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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Hornsey , including Highgate Social and cultural activities

    1840 according to Prickett, Highgate , 98. Highgate Cong. Chap. Yr. Bk . ( 1861 ), 58, ( 1862 ), 66 (copy in Highgate Lit. and Sc. Inst.). Prickett, Highgate , 99. Lloyd, Highgate , 476. Highgate Cong. Chap. Yr.

    Hornsey , including Highgate Charities for the poor

    at or near Highgate and £4 for those at Kentish Town or between there and Highgate . The poor of Hornsey were to have £6 subject to the sa tisfactory location of the testator's monument in Highgate chapel. 8 There

    Schools Highgate School

    Schools Highgate School HIGHGATE SCHOOL 73 In 1565 a free school for the education of boys and young men in grammar was founded in Highgate by Sir Roger Cholmeley , Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench. The right to frame

    List of maps

    of Highgate were drawn by K. J. Wass of the Department of Geography, University College, London , from drafts prepared by Diane K. Bolton , T. F. T. Baker , and M. A. Hicks . The map of Highgate is

    Hornsey , including Highgate Judaism

    Hornsey , including Highgate Judaism JUDAISM. Defoe found Highgate a favourite retreat of wealthy Jews, who lived there 'in good figure', served by their own butchers and other tradesmen. He also heard that there was a private synagogue, 1 which

  • * John Strype's Survey of London Online *

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    Appendix 1, Chapter 14 St. Pancrase.

    renewed An. 1668 , by the Governours of the said School. Sub hoc marmore requiescunt exuviæ RICHARDI GOWER, Armigeri, de Highgate in Comitat. Middlesexiæ. Qui amicis & bonis omnibus charus vixit, flebilis occidit, & c. 12 Dec. 1688 . Honoris

    Appendix 1, Chapter 14 The Circuit Walk. Islington. Highgate.

    Anno Dni. 1690 . Churchwardens. ] Nicolas Rufford ,} James Porter , } CHAPEL at HIGHGATE. A Little farther stands the pleasant Town of Highgate , very loftily situated, according to the Import of its Name, giving a noble Prospect

    Book 1, Chapter 27 Greenwich Hospital.

    deceased, An. 1708 . an honourable Gentleman of Leicestershire , gave to this Royal Hospital 2000l. Mr. Osbaldston, late of Highgate , deceased, bequeathed about 22000l. to this and another charitable Fund, viz. For the Augmentation of small Vicarages. For

    Book 5, Chapter 29 [Hand in Hand] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Fire Office.]

    of Mortality; as also to Chelsey , Kensington , Kensington Gravel -Pits, Paddington , Marybone , Pancras , Hampsted , Highgate , Stoke-Newington , and Camberwel. Each Policy to contain but one House, unless where two or three small Houses

    Book 4, Chapter 3 Suburbs. St. James Clerkenwel. Benefactors.

    St. James , not only for the Tenants and near Inhabitants, but also (as is aforesaid) for all up to Highgate , Moswell, & c. Near unto this Church, besides Clerks Well , lie divers other Wells, as I told

  • * British History Online *

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    Middlesex Sessions Rolls, 1625

    17 January, 22 James I. True Bill that, at Islington co. Midd. on the said day, Robert Atkins late of Highgate yoman, and at that time sub-bailiff to Thomas Bancrofte gentleman Bailiff of the Right Reverend George by God's permission

    Appendix, Further additions

    HORNSEY. Farther particulars relating to Highgate school . There is another charter of Queen Elizabeth 1 , of a date prior to that spoken of in the account of Sir Roger Cholmeley's "free grammar-school" at Highgate, p. 64, 65. By

    House of Commons Journal Volume 2, 08 November 1641, 08 November 1641-08 November 1641

    Mr. Carter , of Highgate , and he would justify what he said, if he were called to Account for it." Person sent for. Resolved , upon the Question, That Mr. Carter , the Schoolmaster of Highgate , shall be


    free. Highgate . The populous hamlet of Highgate is situated in the parishes of Hornsey and Pancras. The chapel and two-thirds of the village being in Hornsey, I shall treat of it here. Name and etymology . Tollgate . Highgate

    Of Leprose people and Lazar houses

    12. of his raigne, giue vnto the said W. for euer, a certaine parcell of his land, lying in his high way of Highgate, and Haloway, within the Countie of Middlesex, containing 60. foote in length, & 34. in breadth.

