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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Hospitals Hospital of the Holy Sepulchre, Nottingham

    specially connected with the pilgrims of Jerusalem , and it can hardly be doubted that the 'palmers' referred to above were the canons of this house of the Holy Sepulchre. After the fall of Jerusalem in 1188 , this special

    Austin canons (Order of the Temple of our Lord at Jerusalem ) Priory of North Ferriby

    Austin canons (Order of the Temple of our Lord at Jerusalem ) Priory of North Ferriby HOUSE OF AUSTIN CANONS of the Order of the Temple of the Lord at Jerusalem 59. THE PRIORY OF NORTH FERRIBY According to Tanner,

    House of Knights of St Lazarus The preceptory of Locko

    measure subject to its master, in the same way as he was to the master of the whole order at Jerusalem . 2 This may have been true in the twelfth and part of the thirteenth centuries, but was certainly

    Hospitals Burton Lazars

    of Burton Lazars was founded by Roger de Mowbray , who granted to the lepers of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem 2 carucates of land at Burton , with a messuage and the site of a mill. 1 The date of

    The city of Cambridge Medieval chapels

    figures in the town accounts after 1522. 36 A deed of 1607 refers to a chapel of ST. JOHN OF JERUSALEM in Castle End , standing back from the Huntingdon Road , 192 feet beyond the castle. 37 Nothing more

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 3, Chapter 12 [S. Sepulchres Reparations.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

    Saviour Christ at Jerusalem , was in such Regard in former Times, that an Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem , was instituted Anno 1103 . by Baldwin , second King of Jerusalem ; Brother to

    Book 2, Chapter 2 Portsoken Ward. Knighten Guild.

    Ditch were not as yet made; but were afterwards, in the very time that King Richard I . was at Jerusalem : Which was done by the Bishop of Ely , the King's Justice over all the Kingdom. The occasion

    Book 2, Chapter 11 Bridge Ward within. Modern State.

    Eastcheap , there also taken notice of. Crown Court , neat, with a Free Stone Pavement well inhabited, but small. Jerusalem Court, indifferent long, with an open Passage, a Free Stone Pavement, and reasonable good Houses. On the West side

    Book 1, Chapter 25 St. Paul's School. The Masters.

    Hand, and Master of a very good Latin Style; and had been a great Traveller; had seen Constantinople , Antioch, Jerusalem , and many other famous Cities in Asia . Upon his return he was presented to Secretary Cecyl, by

    Book 1, Chapter 27 Charter House.

    that when they shall leave this their Terrestrial Habitation of Content, they may be made Fellow Citizens in the heavenly Jerusalem . Which God in his great Mercy grant to us all. ] In short, we are told, that besides

  • * British History Online * *

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    Addenda, December 1687, 01 December 1687-31 December 1687

    lived we ought not to resist unless we had a clear conscience for it, and that, though the rulers of Jerusalem were unjustly set aside, this would not last long. p. Inscribed with a short note in Edward Randolph's hand

    Addenda, James 1 - Volume 39, November 1607, 01 November 1607-30 November 1607

    anxiety is qualified, because I know my Lord of Salisbury can tell. I may say as our Saviour did of Jerusalem, so as if she appear other than were to be wished, it is but as herself would needs be. Subscribers-only content

    Index, J, K, 01 January 1554-31 July 1554

    Henry, Captain of the Guard, 55, 56, 158 note , 167 and note . Jersey , the island of, 260. Jerusalem , 321. Joan (Juana) known as the Mad, Queen of Spain, 57 and note , 262 and note .

    Index, J, K, 26 July 1554-30 November 1558

    Chamberlain to Mary I, 267 and note , 349, 373, 379, 388, 395, 455. Jersey , the Island of, 388. Jerusalem , 340. Joan (Juana), known as the Mad , Queen of Spain, 244, 250 and note . Jobsfonalt ,

    Memorial XXIII, Annual Festivals

    the occasional ministrations of the Bishop of the Diocese there, and the attendance of the Fraternity at St. John's of Jerusalem on the Decollation Day, are abundant proofs of this fact. 4 The summons to the burial of a deceased

