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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Parishes Woodcott

    identical with that of Tangley 19 until the later half of the 18th century, when it was purchased by the Herberts and descended to the present Lord Carnarvon. 20 Church The church of ST. JAMES, a small building of flint

    High Laver Introduction

    Cottages. From High Laver church the Harlow road runs west past Church Farm , formerly Whites, and Travellers Joy, formerly Herberts . Both these houses are timber-framed and may date from the 16th century; they have been much restored. A

    Hendon Roman catholicism

    Edward Herbert 's children in Hendon . 5 There were no recusants in the parish in 1593 , after the Herberts had moved, 6 but William Everingham was indicted in 1610 and his wife in 1612 . 7 No indictments

    Parishes Crux Easton

    nephew. 48 The manor then passed to the Kingsmills, from whom it was a few years later purchased by the Herberts and descended to the present Earl of Carnarvon. Park In the latter part of the 13th century there was

    Hendon Churches

    1349 , the abbey presented all the rectors until 1476, 84 when it appropriated the church. 85 In 1550 the Herberts became lay rectors. 86 A vicarage was ordained before 1244. 87 Vicars were appointed by the rectors from 1329

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    PROGER, William John, of Wernddu, Mon.

    the Privy Council in 1581, into riots in Abergavenny that led him into a dispute with the Herberts. On this occasion the Herberts were ordered to keep the peace, whereupon they used their influence with the council in the marches

    HERBERT, Edward (?1700-70), of Muckross, co. Kerry.

    Dec. 1754 26 Sept. 1770 Ofifces Held M.P. [I] 1749-60. Biography The Herberts of Muckross, who had settled in Ireland in the seventeenth century, were descended from the Herberts of Powis. They do not seem to have been of high

    FUELL (FEWELL), John (by 1523-73/75), of Shaftesbury, Dorset.

    return to the first Parliament of Mary’s reign with another Shastonian, John Gapputh, occurred while neither the Arundells nor the Herberts were able to influence elections there, and was probably the only occasion in the century when Shaftesbury was free

    PURCELL, John (d.1665), of Nantcribba, Mont.

    in 1646. Purcell held only minor local office before the return of the secluded Members. As a cousin of the Herberts of Chirbury, and nephew by marriage to the wealthy and childless Edward Vaughan I, who was in prison in

    MANSELL, Anthony (?1532-1601 or later), of Llantrithyd, Glam.

    sheriff being (Sir) George Herbert, but he was to be caught up in the feud between his family and the Herberts: it was scarcely by accident that a Herbert was one of the gang who, as he afterwards told the

  • * British History Online *

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    Parochial Records, Introduction

    as an appanage of the Herbert family. Certainly there is evidence that from the year 1609 down to 1732, the Herberts and their relatives were interred in its vaults. This can be seen on reference to our extracts from the

    Cecil Papers, 1646, 01 January 1646-31 December 1646

    2 4 Aesop fab. graec . Epicteti enchirid . 1 2 Schibleri Topica 3 9 Caesaris comment . 2 9 Herberts Poems 1 0 Q. Curtius 2 0 Thomas Dictionary 5 0 Aristot. de Caelo, de mundo 1 6 It

    Star Chamber Proceedings, Introduction

    were members and adherents of the families of Mathew, Baudrip and Basset on the one hand, and the Lewises and Herberts and their retainers on the other. The Interrogatories and Answers, taken together, show the following facts: A muster of

    Errata and addenda

    to speake with M r Herbert the Pencioner that he will satisfy y t fifty pound out of my Cussen Herberts monie, amp; in the meane while free this poore man who hath bine arrested for it. loving frinde. W.

