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  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 15 Tower of LONDON. The Constable.

    gaudeat & utatur in forma Prædict. Libertatibus & Franchesijs dictis Civibus & Communitati per nos concessis non obstantibus. Ipsiusq; Constabularij Jura & Proficua hujusmodi ad dict. Castrum pertinentia, per se vel Ministros suos habere & percipere permittatis. Teste meipso apud

    Book 5, Chapter 24 [Apprentices] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [no Slaves.]

    unto him. The Rights of Blood are more inherent than the Rights of Fortune, according to the Law Rule , Jura Sanguinum nullo jure civili dirimi possunt: i.e. The Law of Bloods cannot be destroyed by any civil Right. That

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    lon i leihan y fyddin arool a dir jOOOO o wfr, a thyn u eiwyr yn uniongyrchol B . o'r Jura, y Cote d'Or, yr taa'r Aisne' Y ' 1 i 'rainc a d c ebl a yddu y 'pai Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    wlad. Gwelwn fod.y .llys eglwysig yn Berne wedi penderfynu yn derfynol i symud - o'u swyddi 69 o offeiriaid y Jura, a wrthodasant gymeryd eu llw i gyfansoaddiada, Weriniaeth.. . PARHEIR i gynal cyfarfodydd iiosog i wrth-' dystio yn erbyn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ofer anion neb i Mawsmal ar 1. y Sabbath, as na allwn fyned yno emi hunain nen anfon G U Jura. Yn eu llysoedd hwy en hunain, aid oes nebyn f dAel siarad ond dyn obrofiad noe henafgw;r. Fel hyn, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Dartlenwyd y llythyrau C:tulyinol oddiwrth Dr. a Anderson, cymedrailwr -Eglwys Hfenaduriaethol b Lloegr, an oddiwrth Dr. Dykes, In RThak Ferry, Jura 17, 1876. Rev. and Dsar Sir,-I ft el it to he an honour and a privilege to be the Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    cyn dechreu. dim yn efPoi.hio~ :Boeie Sabbath pregethodd U Ksan, BiMA hn i Tns,; Shella; am 1 o'r gloch, U Jura a Mr Robts,-Chqrr Am 330 o'rgloch U SatiMawn'ai,' &t -Dra. Grith Yr oedd Mr. Jerman Jones yn rhywal itymgymIeiyd. Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online * *

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    Index, J, 01 October 1592-30 June 1596

    245, 329, 530, 536, 542. , , , letters to, 326, 530. Jonson , Jeffrey, 503. Joys , the, 13. Jura , isle of, 216. Justice , the Chief, see Gardener, Robert. Justices , the Chief, see Gardener and Dillon. Subscribers-only content

    Index, J, K, 01 January 1553-31 December 1553

    note , 338, 341, 344, 346, 355, 381, 392, 418, 425, 430, 431, 446, 448 449, 462, 464, 472, 478. Jura , the d partement of the, 59 note. K Kempe , Anthony, an English gentleman in the Emperor's service,

    Index, J, 01 April 1599-28 February 1600

    packet to Cecil, 384. , , good service of, 487. , , his servant, 384. Joyeuse , Cardinal, 451, 452. Judges , the, should alone have authority as to gaol deliveries, 196. Jura , Lord of. See McConnell, Donnell Gorme. Subscribers-only content

    Acts, 1836

    forming them into the Presbytery of Islay and Jura. The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland did, and hereby do, disjoin the parishes of Killarrow, Kildalton, Kilchoman, Kilmeny, Oa, Portnahaven, Jura, and Colonsay, from the Presbytery of Kintyre, and

    House of Commons Journal Volume 1, 02 March 1621, 02 March 1621-02 March 1621

    as well as for the Time past. Sir Rich. Gravenor: - No Remedy here for Tythes. 2ly, The Prince hath Jura regalia in Cheshire. - To have the Prince included. Sir Nath. Rich : - To have this Limitation to

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    9 May 1702, 9 May 1702

    fol¬ lowing, as the Ground of writing that Paragraph; (videlicet,) The Two Legion Letters ; The Black Lifi\ The " Jura Populi Anglicani; and, Toland's Reafons for inviting over the Princefs of Hanover." And being afked, " If in any Subscribers-only content

    17 December 1788, 17 December 1788

    quod, quantum pertinet ad Matern^ Hasre- ditatis Jura in Regno Angliaj et alijs Regnis et Do¬ minijs de eo dependentibus, Mafculi et Foemina; ex " hoc Matrimonio nafcituri, in eis' fuccedent fecundum " Jura Statuta et Confuetudines eorum, quantum vero Subscribers-only content

    17 December 1788, 17 December 1788

    quod, quicunq; aut qusecunq; in eis fuccedent, debc- bunt fingulis Regnis Terris & Dominijs illibata & integra relinquere fua Privilegia Jura & Confuetudines, eaq; Regna et Dominia adminiftrare adminiftrariq; facere per Originarios eorundem Regnorum Domi- niorum & Terrarum, & in Subscribers-only content

    17 December 1788, 17 December 1788

    Communitatis hujuf- " modi Supplicationem, ordinavimus quod, ** Super hijs&aliis urgentiffimis Negotijs, tam Nos, " et Expeditionem Guerras noftras, ac Jura noftra, et " Coronas noftra; in Partibus Tranfma'inis quam De- " fenfioriem ejufdem Regni, casterarumque Terrarum " noftrarum concernentibus, Subscribers-only content

    17 December 1788, 17 December 1788

    Nos, Tom. 5. p. 188. J Pro Tuitione et Salvacione Regm noftri Anglise et pro alijs Magnis et ArduisNegotijSjNos et Jura Coronse noftrx fpecia- liter concernentibus, " Simus ad partes tranfmarinas perfonaliter profeäuri, " Volentes tam Indempnitati, quam Quieti Praelato- Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Sunday 3rd December 1854

    ) had gone down, with an immense quantity of ammunition & warm clothing, also the Magazine Ship. Fortunately the " Jura " arrived with a supply of both, & also a merchant vessel full of warm clothing, on speculation. 3,000

    Saturday 18th September 1847

    it became very rough again. We had passed up outside the Mull Sound & were close to the Isle of Jura , which is such a fine hold outline. We went out to Loch Crinan, where we got into the

    Wednesday 18th August 1847

    are spending the night at Crinan, a very fine spot, with hills all round, & in the distance those of Jura . The yacht had had a very good passage round the Mull of Kintyre. - We dined with Charles


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