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    .TRECASTELL. ESiAMPL DEILWrNG 0 EFELYCFIAD.-YmddangOsodd bysbysiad yn y GOLBUAD er's ycbydig fisoedd yn ol fod y foneddiges o Dolaugwynion, ger Lianymnddyfri, yn bwriadu adeiladu capel ar ei thraul ei bun, ae ar eihbeti- feddiaeth ei hun. Y mae yn Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Anfonwyd ' dirprwyaeth i ganlyn y ddeiseb ; see y Parch. W. S. Williams, curad; Mri. E. Jonathan, David Owen, Highgate; a Daniel Wil- liams, LlwynygeUl. Ac yu gymaint a bod y blaid dafarnol wedi llogi eyfreithiwr dewr o Porthmadog, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    o weinidoggioc yr Annibynwyr sr gychwyn taith gyda'u gilydd drwy Wlad Canaan, sof y Parchn. Dr. Raleigh, Canonbury; Josiah Viney, Highgate, ac R. Bruce, o Hudersfield. Y mae adolygwyr y cyfleithiad o'r Testament New ydd, meddir, am gyhoeddi hence en Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    bresenol, W a Puillips, Penmaenmawr; D. Williams, cadeirydd 0 Bwrid Ysgol Ffestiniog; Hugh Jones, masnaehydd, 9 Bank Place; David Owen, Highgate; W. Jones, iL (Ffestinfab), W. Humphreys, (Elihu.), Miss Greaves, y &c. Yn canlyn wele restr o'r prif destynan a'r Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    a Lewis Jones, Palasan; 'Ellis Tko- d' mas, Peniel Terrace; Miss Ann Jones, Heangael, &e Cerddorol'-PeterJonesi, Pantllwyd; James Lloyd a Highgate; cwmniau. tyan Roberts, Ty'rcapel, a Jane di Lloid, B. Roberts, eto, &c. Barddonol:-Mri, T P Dervel Jones, John Cosi Subscribers-only content

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    BLOXAM, Matthew (1744-1822), of Highgate, Mdx.

    (1744-1822), of Highgate, Mdx. Constituency Dates Maidstone 14 July 1788 1806 Ofifces Held Sheriff of London 1787-8, alderman 1803-21; storekeeper to the stationery office 1818-21. Biography Bloxam was a partner in the firm of wholesale stationers, Foudrinier, Bloxam, and Walker,

    CHOLMLEY, Jasper (c.1539-87), of Highgate, Mdx.

    and land in Somerset, Kent or Surrey went to each of his younger sons and £400 apiece to his unmarried daughters. A small annuity went to Highgate School, and he remembered the poor both of Highgate and St. John’s, Worcester.[footnote]

    FITZROY, Hon. George Ferdinand (1761-1810), of Highgate, Mdx.

    Ferdinand (1761-1810), of Highgate, Mdx. Constituency Dates Bury St Edmunds 1784 Jan. 1787 Ofifces Held Lt. 3 Drag. 1778; capt. 14 Ft. 1780; capt. 41 Ft. 1787; maj. 51 Ft. 1792; lt.-col. 1 Ft. Gds. 1793; col. 1796; col. 34

    HODGES, Richard (by 1523-72), of Westminster and Highgate, Mdx.

    1523-72), of Westminster and Highgate, Mdx. Constituency Dates Westminster Apr. 1554 Westminster 1555 Westminster 1559 Ofifces Held Marshal of the Exchequer 1553-d.; churchwarden, St. Margaret’s, Westminster in 1558; escheator, Kent and Mdx. 1561-2, 1568-9; gov. Highgate g.s. 1565. Biography Richard

    BAKER, Richard (c.1568-1645), of Highgate, Mdx.; later of Middle Aston, Oxon.

