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    26 November 1689, 26 November 1689

    af¬ firmed. to Robert Selyard, William Turbill, William Harding, by'he'cw Sutler Buggins, John Tayleur, Waller Wallinger, Charles i for ir- Haynes, took their Oaths at this Bar, in order to g'lve t*ie'r Informations to the Committee for Irregula¬ rities. Domini Subscribers-only content

    14 January 1695, 14 January 1696

    rd. The Earl of Bridgewater alfo reported from the Committee, the Bill, intituled, " An Aft to enable " Richard Haynes Efquire to fettle a Jointure on his now " Wife, and to exchange Lands with the Truftees of " Subscribers-only content

    8 December 1697, 8 December 1697

    Thoufand Six Hundred Ninety-fix ; and praying that Francis Haynes may an¬ fwer thereunto: It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo¬ ral in Parliament afiembled, That the faid Francis Haynes may have a Copy of the faid Appeal Subscribers-only content

    11 January 1697, 11 January 1698

    Mafter of the Rolls, the Tenth Day1 of November, One Thoufand Six Hundred Ninety-fix; as alfoupon the Anfwer of Francis Haynes put in there¬ unto ; and due Confideration of what was offered there¬ upon : It is Ordered and Subscribers-only content

    24 April 1701, 24 April 1701

    Anne Hull, Mrs. Mary Long, Mr. Bernard Wentworth and his Wife, John Franckland, Mary Hopkins, Elizabeth Sanders, Dorothy Ciapcoate, Widow Haynes, and Mrs. Anne Underbill, fhall and they ate hereby required to attend this Houfe, as Witneffes, This Day Charles Subscribers-only content

    23 February 1709, 23 February 1710

    a Clock. It is Ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Tempo¬ ral in Parliament affembled, That Jofeph Trapp, Samuel Hilliar, Haynes, Richard Chefwell, and Robert Walker, do attend on Monday the Seven and Twentieth Day of this Inftant February, at Subscribers-only content

    18 May 1720, 18 May 1720

    given to the Appellant, or his Agent, of this Order. D. of Moun- tague's Privi¬ lege : !r Tebbiitt and Haynes to be brought to the Bar. f RAYERS, A Petition of Robert Tebbutt and Richard Hdynes, fa Cuftody of Subscribers-only content

    9 March 1762, 9 March 1762

    prove the unlawful Familiarity and adulterous Con- verfation between Doftor Berrington and Mrs. Haynes ; and gave an Account, " That he is Servant to Mr. " Haynes, and has lived feveral Years with him; that " the firft Time Subscribers-only content

    19 April 1791, 19 April 1791

    Cafe « S. C. » Whalley's Cafe " Heydon v. Godfalve « S. C. - - 1. " Crouch v. Haynes " S. C, " Streater's Cafe - - - " S. C. " Dethick v. Bradbourne " Moor v. Subscribers-only content

    20 January 1795, 20 January 1795

    279 Beckford asjainft Cur¬ ling : Brooke a;Taiiift Haynes et al. Chahner to enter into Re- s peaL Malt Duty Bill: Land Tax Bill: Meflages to H. C. that the Lords have agreed to the Two preceding Bills. Order of Subscribers-only content

    19 April 1796, 19 April 1796

    and Common Arable clofure Bill. " Fields, and extinguifhing the Right of Pafturage upon " a Piece of Land called Haynes Clofe, within the Parifh " of Hanky, otherwife Handley, otherwife Sixpenny /¦ Hanley, in the County of Dorfet" Ordered, Subscribers-only content

    26 April 1796, 26 April 1796

    Open and Commonable Arable Fields, and extin- " guifhing the Right of Pafturage upon a Piece of Land " called Haynes Clofe, within the Parifh of Henley, other- * wife Handley, otherwife Sixpenny Hantey, in the County of Dorftt." " Subscribers-only content

    19 June 1809, 19 June 1809

    horä undecimä. Aurora, Dominis fie decernentibuE. DIE 49 Epus. Ofwald u. o> curry's tion cla to vote E Peers f< Ireland. Refton i Mather Harveys Saltoii to «iter into Recogniz¬ ance on it Haynes i Rnft Whiteheac «a!.«, •trror. Walken Subscribers-only content

    20 June 1809, 20 June 1809

    the Court of King's Bench, in the ufual Manner delivered in at the Table a Writ of Error, wherein, nomas Haynes is Plaintiff, and John Whitehead, Matthew Howard, and John Had' dock, are Defendants. Upon reading the Petition and Appeal Subscribers-only content

    26 January 1810, 26 January 1810

    fBletfot. Bakers of Perth againft Gloag et al. Thomfon againft Clark. etal. Bp. Kilmore takes the Oaths. Haynes againft Whitehead et al: W. am. m. u 'd. Comes Abingdon. Ds. Wodehoufe. Comes Albemarle. Ds. Lilford. Ds. Carysfort. Ds. St. Helens. Subscribers-only content

    27 March 1811, 27 March 1811

    faid it is a Miftake, there is nobody in the Houfe j her Anfwer was to the Maids, Calcott and Haynes, " I hope you are perfectly fatisfied there is nobody in the Houfe." I defired both the Females to Subscribers-only content

    3 April 1811, 3 April 1811

    was at the fame Time. " How did you fee thofe Letters " The Bag fhut in the Middle, and Haynes, Mrs. " Loveden's Maid, and I looked into the Bag, and " turned the Letters over. There were two Subscribers-only content

    3 April 1811, 3 April 1811

    when you took it out of the Bag " Yes, 1 never fhewed it to any Perfon but Elizabeth " Haynes; but fhe had not the whole of it in her Pof- " feffion at any one Time. " How Subscribers-only content

    4 July 1820, 4 July 1820

    nothing in this Act contained shall extend, or be con- " strued to extend, to bind or operate ugainst John Haynes " of Mitcham, in the County of Surrey, Builder and Car- tc penter, his Executors or Administrators, or in Subscribers-only content

    2 March 1829, 2 March 1829

    being read by the Clerk; Ordered, That the said Paper do lie on the Table. A Petition of Daniel Franco Haynes, late of Ashtead, Haynea in the County of Surry, but now of Barnfield, in the Leave for a County Subscribers-only content

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