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  • * British History Online *

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    Spain, February 1543, 21-28, 01 February 1543-28 February 1543

    place where the Council was to be celebrated. Milan the Turk, & c. I had so often spoken to His Holin ess on the Colonna business, though without success, that I refrained from mentioning the affair again in his presence.

    Edward VI, October 1551, 03 October 1551-30 October 1551

    go were detained shall be known. Four days will not pass before all about it is known. This morning his Holin ess rose from bed and walked a little through the rooms, having been for six days confined by the

    Henry VIII, October 1531, 1-15, 01 October 1531-31 October 1531

    his Holiness ( sic ) that within so few audience they should come to sentence, and leave justice." So his Holin ess will excuse the Emperor, and take all the blame upon himself. The Pope said I misinterpreted both the

    Spain, July 1531, 1-25, 01 July 1531-31 July 1531

    affair having been duly examined in the Royal Council [of Castille ] , the Empress addressed a letter to His Holin ess explaining the whole affair, and pointing out the inconveniences arising from such an interdict. The archbishop of Toledo

    Index, H, 01 January 1524-31 December 1530

    4229 (7), 4547, 4697, 5024, g. 5243 (28), g. 5083 (10, 11), 5954, 6112, 6329. -, -, letter from, 107. Holin , Hanso, 2963, 3346. -, -, letter from, 3346. Holinshed , Ralph, g. 5406 (22). -, -, Marg., his

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    R. Edwards, Aberdovey, ,rriorethshire, draper-December 10, S. Milne, Liverpool, painter -December 12, J. Britain, sen. Birmingham, jeweller-December 10, J. Aslsbarry, Holin Lacy, ilerefordshire, farmer-Decernber 16, W. Butterill, Sheffield, grocer-Decemlber 11, P. Loraine, New- castle-upon-Tyne, bookseller-December 11, P. Hansen, New- castle-uposs-Tyne, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    nit election, (A laugh.) re- Aknother course, gessilesnen, is for the Pr'nime inister 3n, hoet to resigit, bitt to (Is-solve. Holin ma 4id- to we tas'e all saul - asid we all, I beliuvo, lie frirmly hol[d that rnothing cats Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Public Amusmelnto. IMMESE UCCES -~I.T NIGHT. PRINCE O F W ALES TH EA Br et E CIOVENT GARDEN GRAND ENGLISH OPER. COb T AVPAN , WILLN.I'FEARt ONV XA STER IONYDA4Y NE3XT. I;I IProIsptiue cSan to blr ot~bitahOnIed{iRLt t~hie BOX Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    -Apply to Samu el Troute, Great Ha-tonltn St. c273Ti X7ANTl-D, aL spurt, iritolligeat GIRL. to go soi Ei-ransls.-Apslly WT atH Holin Lodlge, Noii Stood, Esgighaeter. .C6 ~ANTED, a goodi Press GIRL; also at Girl inicul to Pal ishim" 'at W Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    WV 1-lsil- 0ulsnbairooe, 0.44,12r1 lost.rc-Ad,6 - seeSAITrMSel.-WVANTED, bya re2TUA'Ible7a younsgaid. orl i- SITUATEl) a m IT ATboNe. toi sirstcina iar Holin tor . ilir~~ IetV hoot thEe sselo-ssre,53, otOle iue3e Marli. crytn 6rpm1lo 4 l 'y a7 1peacsay anE AG Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    Appendix, 10 December 1829

    unius feodi militis. Concessimus insup pfato comiti p nob & heredib3 nfis 8c hac carta nfa confirmavimus qd manlia de Holin & Glattofi cum ^tin in deo coin Huntyngdon que Isabella Regina Angt mat nfa carissima ad ?minu vite sue Subscribers-only content

    16 December 1707, 16 December 1707

    468 16° Decetnbris. A. 1707, Privilege of a Member under Arreft. of Ely, in the King's Name, that they fhould proceed That this was the.Cafe of Thomas Thorpe: And there to the Eleftion of another Speaker with all goodly Subscribers-only content

    Part I. Correspondence respecting the affairs of Italy. 1846-1847., 1849

    23 Of No. 16. Sir George Hamilton to Viscount Palmerston (Received August 7.) k>rd» Lucca, July 29, 1846. I AM informed that a council composed of clergy and laity has been nomi¬ nated at Rome to report upon a Subscribers-only content

    Part I. Correspondence respecting the affairs of Italy. 1846-1847., 1849

    information of Viscount Palmerston, that his Emine: \) the Secretary of State, Cardinal Gizzi, gave in his resignation to His Holin -s on the 6th, the day affr the signing of the notification for the establishing f the civic guard. Subscribers-only content

    Part I. Correspondence respecting the affairs of Italy. 1846-1847., 1849

    No. €7. Sit Ge&rge ihamSUm to Vunmt Pab$*utoiL—(Itetmmd Jugmt 2) My Lord, Harm*, J% 24. 1847. I HAVE the honour to inclose for your Lordship's information, a despatch which I have received from Mr. Petre, by which I am Subscribers-only content

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