ga1tk* IRE ~,V& toi i !~IUCTIOlOX'Tf 1~~oar~~aiv ~~..,,0L1C *'= ~~~~renooo', between the F nofp' ~t~t i~Ai~t in the '0ses Jknown ae the Cathoi hooles gIA'* ,.it .IoRse lae ~~ttenham. The buildi Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    home tickets available for one mnonth, a fare and a half. RtOTTERDAlt and the RHINE.. - From and to St. Katherine's Steam Wharf.-Passengers walk on board.-WATERLOO and LEO.- C Every Wednesday and Saturday, at 11 mnornilng. Front Rotterdam- Evry Tuesday Subscribers-only content

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