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  • * Victoria County History *

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    The University of Oxford

    iii, 188. Salter, Snappe's Formulary , 341 sqq. Rashdall, Universities , iii, 68 sqq.; O.H.S. Collectanea , ii, 193 sqq. Harlech MS. (Letter-book), 146 v . Cal. Close , 1307-13 , p. 456; Foedera (R.), ii, 161, 198. Cal. Close

    Domesday Book 1875-1985

    Bradford (whose family estate had been increased by the purchase of the Leaton Knolls estate in 1947 ), 35 Forester, Harlech , and Plymouth . By 1972 , though many of the large estates had been broken up, over a

    The parish of Preston PRESTON

    of Holy Trinity Church in Preston , and was born in the town in 1829 . He was drowned at Harlech , while bathing, in 1877 . 117 Some other worthies are noticed in the accounts of the various townships.

    Index K-Z

    1894), Orme , John, Ormond , Duke of, see Butler; Marquess of, see Butler Ormsby-Gore , Emily Charlotte , Lady Harlech , see Seymour Orpin , glassmakers, Orpington ( Kent ) , Osbaldeston , - (fl. third 19th c.), Osborn

    The City of Coventry Churches: Churches built before 1800 ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH FROM A PLAN OF 1870

    the council, were subsequently rejected by the Royal Fine Art Commission and he resigned at the beginning of 1947. The Harlech Commission was then set up, and, after a thorough exami nation of the ruins and a wide canvass of

  • * The History of Parliament *

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    STANLEY, Edward I (by 1513-64 or later), of Harlech, Merion.

    STANLEY, Edward I (by 1513-64 or later), of Harlech, Merion. Constituency Dates Merioneth 1542 Ofifces Held Dep. constable, Harlech castle by 1534-51, constable 26 Mar. 1551-?d.; bailiff, commote of Ardudwy, Merion. in 1534; j.p.q. Merion. 1543-64 or later; sheriff 1544-5,

    WYNN, Sir William (1678-1754).

    May 1749 20 May 1754 Ofifces Held Constable, Harlech castle 1716-d.; equerry to Prince of Wales 1724-7; standard bearer, gent. pensioners 1727, lt. 1740-d. Biography Wynn owed his knighthood and his places to the influence of his elder brother, whom

    VAUGHAN, Richard (c.1665-1734), of Corsygedol, Merion.

    29 Apr. 1701 28 Mar. 1734 Ofifces Held Constable, Harlech castle 1704-16. Biography In 1701 Richard Vaughan succeeded to the Merioneth seat vacated by the death of his brother-in-law, Hugh Nanney. A life-long Tory, he did not vote in any

    WYNN, Sir William (1678-1754), of Bodvean, Caern.

    Boroughs 2 May 1749 20 May 1754 Ofifces Held Constable Harlech castle Dec. 1716- d.; lt. of band of gentlemen pensioners. Biography When on the death of Sir Thomas Wynn his son John felt unable to stand for Parliament, Sir

    VAUGHAN, Rhys I (by 1523-80/82), of Cors-y-Gedol in Llanddwywe, Merion.

    Great. More recently the family was notable for its support of the Lancastrian cause: Rhys Vaughan’s grandfather helped to defend Harlech castle against the Yorkists and is said to have built the Ty Gwyn at Barmouth to facilitate a Lancastrian

  • * British History Online * *

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    Warrant Book, May 1704, 11-20, 01 May 1704-31 May 1704

    ., pp. 195-7. Same to same for a same to grant to Richard Vaughan the office of Constable of Harleigh [Harlech ] Castle co. Merioneth with the Castle Yard and Castle Green there and the annual fee of 50 l

    Entry Book, September 1691, 11-20, 01 September 1691-30 September 1691

    of the petition of Cha. Nicho. Eyre to the Queen, praying a grant of the office of Constable of Harleigh [Harlech ] Castle, co. Merioneth, he having other concerns near those parts. Reference Book VI, p. 340. Treasury reference to

    General Index, N ,O, 01 July 1645-31 December 1647

    of Ottley , Sir Francis Lady Otway , Capt. his troop Owen , Capt. Sir John Col. William, governor of Harlech castle Oxenden , Colonel Oxford advertisements from Assembly Court at, documents dated from letters dated from garrison of Royalist Subscribers-only content