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    y a c ryw bapyraa fel ffosydd, yn derbyn i mewn o holl aflendid y wlad-fel dyffrvn Hinmna d gerllaw Jerusalem, i'r hwn yr oedd holl garthion d y ddinas yn ymarllwys.. Gwelsom yn ddiweddar ,t esiampl nodedig o'i cyfryw Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    of al am y gwir dlodian mewn ffordd o addysg. il Y mee y Methodistiaid yr Llanllechid, Bryrteg, a di Jerusalem, yr cynal ysgahian llewyrchus ynt en canal,. e pen addysu llawer ieawo blent i dderllen Gair Duw, a a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Hyd-' erwn y bydd yr anturiaeth yn un lwyddianus. CANTAWD ESTBRM_.Datganwyd y dernyn uchod gan G6r Jerusalem, Four Crosses, nos 'Fercher, yn nghapel; Jerusalem. Capel 'newydd ydyw bwni perthynaol. ir Annibynwyr. Nos Iau drachefn yn Marohnadtd y lan. A nos Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    43et1J lbb ion 4tupsitq. TENBy, SiR BEacFIO, TACHWEDD 2il, a'i Sydd.- Agorwyd y capel a brynwyd yn ddiweddar gan J. Phillips, Ysw., o Southfield, ir Methodistiaid Calfin- aidd yn y dref uchod. Er fod genym ein capelau yn y Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    hainfeiliaid ar hyd ffyrdd arhygyrch, a daethom i Arimathea. Yna cawsom olwg ar hen adfeilion t5 Joseph. Symudwyd eto tua Jerusalem, yr hen ddinas sanctaidd. Wedi cyraedd llethr y bryn, man cyfleus i gael golwg ar y ddinas, safasom mewn Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    CHAMOND, Sir John (by 1488-1544), of Launcells, Cornw.

    a post in the royal household, and it was perhaps in the company of Sir Richard Guildford that he visited Jerusalem where he was dubbed a knight of St. John.[footnote]In 1529 Chamond was sheriff of Cornwall, and in this capacity

    PYE, Sir Charles, 2nd Bt. (1651-1721), of Hone, Derbys. and Derby

    lectureship in Ashbourne parish along with two men with Nonconformist connexions. After extensive travel abroad, including visits to Egypt and Jerusalem, he seems to have spent most of his time in London before settling his family in Derby in 1692.

    POWYS, Thomas (1743-1800), of Lilford, Northants.

    is styled King of Cyprus and Jerusalem with the same justice as the honourable gentleman is styled secretary for the American department; for the King of Sardinia has no power over Cyprus nor Jerusalem, neither has the honourable gentleman any

    DRONSFIELD, Sir William (d.1406), of West Bretton, Yorks.

    actually have been undertaken in October 1392, when Henry passed through the town on his way to Venice and thence Jerusalem. Bolingbroke’s seizure of the throne, in 1399, consequently proved a turning point in the fortunes of his loyal servant,

    CAREY, Robert (c.1515-87), of Clovelly and Exeter, Devon.

    commissions 1554-65; sheriff, Devon 1555-6; recorder, Barnstaple aft. 1560. Biography Robert Carey the elder, well known for his pilgrimage to Jerusalem, divided his property equally between the children of his three marriages so that his son and namesake inherited estates

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    13 May 1817, 13 May 1817

    Proxies entered are Six in Number (c); " those of the Lord Mordaunt, the Prior of St. John " of Jerusalem, and the Abbot of Salop, are entered " prior to that of the Viscount Lisle''s, which is dated " Subscribers-only content

    21 August 1820, 21 August 1820

    Aum to Ragusa ?" " No." " Do you remember going from Aum to Jerusalem ?" " Yes." " Did you stop between Aum and Jerusalem ?" « Yes." " Did they encamp again in the same Manner ?" " Subscribers-only content

    23 August 1820, 23 August 1820

    the Evidence, the Question was withdrawn. " You have said that in the Journey from St. Jean " d''Acre to Jerusalem, you and Carlo or Carlini some- " times slept between the outer and the inner Tent. " Can you Subscribers-only content

    23 August 1820, 23 August 1820

    did The Princess go from St. Jean d'Acre V* " To Jerusalem, to visit the Holy Places." " Did you accompany The Princess on that Visit to " Jerusalem .?" " I went in Her Company." " During that Journey, Subscribers-only content

    23 August 1820, 23 August 1820

    us Catholics." " Whilst you were at Jerusalem was any other Order *' conferred upon Pergami ?" " Whilst we were at Jerusalem I know nothing of it." " Did you remain at Jerusalem with The Princess, or *' return Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Friday 23rd July 1841

    that we should consent to Bunsen's proposals, & Ld Palmerston said they wished to send out a Protestant Bishop to Jerusalem , & that there was a man of the name of Alexander , who is at Cambridge, & who

    Thursday 5th January 1843

    poor dear, at our going to Claremont; she seemed to think it as alarming as if we were going to Jerusalem ! - At ½ p. 2, we set off, with darling "Puss" alone with us in the carriage. The

    Sunday 27th December 1840

    addition to our dinner party. Lord Melbourne sat next to me. Talked of the Egyptians having likewise evacuated Jaffa & Jerusalem ; - of Sir C. Smith not being equal to the Command. After dinner we went up to see

    Thursday 28th June 1838

    home at ½ p.6, and had to go round by Kensington. He said there was a large breakfast in the Jerusalem Chamber, where they met before all began; he said laughing that whenever the clergy or a Dean and Chapter

    Sunday 10th January 1841

    believe in the interference of Russian agents in India , &c -; of Guizot's expatiating on the idea of making Jerusalem a Christian City, guaranteed by the 5 Powers, a strange idea, & one which Ld Melbourne fours would catch


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