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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Houses of Gilbertine canons Priory of St Mary , Poulton

    used at the surrender: it shows a figure in a niche, over a shield of arms resembling that of the Howards . Poulton was transferred to Glos. in 1844 : 7 & 8 Vic., cap. 61. Cal. Pat . 1343-5


    no detailed account of the estate can be given. There was nothing to rival it after the Dissolution, but the Howards , earls of Suffolk and of Berkshire , held four of the abbey's manors, c . 10,000 a. after

    West Ham Ancient mills

    cf. 30 Nov. 1616 ). Ibid. 48/1, f. 100. Ibid. ff. 132-6. Ibid. f. 138. Ibid. f. 231. Howards & Sons Ltd., Howards : 1797-1947 . E.R.O., D/DB T782; cf. T/P 48/1 f. 194; W.H.L., Clayton , Surv. W. Ham

    Parishes Lingfield

    found that William Cawarden had been the rightful heir and that Robert was merely tenant in the manor which the Howards held. 138 It remained in this family until the latter part of the 18th century. 139 Ann Dowager Countess


    Norfolk and descended with that portion of the barony. In the 16th century it was thus held half by the Howards , Dukes of Norfolk and Earls of Arundel , and the other half by the Earls of Derby .

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    ELSDEN, John.

    marriage connexion between the Howards and the Paulets, one of whom, Lord St. John, was high steward of Lyme Regis, and (2) George Elsden’s admiralty connexions. Both Reigate and Bletchingley were under the influence of the Howards of Effingham. There

    BUC, George (c.1563-1622), of London and Chichester, Suss.

    the first part of the Tudor period. They were connected with the Heighams and Tilneys of Suffolk[footnote] and with the Howards. Buc’s grandfather, Robert Buc of Melford Hall, Suffolk, was with Norfolk at Flodden. Buc himself was probably educated at

    CLARKE, John, of London and Hurtmore, Surr.; later of Battle, Suss.

    himself, a common lawyer. Clarke’s marriage connected him with the Howards of Bindon, and there was a distant connexion with the Howards of Effingham, but it is unlikely that the Howards had anything to do with his return to the

    COKER, John (?1523-1607), ?of Bicester, Oxon.

    have been the 1563 Bletchingley MP. No connexion has been established between any of them and either Bletchingley or the Howards of Effingham, who owned the borough.Hutchins, Dorset, iii. 723; Paroch Colls. (Oxf. Rec. Soc. ii), 39; PCC 16 Wallop,

    FULLER, Bostock (1566-1625), of Tandridge, Surr.

    of Bletchingley and obtained his seat in the Commons for Elizabeth’s last Parliament. He was no doubt known to the Howards of Effingham, the dominant local family. By 1608 he was a j.p. and negotiating a marriage for his eldest

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Book 1, Chapter 24 ROYAL SOCIETY. The Repository.

    Mr. William Derham . Mr. Samuel Treasurer. The Secretary. The Curators. The electing Members by Ballotting. Their Library. L. H. Howards Books. A Repository. D. Colwell, Esq; The Rarities in the Musæum. J. S. Dr. Neh. Grew. Musæum. R. B

    Book 3, Chapter 1 Vintrie Ward. [Tower Royal.]

    to the Kings of England , was inhabited by the first Duke of Norfolk , of the Family of the Howards ; granted unto him by King Richard the Third . For so I find in an old Ledger Book

    Book 4, Chapter 7 The Parish of St. Clement Danes. Streets, &c.

    Norfolk Buildings, formerly the Bishop of Bath 's Inn: Which in Process of Time came to the Family of the Howards , Dukes of Norfolk , the late Duke dwelling there. It then was a very large and old built

  • * British History Online *

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    STEPHENSON, Edward

    Male Primary occupation medical apothecary ((Sweet) grocer. Ointment seller. Apothecary to Howards 1577) Period of medical practice 1550-1570 Other notes Accused & imprisoned 1560 after persistent non-appearance. Censorial hearings 1559-60 Entry 'But the grocers Edward Stephenson, Hugh Morgan, Thomas Grey

