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  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    holl wledydd hyn maent yn fwy na 7 yn y cant. Yn Spaen Babaidd nid ydynt yn 6, ac yn Holland Brotestanaidd uid ydynt yn 4 yn y cant. Dengys hyn nas gall y Protestant a'r Pabydd fforddio taflu cerig Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Yn awr pa beth ydynt y ffeithiau gyda golwg ar hyn eto ? Yn 1859-60-61 danfonasom allan i Ftrainc, Belgium, Holland, a Germany 353,182,255 o galicoes; yn 1860-67-68 anfonasomn allan i'r gwledydd hyny 514,720,336 o latbeni-cy- nydd o 160,538,081 o Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    gwerthodd hi i "Lord Pal merston & Co." ac y cytunodd y Mr. Holland presenol i agor chwarel arall yr un flwyddyn, yr hon a elwir Chwarel Holland, ac y mae yn ei gweithio hyd I heddyw gan roddi gwaith Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    MR. HOLLAND. (ODDIWRTH OHEBYDD.) Fel yr awgrymwyd yn ein diweddaf, diolch i nerth a doethineb y blaid Ryddfrydig, ac i hunanymwadiadiad a mawrfrydigrwydd y gwa- hanol ymgeiswyr a ymbarotoent i'r gad. y mae Meirionydd allan o berygl. Y mae gwr Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    fedd, fel ein cynrychiolydd. Yr oedd yno dri bon- eddwr yn barod i ymladd eiu rhyfeloedd yn erbyn y Toryaid,-Samnuel Holland, Yswain, Glanwilliam; Charles Edwards, Yswain, Dolserau; a Morgan Lloyd, Yawain, Llundain. Trwy ryw ddylanwadau rhoddodd y ddau foneddwr olaf Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    HOLLAND, Thomas I (d.c.1618), of Dartmouth, Devon.

    HOLLAND, Thomas I (d.c.1618), of Dartmouth, Devon. Constituency Dates Dartmouth 1593 Dartmouth 1604 Ofifces Held Mayor, Dartmouth 1597. Biography Holland was a Dartmouth merchant who took a prominent part in the purchase of the Madre de Dios, a Spanish carrack,

    HOLLAND, Thomas II (1577-c.1643), of Plas Berw, Llanidan and Tai Cochion, Trefarthen, Anglesey.

    HOLLAND, Thomas II (1577-c.1643), of Plas Berw, Llanidan and Tai Cochion, Trefarthen, Anglesey. Constituency Dates Anglesey 1601 Ofifces Held J.p.q. Anglesey from c.1601, sheriff 1608-9, 1621-2, 1640-1; capt. of trainbands, Tindaethwy hundred, Anglesey 1614; dep. lt. by 1637. Biography

    HOLLAND, Owen (d.1601), of Plas Berw, Llanidan, Anglesey.

    HOLLAND, Owen (d.1601), of Plas Berw, Llanidan, Anglesey. Constituency Dates Anglesey 1584 Ofifces Held Escheator, Anglesey 1574-5, j.p. from c.1583, sheriff 1590-1, 1598-9. Biography Of Lancashire origin, a branch of the Holland family settled at Plas Berw early in the

    HOLLAND, Sir John (c.1669-c.1724), of Quidenham Hall, Norf.

    led to a rupture with the Townshends, but Holland was still returned at the head of the poll.[footnote]A teller on 19 Nov. 1702 against John Grobham Howe* in an election case, Holland also told on 9 Dec. against going into

    FOX, Hon. Henry Edward (1802-1859).

    to the pretentious wit and intellectualism of adult society at Holland House, which he grew to hate. He always admired and loved his father, but became increasingly alienated from Lady Holland. Above all, as an indolent, wilful, cynical young man,

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Friday 10th May 1839

    "certainly". I enquired what the Cabinet felt, & he said "John Russell strongly for standing out. Duncannon very much so; Holland , Ld Minto , Hobhouse, the Ld Chancellor , - all, for standing out, also Thomson & Normanby. Rice

    Tuesday 16th July 1839

    205-207 Featured Names Col: Cavendish Dss Mary Duke of Leuchtenberg Fanny J.Russell Lady Conyngham Lady Fanny Howard Lady Holland Ld Belfast Ld Byron Ld Surrey Ld: Melbourne Lord Belfast Lord Byron Lord Gardner Lord Surrey Tartar Featured Places Holland Russia

    Thursday 10th October 1839

    4. He was well; talked of my having a headache and sore eyes &c. Lord M.had a letter from Lady Holland ; “I don't think you can read it”,said Lord M.; and he read it to me; she wishes one

    Tuesday 31st December 1839

    the 2nd) & Ld John Russell dined. Sat between him, & Ld Melbourne who said there were "bad news from Holland ," contained in a Despatch, which reported that the King was obstinate, & that they wouldn't note him his

    Tuesday 5th August 1851

    her to spend the night here, which she gratefully accepted. - M. Van de Weyer amused us by stories of Holland . - It blew a perfect gale. - Further Details Journal Entry Place of writing Version (Principal Royal Residence)

  • * John Foxe's The Acts and Monuments Online *

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    Quene Mary. The Examination of Roger Holland, Martyr.

    Examination of Roger Holland, Martyr.An. 1558. Iune.Byshop began with him.Hollād, I for my part do wish well vnto thee, & the more for thy frendes sake. And as Doct.Standish telleth me, you and he were both borne in one Parish,

    Q. Mary. The Examinations of Roger Holland, Martyr.

    Examinations of Roger Holland, Martyr.Anno. 1558. the daunger of the lawe, I would wish you to play a wise mans part: So shal you not want any fauour I can do or procure for you, both for your own

    K. Henry. 8. A Table of Martyrs which suffered in Germanie.

    by the Crane at Ant-werpe.1524.Ioannes Pistorius, Martyr.Margarete,daughterof Maximilian, prin-ces of Holland.M. Mon-tane.M. Rose-munde.M. Anchu-sanus In-quisitors.M. Ioduc9Loueryng,Vicare ofMechlin.Ioan. Pi-storius, alearnedmā of Holland, andpartly ofkinne toEras. Ro-terod.1524.The story of Pistorius is largelyset forth by Gnapheus. First hewas a priest, then he maried:

    Q. Mary. The examination and aunswers of Roger Holland Martyr.

    and aunswers of Roger Holland Martyr.Anno 1558. Iune.but since you be now in the daunger of the law, I would wish you to playe a wise mannes parte: So shall you not want any fauoure I can doe or procure

    Book 4, page 411 (1563)

    Pater, no filius, no spiritus sanctus. This article the said Nicolas acknowledged to confyrme hys owne person.Item that vpon al Holland day in the time of eleuation of high masse, when as many of the parishoners of Eye, lighted many


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