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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Hospitals St Giles , Huntingdon

    Hospitals St Giles , Huntingdon 11. THE HOSPITAL OF ST . GILES, HUNTINGDON The leper hospital of St. Giles without Huntingdon was in existence hi the 13th century: it was sometimes called ' the house of God and St. Giles

    Friaries The Austin friars of Huntingdon

    Friaries The Austin friars of Huntingdon FRIARY 8. THE AUSTIN FRIARS, HUNTINGDON The earliest mention of the friars of Huntingdon is in the year 1286, when King Edward I granted them eight oaks from Sapley forest for building purposes. 1

    RELIGIOUS HOUSES Introduction

    at Sawtry St. Judith 1 and two priories of Austin canons, one at Huntingdon and another at Stonely . The Austin friars had a house in Huntingdon , but none of the other mendicant orders were represented. Hospitals must have

    Hospitals St John Baptist , Huntingdon

    John Baptist , Huntingdon 10. THE HOSPITAL OF ST . JOHN, BAPTIST, HUNTINGDON The hospital of St. John , Baptist, is said to have been founded by another member of the Scottish royal family, David Earl of Huntingdon : probably

    Hospitals St Margaret , Huntingdon

    St Margaret , Huntingdon HOSPITALS 9. THE HOSPITAL OF ST . MARGARET, HUNTINGDON The hospital of St. Margaret without Huntingdon is said to have been founded by Malcolm IV of Scotland , who was also Earl of Huntingdon , and

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    SPICER, Richard.

    SPICER, Richard. Constituency Dates Huntingdon 1419 Biography Spicer attended the elections held in Huntingdon to the two Parliaments of April and November 1414, but otherwise nothing else is known about him.C219/11/2, 4.

    PABENHAM, John.

    PABENHAM, John. Constituency Dates Huntingdon 1393 Biography In an undated Huntingdon court roll of the early part of Richard II's reign, a John Pakenham is named as a surety for two men who were to be admitted to the freedom

    DEVENHAM, Walter.

    DEVENHAM, Walter. Constituency Dates Huntingdon 1402 Biography Unidentified.

    NAVET, John.

    NAVET, John. Constituency Dates Huntingdon 1407 Biography Unidentified.

    ROUS, John I, of Huntingdon.

    ROUS, John I, of Huntingdon. Constituency Dates Huntingdon 1401 Ofifces Held Bailiff, Huntingdon Mich. 1400-1. Biography Rous was admitted to the freedom of the borough of Huntingdon in 1399, naming two influential burgesses, John Denton* and John Sabrisforth*, as his

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Y3 Camberwell tra allan mewn cerbyd gyda chyfaill. Mae y clwyf anifeiliaid yu anrheitieo i raddau hel- aeth yn swydd Huntingdon, so amryw barthau cy. mvdogaethol. Mae Baboo Keshub Chunder Sen ar fin gadael y wlad hon am yr India. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    was t] included by lfr.> adan in he appendix td hisel-. a lection.' I 1764, Mr'Shirley communicate- to Lady; ; Huntingdon, in a letternowin Mr. Seybini's.jcis ,g session,,tht Mr.,Madan had given him ietussoi . to use~h hymn. ' TPhis fact,' Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    sy r obaith i egwyddorion iachus Protestaniaeth a wreiddio yn y wiad. ae I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ae y S Mae Ymneillduwyr Swydd Huntingdon, y Y rhai ydynt yn rhifo o leiaf haner y boblogaeth; ei ac mewn rhai ardaloedd gymaint a dwy Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    os ceir un yn awr ac eilwaith, raid i ni ddim ei wrthod, oblegid ca yntau ddiolch, fel yr Arglwyddes Huntingdon, mai nid " not any " a ddywedir, ond " not rman/.'" Priodol iawn ydyw i ni weddio ar Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    am vr hen, oblegid fe wnaed gwrhydri vn hono, heblaw gan Howell Harris ac Ar- glvyddes Huntingdon. Cuffa da am danynt, a boed iddynt noswyl ter yn esa gwelyau Hlaith. Yr oeddynt yn gonmedau tanilyd yn ffarfafen yr eglwvs G-rietion. Subscribers-only content

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 26 The WORKHOUSE in Bishopsgatestreet.

    Justices in the Counties between Chester and London , as Newark , Lincoln , Grantham , Cambridge , Stamford , Huntingdon , Peterborough , & c. so well it seems had he hitherto managed his Imposture. But more particularly, what

    Book 4, Chapter 1 Bridge Ward without. S. Saviours.

    Martii, 1595 . Existens Episcopus Winton . Obiit 11. Junii, proxime sequentis. Reliquit uxorem laudatissimam; quæ sepelitur in Awkenberry, Comitat. Huntingdon . Doctrina Antistes præstans & moribus æquis, Eloquio & pietate gravis; mensaque manuque, Non parcus, justi neglectus honore sepulchri,

    Preface 6

    of Leicester . He nry of Marlborough . Higden Ranulph. Historia Tripartita. Holinshed Raphael . Horne Andrew . Hoveden Roger. Huntingdon Henry. Joceline of Furneis. John de Bavow. John of Beverley . Ingulphus. Incliffe Roger. Knighton Henry. Lambard William. Lanquet

    Book 5, Chapter 4 [Charities.] The SPIRITUAL GOVERNMENT.

    Exchange, two Mr. Fishborn and Alderman Perry At Grantham in Lincolnshire } At Wakefield in Yorkshire } Lady Campden At Huntingdon Mr. Richard Fishbourn At Mercers Cha pel, Sundays Afternoon from Advent to Easter At Gresham College Sir Thomas

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    K. Edward. 3. The complaynt and prayer of the ploughman. The Popes pride.

    priestes hadden wiues vntill Anselmus dayes in the yeare of our Lord God, a leuē hundred and twenty nyne, as Huntingdon writes. And Lord, this makes people for the most part beleuen, that lechery is no sinne. Therefore we lewd

    Book 4, page 497 (1563)

    markes.Which aforsaid somes, admount to the full of. 30000. markes, as for the odde. 22000. markes. they appointed Herford, Rochester, Huntingdon, Swinshed, Crowlande, Maumsbury, Burton, Tewkesbery, Donstable, Shirborne, Tauntō, and Bilande.And ouer this they alleadged by the saide bill, þt

    King Hen. 8. Persecution in London for the 6. articles. Alexander Seton.

    priestes, of whō one wasScottishman andfelow of Whittington colledgea worthye Prea-called Rich. Taylor. An othercher.was Ioh. Smith. The thyrdwas Ioh. Huntingdon, whoafter was conuerted to þe samedoctrine himselfe.This Seton was Chaplayne to the duke of Suffolke and by him was

    K. Henry. 4. Articles published against K. Henry 4. Actes and Mon. of the church.

    speede. Amōges all other of the nobilitie, these first he put to death: the Earle of Salisburye, the Earle of Huntingdon, the Earle of Gloucester, the Lorde Roger Clarendon the kinges brother, with diuers other knightes & Esquiers: and afterwards,

    K. Henry. 4. Notes of Parliamentes. The coronation of K.Henry. 5.

    sommes, amount to the full of iij. c.M. marke. And for the odde of. xxij.M. marke, they appoynted Hardford, Rochester, Huntingdon, Swineshed, Crowland, Malmesbury, Burt,ō Teukesbury, Dunstable, Shirborne, Taunton and Bilande.And ouer this they alleaged by the sayd Bill, that


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