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  • * The History of Parliament *

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    GREY, Sir Henry, 2nd Bt. (1722-1808), of Howick, Northumb.

    2nd Bt. (1722-1808), of Howick, Northumb. Constituency Dates Northumberland 1754 1768 Biography Grey, ‘a young man of great family and fortune’,[footnote] was returned unopposed in 1754 with the support of Lord Northumberland and the Pelhams; and again in 1761. In

    PRINTIS, Robert.

    county family, connected by marriage to the Lestranges of Hunstanton, Norfolk, who were, in turn, related to Edward Grey of Howick, constable of Morpeth castle and a servant of Lord William Howard, who claimed the barony of Morpeth as part

    GREY, Henry, Visct. Howick (1802-1894).

    and colonies June 1846-Feb. 1852. Ofifces Held Ld. lt. Northumb. 1847-77. Biography Howick was named after his childless great-uncle, Sir Henry Grey, to whose Northumberland estate of Howick his father, leader of the Foxite Whigs, succeeded in 1808. A highly

    HERING, Emericus (Adomar, Aylmer), of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumb.

    with estates at Howick and Little Houghton which they are known to have occupied from the 13th century onwards. The subject of this biography was quite possibly a close relative (perhaps the grandson) of Robert Hering of Howick, since he

    GREY, Charles (1764-1845), of Howick, Northumb.

    (1764-1845), of Howick, Northumb. Constituency Dates Northumberland 6 July 1786 1807 Appleby 25 May 1807 July 1807 Tavistock 20 July 1807 14 Nov. 1807 Ofifces Held P.C. 5 Feb. 1806; first ld. of Admiralty Feb.-Sept. 1806; sec. of state for

  • * Victoria County History *

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    Townships Howick

    Richard de Howick , gave his son John land which the said Richard had had of the feoffment of Robert son of Hugh de Howick ; ibid. no. 295. There were various families surnamed Howick . Warine de Howick granted

    The parish of Penwortham PENWORTHAM PARISH .

    were applied to apprenticing, two to the poor of Howick , and the rest to those of Penwortham and Middleforth. Under the Act of 1894 the parish councils of Penwortham and Howick appoint two trustees each, who act with the

    Townships Longton

    to John son of Richard de Howick , who had married his daughter Ellen; ibid. fol. 101. Nicholas Freckleton in 1440 made a sale to Thomas Farington ; ibid. fol. 104 b . The Howick family often occurs in connexion

    Townships Penwortham

    Penwortham, Faring ton , Howick and Longton , the grange of Penwortham with the demesnes, fishings and turbaries there, various messuages, lands, water-mill, windmill, rents, fisheries in Ribble and Asland, & c., in Penwortham, Middleforth, Howick , Longton , Hawe,

    Townships Farington

    34; xxv, no. 22. There was no separate tenure for the manors of Farington , Howick and Longton . The manor of Farington with Howick and a fourth part of the manor of Longton were held by Edward Fleetwood in

  • * British History Online * *

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    Index, H, I, 01 January 1583-31 December 1589

    de Grace (Newhaven); 28, 33, 113, 195, 432. governor of; 331. Hawden Bryge ; 292. Hawe , Andrew; 106. Hawick (Howick); 292, 404. Hawking ; 73. Hawkins : Sir John; 364. John, Treasurer of the Admiralty; 10 3. John; 306.

    Border Papers volume 1, March 1580, 01 March 1580-31 March 1580

    like." Alnwick Lordship Roll. Rock, a village of William Lawsones esquire, with 16 tenants, 6 only furnished. No cause shown. Howick, a village of Sir Thomas Greyes and other gentlemen, with 19 tenants, 4 only furnished. No cause shown. North Subscribers-only content

    Border Papers volume 1, September 1584, 01 September 1584-30 September 1584

    spear" 7. Dunston, horse none, foot 2, with spear only, 4. Craster, horse 1, foot 2, with spear only, 2. Howick, horse none, foot 3, with spear only, 14. Hawkill village, horse none, foot 3, with spear only, 5. Loughoughton Subscribers-only content

    Index, G, 01 July 1560-01 December 1594

    Eshett, p. 21. John: horseman, Fenton, p. 157. John: horseman, Howick, p. 161. John, of Bramery: spoiled, p. 440. Lyonell: horseman, Wooler, p. 157. Michael: unfurnished, p. 46. Nic.: horseman, Howick, p. 161. Ralph, of Horton: his lands, & c., Subscribers-only content

