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    23 April 1765, 23 April 1765

    Journals of the Houfe of Lords. Kent Street and B rmond- fey, Ko.»U Hartfliorn Eiiclofure, Bill. it Hodie 2a vice letla eß Billa, intituled, " An Aft to amend feveral Afts, paffed in the Fourth and Sixth Years of Subscribers-only content

    16 March 1779, 16 March 1779

    Journals of the Houfe of Lords. " and Effect in the Law, without Our Royal Affent " given and put to the faid Acts: And forafmuch " as for divers Caufes and Confiderations, We *' " " cannot conveniently Subscribers-only content

    19 April 1825, 19 April 1825

    nor shall any Action of yours be called in question before me without my defending you to the utmost. The Harts communicated to me your Conversation with them, and your Desire that they would not think differently of me to Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Commons, Volume LXXV, A.D. 1820 - Volume XCII, A.D. 1837

    FOUNDLINGS FRIENDLY SOCIETIES. 563 Foundlings : Bills relative to—confmaee?. To make provision in certain cases for Deserted and Illeo-i- 'te Children in Ireland; Ordered, lxxxv. 118. Presented; *nted; 143- As amended, printed, 397. Petitions against; From, Dublin, St. Michan, Subscribers-only content

    4 June 1713, 4 June 1713

    3,876 ps. 120 yards. qr. s£- 5 3|4 timber. 20 360 162 dozen. Cumin-feeds Almonds, bitter Ariftolochia Sebeftines Horns of Harts - Verdigreafe Labdanurn Lentiles - ^Sal Armonicum - Fleams to let Blood Freece - Flax, undreffed Feathers for Beds Subscribers-only content

    7 March 1787, 7 March 1787

    Horns of Harts, or Stags, imported into this Kingdom. 488. 7?esofced, That it is the Opinion of this Com- mittee, That a Drawback of Four Shillings and Five Pence be allowed upon every One hundred Horns of Harts, or Stags, Subscribers-only content

    7 March 1787, 7 March 1787

    this Com- mittec, That a Duty of One Shilling and Ten Pence be charged upon every One hundred Weight of Harts Hair exported from this Kingdom. 2277. Peso/red. That it is the Opinion of this Com- mittee, That a Duty Subscribers-only content

    14 May 1795, 14 May 1795

    Thrripl-uuJ'g l Escliange p, BiHreprjii^ " aiidp? -^ g Is 4 ie tftnlsy —I ie ie le to .th Report op ' ' Wiiiibrdaii *_ St.Alban'i -^" Canal 10- in committd ^ BUlfurtlm vas coiaidend nto ?ies 'ere Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 3 November 1803

    on Importation into Ireland, of Goods, Wares, &c.—continued. l. Schedule (A.) Harts Horn, fee Horns. llats, Baft, Straw and. Chip Hats or Bonnets - - for every/, loo of the value ___- made of or mixed with Felt Hair, Wool, Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 3 November 1803

    the barrel of other Animals - for every £. 100 of the value, on oath Hams, fee Bacon. Hair; viz. Harts Hair Horie Hair • Human Hair - • Kid's Hair - - Ox or Cow's Hair Not enumerated - Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 27 November 1804

    the barrel of \i gallons ¦ of Iron of Wood Hops ------ Horns; viz. Buffaloes, Cows, Oxen, or Steers - Harts or Stags - the cwt. the. 1,000 the cwt. the loo the loo ¥ 1 not particularly enumerated or Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 7 January 1806

    Goods, Wares, &c.—.(wri/raca'. l. Schedule (A.)—Inwards. Horns, the loo ;m. Buffalo, Cows, Oxen, or Steers - Harts or Stags ----- not particulaily enumerated or defcribed, and Horn 'lips - for every /,". loo of the value Tj-jfes, Mares, or Geldings Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 7 January 1806

    Fur Furrier's Wafte - - - Greaves, or Greafe Guts, Ox Guts - - - of other Animals Hair; riz. Harts - Horfe - • Human Kids Ox, Cows, or Bulls Hartfhorn - - - - Hides, Raw aud Untannet. Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 27 April 1807

    of the value Hare Skins, fee Skins. ¦—"—• Wool, jee Woo!. Harnefs for Carriages, fee Carriages. Harp Strings, fee Catlings. Harts Horns, fee Horns'; Spirits. Hats; p«. Baft, Straw, Cane, and Chip Hats or Bonnets, for every £. 100. of Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 27 April 1807

    Grey Fur Furrier's Wafte Geldings or Nags, fie Horfes. Greaves, or Greafe Guts, Ox Guts •—>—of other animals Hair; viz. Harts Horfe —— Human Kids - Ox, C6w«, or Bulls - Hartfhorn - Hides, raw or untanned Hogs or Pigs Subscribers-only content

    Appendix, 1 November 1814

    k 45 Geo. III. Appendix. 777 Duties of Customs payable on the Importation into Ireland of Goods, &c. and Drawbacks on Exportation thereof—continued. Gum, viz. Ammoniacus, imported directly from the place of its growth the Ib. ------- not imported Subscribers-only content

    16 November 1830, 16 November 1830

    86 16° Novembris. A. 1830. Mart is, 16° die Novembris ; Anno 1° Willielmi IV" Regis, 1830. Prayers. Petitions for abolishing Slavery. A Petition of Inhabitants of the united parishes of Petition Kilcoman and Robin, was presented, and read; Subscribers-only content

    Index, 12 December 1833

    INDEX to the Eighty-eighth Volume. \a.less. SuKcHARGES. Vide Game Certificates. Taxed Caets. Surrey County Gaols ; Petition of the Grand Jury at the late Easter Quarter Sessions for the County of Surrey, com¬ plaining of their having been prevented Subscribers-only content

    An Act for settling disputed Rights respecting Tithes within the Parish of Ashton-under-Lyne in the County Palatine of Lancaster, and for fixing certain annual Payments in lieu thereof. [30th July 183..., 30 July 1831

    124 1" & 2° GULIELMI IV C^.iv. Owners. Lessees. Occupiers. Lancashire Measure. Rent in lieu of Tithes. The Earl of Stamford John Slater, Shop- "1 keeper - - J William Thomas A. 0 K. P. 1 4 ._? s. Subscribers-only content

    Accounts., 2 April 1800

    Lifbon. Ditto to Lifbon, per Newcaftle Chaldron Copperas, for every iool. of the Value Glue - - per Cwt. Hair, Harts per Cwt. Horfe - - - per Cwt. Ox or Cow - - per Cwt. not particularly enumerated, and Subscribers-only content

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