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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    native manu- facturers." He has pursued recklessly the old and mischievous colonial system, and has spent immense sums in reducing Java and in maintaining the ancient misgovernment of the other Dutch Colo- nies. Some account of the policy of his Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the West Indies a large caterpillar found on the palm is esteemed a luxury; while the edible nests of thte Java swallow are so rich a dainty, that the igredients of the dish will cost 151. The quantity of frogs Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a southwesterly course to Bombay, and thence eastward to the Madras provinces, which it reached in 1817. It reached Sumatra, Java, and other Malay islands, in 1818 and 1819; and the Phil- lippines, the whole maritime coast of China, the Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    is aLl rmpocre& beat r was a calcareosus earth, not chalt, pon which 1 s.tated, that tiesr people scrbsist. in Java, little rolls of a reddish clay are sold in tie maract-place, under the srame ot' Aipos. Many eat it Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    the fnited States, of 474 men, took the Macedonian, of 254 men e; the Constitution, with 477 men, took the Java, with 354 men, supernimeraries inclusive; and the Chesapeake, when taken by tlc'British Shaenon, had a complement of 70 men Subscribers-only content

  • * British History Online *

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    Index, J, K, 01 January 1513-31 December 1616

    (Java) , 522, 862, 913 Jappara , see Japara. Jasques (Jask), 763, 788, 810, 846, 861, 921, 946. i, 953, 1167, 1172 3, 1176, 1179, 1186, 1188 -, -, description of, 798 -, governor of, 847, 1181, 1186, 1188

    East Indies, June 1513, 01 June 1513-30 June 1513

    East Indies June 1513 June 1513 1513. June 6. Lisbon. 1 . Emmanuel King of Portugal to the Pope. Thinks it proper to write to him, as the head of Christendom, of his successes in India. After many obstinate

    East Indies, October 1611, 01 October 1611-31 October 1611

    acquaintance in Limehouse or elsewhere, or in Kent in Gillingham by Rochester. ] Hearing that certain English merchants are in Java, he is emboldened to write, desiring the Worshipful Company to pardon his stoutness. Is a Kentish man, born in

    East Indies, December 1615, 01 December 1615-31 December 1615

    the king s hands. The people of Banjermassin are very sociable and kind, their language is Malay and their habit Java; commodities which the country yields; sends a parcel of bezoars which are exceeding good and great; their diamonds as

    Index, G, 01 January 1513-31 December 1616

    Index G Gabriel , the, 26, p. 13, 29, 32, 33, 37, 51, 59, 93, p, 39, 99, 122, 133 -, inventory of, 128 Gabriel Island , p. 41 Galls ,425 Gamlin , Edward, 691 Gammage , Mr.,17 Gamond

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    Why your business does not increase!: British trade v. foreign competition, 1898

    1583 of Mr. J. Lyon shows that a Liverpool line carried iron from Amsterdam to Liverpool and then on to Java for 14s. 2d. per ton, whereas, In the Same Vessel, the shipowners charged 25s., plus 10 per cent., for Subscribers-only content

    Our Indian Empire, its beginning and end: a lecture, 1860

    broken by Sir Erancis Drake , who, in circumnavigating the globe in 1577 , boldly intruded into the Portuguese preserves- Java and the Spice Islands ; and brought home such accounts as fired the country with the spirit of commercial Subscribers-only content

    Notes on the Dutch East Indies, 1888., 1888

    artillery of 8 batteries of field artillery, 7 batteries of garrison artillery, and 8 batteries for the islands exclusive of Java (part of them with field-pieces). The engineers embrace the staff and 2 com¬ panies of sappers and miners, with Subscribers-only content

    Notes on the Dutch East Indies, 1888., 1888

    > o u < u Ph •a s 02 O u © Java and Madura. 1882 -Bencoolen and JBilliton included. 18a3-86 only Billiton included. Acheeu. Islands exclusive of Java and Acheen. Total of the Dutch East Indies. ("European, 1 African, Subscribers-only content

    Notes on the Dutch East Indies, 1888., 1888

    The maxima of rainfall were observed at Madjalengka ( Java ), 5151 mm.; at Padang Pandjang (Sumatra), 4089 mm.; and at Amboina, 4078 mm. The minima were observed at Banjuwangi ( Java ), 1151 mm.; at Belidan (Sumatra, district Deli Subscribers-only content


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