    Cecil Papers, October 1587, 01 October 1587-31 October 1587

    manner, in Stirlingshire, File, Lothian, Muirhouse, the Marske, East and West, Teviotdale and from Peebles to Dumfries, from thence to Howick, from thence to Jedburgh. Whether the appointment of the Warden's and mine, the 2nd and 3rd of the next

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Friday week being darsthod to be tbe day on which Earl Glaw would pass thrbh -Aliwiek on, ins road to Howick, a -number of- tbe iihabitants of that, plte met his Lordship at -the toil-bar, to O.X- pge- their gratitude Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT. HIOUSE OF LORDS. MONDAY, FEB. S. Thecurates' Bill was read a third timeand passed. COMMERCE. Lord AUCKLAND rose to move that there be laid before thle Ecuse a Stdtenient of the Imports and Exports for the last Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Grey was received 'm ith enthusiastic approbation atChester-le-street, Alnwick, and Howick. His carriage was drawn by the people, an address of thanks was voted to him at Alnwick, and at Howick (his place of residence) there was a dinner and Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    all possible representative systems, in which he boldly tells us ' there are no grievances.?-Yoursk L. NEWCASTLE DINNER TO LORD HOWICK. L~ord Howlcri, the son of Earl Grey, is a candidate for the representa- tion of Northumberland, and a dinner Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    to be in favour of Lord Howick and Mr Liddell-a poll was however demanded by the friends of Mr Beaumont and Mr Bell, which immediately commenced, and on Wednesday stood thus :-Liddell, 262; Bell,232; Howick, 202; Beau. mont, 174i BrEDFORDSHtIRE.-Mr Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    24 January 1728, 24 January 1729

    the Court of Chancery, the 17th of December 1711, made on the Behalf of Henry Grey Efquire, Henry Grey of Howick, John Grey, and Richard Nevill Aldfworth; and praying, " That fo " much of the faid Decree, as relates Subscribers-only content

    10 February 1728, 10 February 1729

    and Cbriflopher Border are Appellants, and Humphry " Dene Efquire is Refpondent:" As alfo, the Anfwer of Henry Grey of Howick Efquire _ _ „, TT .„ „ and John Grey Gentleman, to the Appeal of Charles l£ * OR°ERE?>. Subscribers-only content

    14 March 1728, 14 March 1729

    the faid Ralph Lord Grey for that Purpofe:" As alfo upon the Anfwers of Henry Grey Efquire, Henry Grey of Howick Efquire, John Grey Gentleman, and Richard Neville Aldfworth, put iri to the faid Appeal; and due Confideration and Debate Subscribers-only content

    28 February 1774, 28 February 1774

    the Reverend John Rotheram Clerk, Rector of Houghton le Spring, in the County of Durham ; Sir Henry Grey of Howick, in the County of Northumber¬ land, Baronet; Henry Grey of Balmbrough, in the faid County, Gentleman ; John Anderfon Subscribers-only content

    29 October 1801, 29 October 1801

    Ds. Cawdor J Ds. Carrington* Ds. Bayning. Ds. Bolton, Ds. Wodehoufc. Ds. Northwick. Ds. Lilford. Ds. Alvanlcy. Ds. Grey of Howick. Ds. Thomond. Comes Londonderty. Comes Onßow. Vifcount Falmouth. "Vifcount Wentworth. Vifcount Maynard. Vifcount Hampden. Vifcount Sydney. Vifcount Hood. Vifcount Subscribers-only content

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    Thomas Standeven, notary public Participant: Robert Ladyman [Ladyman] Role: witness Details: male; 66; clerk Employment: curate of Howick Location: Howick (Northumberland) Place(s): Howick (Howycke) : ecclesiastical parish Durham (Dunelm) : diocese Participant: Arthur Shafto [Shaftoo] Role: witness Details: male; 53;


    Horseholme (Horseholme) : undefined Cannot identify Location: Croston (Lancashire) Place(s): Much Hoole (Great Hoole) : undefined Location: Penwortham (Lancashire) Place(s): Howick (Howicke) : township Location: Eccleston (Lancashire) Place(s): Eccleston (Eccleston) : ecclesiastical parish Location: Leyland (Lancashire) Place(s): Whittle Le Woods

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    Hilton Lodge

    0 Meeting Places S.A.W.A.S. Hall, Howick, Natal, Natal Province, South Africa 1948 Lions Club Hall, Hilton, Natal, Natal Province, South Africa 1999 Public Hall, Hilton Road, Natal, Natal Province, South Africa 1911 Agricultural Hall, Howick, Natal, Natal Province, South Africa


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