    (c.1568-1645), of Highgate, Mdx.; later of Middle Aston, Oxon. Constituency Dates Arundel 1593 East Grinstead 1597 Ofifces Held Sheriff, Oxon. 1620-1. Biography Baker, a well-known religious and historical writer of his day, was descended from Sir John Baker, Henry VIII’s

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    no name is given

    79, appears in the Pocket Companion, Dublin, 1735, at "The Hoop, in Water Street, in Philadelphia.." There is no evidence of the existence of such a Lodge on the English Registers. Meeting Places The Castle, High Street, Highgate, London 1731

    Highgate Lodge

    Highgate Lodge (1366) Lodge Details SN notes: Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1871 Warrant of Constitution: 20 July 1871 Cons. 25 Sept. 1871 Date of Royal Medal: Date of Freemasons Medal: Numeration 1894 onwards: 1366 Lodge Number (1729): 0

    Union Lodge

    and Crown, Stricklandgate, Kendal, Westmoreland 1774 White Lion, Stricklandgate, Kendal, Westmoreland 1779 White Hart, Highgate, Kendal, Westmoreland 1797 Commercial Inn, Highgate, Kendal, Westmoreland 1804 White Hart, Highgate, Kendal, Westmoreland 1806 Golden Lion, Market Place, Kendal, Westmoreland 1808 White Horse, Stricklandgate,

    Wellfield Lodge

    Number (1832): 0 Lodge Number (1863): 0 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Meeting Places Gatehouse Hotel, Highgate, London, England 1921 Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, Middlesex, England 1924 Northumberland Rooms, Northumberland Avenue, London, England 1931 Freemasons' Hall,

    Tottenham Lodge

    ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Notes (1): Erased due to decreased membership Meeting Places Villa Villa Restaurant, Gerrard Street, London, England 1929 Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street, London, England 1939 Mansfield Bowling Club, Croftdown Road, Highgate, London, England 1976

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    A Bill for Amending the Roads from the Stones-end in the Borough of Southwark in the County of Surrey, to a Place called Highgate, at the Entrance of Ashdown Forest in the Parish of East-Grinsted in t..., 1 August 1719

    ^fe .S tWj--^ i» r/tf Z?0ra/g# #f Southwark /» rfe GMtftfy of Surrey? to # /V^" r^//^ Highgate, *# ?fe £«m"W* of Afhdown Foreft /« ^fe P^fr//^ ^Eaft-Gnnfted /# flfe Gb-wtfy of Suflexj Z^ Ewfer^/V-g /fe T^rar gr/awto// /^ Two Subscribers-only content

    24 May 1712, 24 May 1712

    of Commons, by Mr. Berners and others: With a Bill, intituled, " An AcT: for repairing the " Highway between Highgate (Jatehoufe, in the County " of Middlefex, and Barnet Blockhoufe, in the County " of Hertford-" to which they Subscribers-only content

    30 May 1712, 30 May 1712

    Twice, was agreed to. Hodie 3a vice letla efi Billa, intituled, •' An Aft for " repairing the Highway, between Highgate Gatehaufe, " in the County of Middlefix, and Barnet Bbckhoufc, " in the County of Hertford." Robertfan ¦ver/us Robeitlon. Subscribers-only content

    4 June 1712, 4 June 1712

    Highgate and j^ Meffage was brought from the Houfe of Commons, Barnet Road n ö ° * Bin J by Mr. Berners and others: To return the Bili, intituled, fC An Act for repair- " ing the Highway between Subscribers-only content

    6 June 1712, 6 June 1712

    Royal African Com- " pany of England and their Creditors." " 2. An Aft for repairing the Higlnvay, between " Highgate Gatehoiife, in the County of Middkfex, and " Barnet Blockhoufe, in the County of Hertford" " 2' An Aft Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Wednesday 20th July 1842

    drove out with Alexandrine, Albert & Ernest riding, & the 2 Maids of Honour following. We drove by Hampshead & Highgate , coming home, after 7. - We played on the piano. - Mama & her Lady, the Duke &

    Monday 29th April 1839

    rode " Midnight " who went delightfully. We took a pretty ride, up to Hampstead going a new way by Highgate It was very fine. - Read some papers Ld Melbourne had sent me. - Besides we 13, Ld Albemarle

    Monday 29th April 1839

    Lord Surrey and Col: Buckley . We took a pretty ride, up to Hampstead a new way, and round by Highgate . It was very fine and not so hot as on Saturday. - Read some papers Lord Melbourne sent

    Saturday 9th May 1846

    Italian one. - The dear Queen Dowr lunched with us. - Late in the afternoon we drove to Hampstead & Highgate . It was beautiful out. - We dined alone, afterwards looking at, & arranging prints, & I read to

    Tuesday 26th March 1839

    Victoria Gate , the New Road , into Regent's Park, out at the Gloucester Gate, on towards Tottenham , to Highgate , & back by Portland Place, & home through the Park. It was a fine afternoon, though rather cold


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