    General Index, H, 01 February 1689-30 April 1690

    Harding , John Mr. Patrick Hardy , Lieut. William Hargate , Mr. Harman , Thomas John Harmans , Styntie Cornelia Harlech , castle of Harley , Robert Harlow , Thomas Harman , Edward Gerris Harnidge , Mrs. Haro ( sic Subscribers-only content

    General Index, H, 01 May 1690-31 October 1691

    Mr. Harden , Margaret Hardestie , Joseph Harding Peter Hare , Lieut.-Col. Sir Charles Harlackenden , Lieut. Walter Harlech (Harleigh), fairs at Harlech Castle Harley , Edmund Harlington , parish of, places in Harman , Mr. Harmans , Henrick Harmense Subscribers-only content

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yn 1.868- y trydydd tro-fe gariwyd allan farn i fuddog- oliaetlh; cyhoeddwyd Mr. WILLIAMS, oddiar hen furiau mwsoglyd v 5astell Harlech, yn A.S. dros Sir Feirionvdd, ac fel yr oeddym ni yn gobeithio yr oedd y tro hwnw yn arwydd Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    F wasanaeth anafusion a chleifion perthynol i'r chwar- elydd. Ae y mae wrth y-gwaith o adeiladu clafdy v arall yn Harlech; ar ei chwarel ei hun, yn benaf er j miwyn y rhai fyddo yn cael eu cymeryd yn gleifion Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    gyn.- o0 yg Aelod Seneddol dros Sir Feirionydd le, yn Harlech, d yn yr awyr agored, yn mhresenoldeb nifer mawr 0 d bobl-yn gynwysedig yn benaf o gefnogwyr Mr. Hol- land. Oni buasai gerwinder y tywydd diau y buasai S Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    hlaw gar, yn taflu yn ol au en maint brudd-der mewn rhanau eraill; tna Chor- hi ol, wen, Dolgellau, Dinasmawddwy, Harlech, Ye, a pi Y llethran y Moolwyn. Ond dynwaredwyr go dda fy eu oedd y rhai bychain bach yma Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    gadw petljau rhag myned yn rhy bell eto." Dywedodd yr ym- i geisydd Toayaidd hbny oddiar yr lualtin/s yn I Harlech ddvdd Mercher; ond atebodd ethol- I wyr Meirionydd ddvdd Sadwrn yn y rmadd f mwyaf diamwys a pbenderfyvnol ei Subscribers-only content

  • * 19th Century British Pamphlets * *

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    [Petition against any alterations of the Parliamentary oath ], 1882

    of God. A. C. Cantuar. Haddington , L. Lieut . Seafield . W. Ebor. Hamilton . R. Sodor and Man. Harlech , L. Lieut . Stanhope . Abercorn , K.G., L. Lieut . Harrowby , K.G. Stradbrooke, L. Lieut . Subscribers-only content

    Loyalty plus murder, 1884

    steeped to the lips." 21st January, 1884 . List of those who signed the above :- The Right Hon. Lord Harlech , Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum of County Leitrim ; the Right Hon. the Earl of Enniskillen, J.P. ; William Subscribers-only content

    Wales, awake!: a call to young Wales, 1887

    her tunes are set in the minor key except an occasional air like the " March of the Men of Harlech ," which has floated down from the more vigorous past. English domination has trampled so mercilessly and constantly upon Subscribers-only content

    Liberal songs., 1895

    JVIarcli. 2W-" The Men of Harlech ." Liberals all, now rouse to action, Don 't allow the Tory faction In your ranks to spread distraction, Scatter all their bands. Think of victories won already, Keep your ranks still firm and Subscribers-only content

    The educational almanack., 1881

    (L) Hardinge , Visct., C. Stewart Hardinge (C) Hardwicke , Earl of, C. Philip Yorke (C) Harewood .Earlof, H. ThynneLascelles(C) Harlech , Lord, W. R. Ormsby Gore (C) Harrington , Earl of, C. Wyndham Stan ¬ hope (C) Harris , Subscribers-only content


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