    Debates in 1691, December 17th-31st, 17 December 1691-31 December 1691

    and 2, Omitted ] Which see p . 212. This Answer is not inserted in the Journal. Four of the Howards , his Kinsmen, condemned him. Lord Arundel , afterwards Duke of Norfolk , though in enmity with him, did

    Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694, City of London, Queenhithe Ward, Fifth precinct

    (Colonel) 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Comment: Stock/no fig given. - , - 1.00 5.00 0.00 0.00 Comment: Empty late P Howards. Reynolds , Robert 9.00 45.00 1.80 150.00 - , - 1.40 7.00 0.00 0.00 Comment: Clark of Roberts. Occupation:


    to reconcile the young Earl of Essex and the Devereux faction to the Earl of Salisbury who, supported by the Howards, had suppressed the rebellion of the Earl's father in 1601, with fatal results to that colourful and impetuous nobleman.

    Cecil Papers, 1629, 01 January 1629-31 December 1629

    rewards. January 4 To the Kings Treumpetters. 1 0 0 March 10 To my Lo: Howards barber for cutteinge my Lo. Cranborne and Mr Roberts haire. 0 5 0 May 1 To my Lord of Carlile his barber that brought

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    NEWSPAPER CfHAT. On Monday an Excisenjan attacked a cart passing through St. John-sireet, in which his quick eye had discovered a barrel half-covered with a sack. In place of " mountain dew," however, his prize proved to be water Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    and the Irish Associations until -his attack rpoa tat -body; but now every Catholic in Ealand! from; the Earl-Marshal, the Howards, the Talbote, and the Arundels, down to the meanest peasant, was pledged to link his fate with that of Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    state, 'without heat , or pressure of rth-W eeve.- ~Medic'at gentlernen are invited te writness the suc- :ces& of Mr Howards Lumontim;Terrh-Mettllic. Nnt.lrst and Artificial Teeth :[fixted or :an zimroedl )ricnoiplefrom ai aingie tnth rtoa 1cplete set.-52 Fleet: SBtreet, and Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    aboli- tion. I could not without shame behold the sacrifices of wealth and in- fluence made by the Rumsells, the Howards, and the Smiths, if I refused to give all that I have to offer, and all that is demanded Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    COMMERCE AND TRADE. The improvement which we noted in the Manchester market in our report of' last week has sustained itself and some more goods have been ordered fbr the Meditecra' nean trade, which, now the affairs of the Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    18 April 1796, 18 April 1796

    Houfe, That they have agreed to their Lord- fhips Amendment made thereto. Upon reading the Petition of the Reverend Nicholas Howards for Ifaac Hill Clerk, the Guardian of Robert Howard an In- a. Naturaliza- fantof the Age of Eighteen Years, Subscribers-only content

    21 April 1796, 21 April 1796

    It was refolved in the Affirmative. Meflages te H. G. that the Lords have agreed to the Two preceding Bills. Howards Naturaliza* tioa Bill, Bsfrnwood, &c Enclo¬ se Bill. ¦En- *ire Bill. The Lord Walfingham made the like Report from Subscribers-only content

    29 April 1796, 29 April 1796

    710 journals of the Houfe of Lords. A* 1796. Howards' Naturaliza» tion Bill. Old Malton linclofuie Bill. " ing to the Lordfliip of Caifior, in the County of " Lincoln•" to which they defire the Concurrence of this Houfe. Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Lords, 12 Car. II - 13 Ann. Vols. XI - XIX

    to be served with Notice that the Bill is committed, and Time allowed to offer Reasons, 593 a. Petitions of Howards against him, 29 and 30 Car. 2. vide Howard, Edward. to answer Petition of Howard for him to waive Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Lords, 20-60 Geo. III, Vols. XXXVI - LII

    to answer, xxxviii. 537 a. Answer, 545 b. Hearing appointed, 546 b. Orders affirmed, 31 Geo. 3. xxxix. 82 b. HILL, REV: NICHOLAS ISAAC: Guardian of Howards ;-Petition for a Bill for their Naturalization, 36 Geo. 3. vide Howard, Robert. Subscribers-only content


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