    Parochial Records, Registers of St. John's, Cardiff, 1669-1751

    e chancell of S t Johns. M rs Ann Herbert was buried in S t Johns p'ish in M r Herberts Ile. Tho s s. of Phil. Thomas of y e dawbin pitts 12 Labourer bur. One poore man from

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Harri V. Disgynyddion i fab hynaf y Syr William hwn ydyw yr Herberts, Iarll Pembroke. 0 fab ieuengach y daeth yr Herberts Cherbury, yr Herberts Powis, a'r Herberts Gwyddelig, Muckross Abbey, Killarney. Dweyd darn fawr o hanesyddiaeth Prydain Fawr fnasai Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ac ymddangosiad eysglyd a thrymllyd. Dywedais hanes teulu Iare Carnarvon yr wythnos ddiweddaf, wrth ddweyd am larll Pembroke. UJn o'r Herberts ydvw. Yr oeddyr larlI Carnarvon cyntef. yr hwn a anwyd yn 1741, ye *yr i Thomas, wythfed Iarll Pembroke Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    ferch, ao etifeddes, Elizabeth, yr hn, dtrwy briodas, a : drAsglwyddodd yr etifeddiaeth tang a. ierthynar ii'r gangen hona o'z herberts i Syr Charles Somerset, wedi hyny Marquis of Worcester, o ba tin y mae y Duc presenol Baufarbt a Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yr Herberta o lhanarth Treowen, a PeDLwyn yn perhau i gel eio gyDrychioli f l y gangenOhenaf o'r oll o'r Herberts er's rhegor nag wyth can mlynedd yn olynol gen etifedd gwrry'w Er dathlisd o'r acilyrur, rhoddwvyd dewna yn Llanartli, Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Pontygoetre, preswylfod Mr. Berrington, ii Dai i'r diweddar Arlwydd Llanover. Yn gywir o'n a blsen Mae Llanarth, hen gaztref yr Herberts, an o'r I teuluoedd Pabyddol hynaf yn Nghymru. Nid yw y a Ilinell achyddol na'r traddodiadau crefydddl wedi eu Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    14 March 1699, 14 March 1700

    Ds. Ferrers. Ds. Eure. Ds. Hunfdon. Ds\ Howard Eß, Ds. Culpeper. Ds. Lucas. Ds. Granville. Ds. Dartmouth* Ds. Jeffreys. Ds. Herberts Whereas Saturday next was appointed for hearing of the Caufes ; one, wherein James Caroll is Appellant, and Sir Subscribers-only content

    6 March 1700, 6 March 1701

    Ds. Lucas. Ds. Rockingham. Ds. Lexington. Ds. Berkeley S. Ds. Granville* Ds. Oftorne* Ds. Dartmouth. Ds. Guilford. Ds. Jeffreys. Ds. Herberts Ds. Haverjhani4 Ds. Sommers. Ds. Halifax. Comes Rochefier. Comes Marlebo- rough. Comes Warring¬ ton. Comes Bradford. Comes Orford. Vifcount Subscribers-only content

    18 June 1717, 18 June 1717

    Bergavenny. Ds. Delawar. Ds. North & Grey. Ds. Hunfdon. Ds; Colepeper. Ds. CornwaUis. Ds. Lumley. Ds. Guilford. Ds. Wefton. Ds. Herberts Ds. Gower. Ds. Rojfe. Ds. Har¦ courti Ds. Boyle. Ds. Hay. Ds. Mont joy. Ds. ManfelL Ds. Middleton. Ds. Subscribers-only content

    20 May 1725, 20 May 1725

    Ds. Cornwallis. Ds. Lynne. ^_'Ke- Ds. Arundel Trer* fieven, Magnus Ca- Ds. Guilford. merarius Anglia. Ds. Waldegrave. xr_...--.. Ds.Wefion. Ds. Herberts Ds. Gower* Ds. Mont joy. Ds. Trevor. merarius Ang Dux Newcafile. Dux Wharton. Dux Chandos. Dux Dorfei. March. Tweeddale Subscribers-only content

    18 March 1725, 18 March 1726

    be fummoned. be committed to following; (vide* Ds. Delawarr* Ds. Clinton. Ds. Hunfdoiii Ds. Compton. Ds. CornwalliSi Ds. Waldegrave* Ds. Herberts Ds. Bathurfi* Ds. Bingley* Ds. Ducie* Sir J. Roufe Whereas Tuefday next is appointed, for Tiearing the Bark/r & Subscribers-only content

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