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  • * Victoria County History *

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    Wisbech Hundred Newton Plan of St. James's Church

    daughter Elizabeth Harber and her two children. Elizabeth, upon whom the Lumpkin House thus devolved, was John's only surviving daughter by his second marriage. She married Bartholomew Harber (or Arbor), 62 who died in 1753 . John Harber , her


    Warrillow, Stoke , 318. Ibid. 316-17. Ibid. 185. Ibid. Ibid. 185-6; see pp. 196-7. Warrillow, Stoke , 190; Hughes and Harber 's Longton Boro. Almanack ( 1897 ). Warrillow, Stoke , 190. Ibid.; see pp. 264, 269. Warrillow, Stoke ,

  • * British History Online *

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    Downegate warde

    and to the rest of the kings Heraulds and Purseuants of Armes, all that messuage with the appurtenances, called Cold Harber in the parish of All saints the little in London, and their successors for euer. Dated at Westminster y

    Diary, 1560 (Jan - June), 01 January 1560-30 June 1560

    so [entered ] at Ludgatt, the good yerle of Shreusbery, with a C. [men ] rydyng, and so to Cold Harber to ys owne plasse. The xxv day of January wher mad at Powlles by the nuw byshope of London

    Vintrie warde

    and the Tauerner sold wine, but dressed no meate for sale, & c. Horshew bridge streete, Knightriders streete.; Kerion lane.; Harber lane, or Brikels lan e . This warde beginneth in the East, at the west end of Downegate ward,

    Index, H, I, 01 January 1601-31 December 1601

    Hansley , William, 586. Hanwell , letter dated at, 392. Hanworth (Hanwurth), letter dated at, 270. Harbard (Harbert). See Herbert. Harber , Adam, Scot, examination of, 193. Harding's widow , partaker at Mass, 363. Hardwick , letter dated at, 180.

    Index, H I

    Thomas, steward of Maidstone College, 190. Hanwick , Guellam, native of Brussells, 222. Hapburn , Robert, son of, mentioned, 470. Harber , Mr., 380. Harborne , William, abstract of service of, in travel and in residence at Constantinople, 444. Harbours

  • * Cause Papers in the Diocesan Courts of the Archbishopric of York, 1300-1858 *

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    (Gaile, Gayle) : undefined Participant: Thomas Hughson [Howson] Role: witness Details: male; 34; husbandman Location: Horton In Ribblesdale (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Harber (Harbor) : undefined Participant: Richard Dynsdell [Dynsdell] Role: witness Details: male; 20; yeoman Location: Askrigg (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): , Gayle)


    (Beecroft Hall) : undefined Participant: Lawrence Burton [Burton] Role: witness Details: male; 70; yeoman Location: Horton In Ribblesdale (YorkshireWestRiding) Place(s): Harber (Harbour) : undefined Participant: Robert Lambard [Lambert] Role: witness Details: male; 37; gentleman Location: Aysgarth (YorkshireNorthRiding) Place(s): Askrigg (Askrigg)

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    distinguishing light, which is a red light, on the port side, but we must be governed by circurnstances--The evidence of Harber, chieflfficerol the Mangerton; Patterson, the boatswain. and other witnesses, was ther tskct, after which the Coroner summed up, and Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    tel ot- 1 ilentlioled 101 being Nov. 53, 54, ann 5. Cock Street; in the several tv occupaltiuns oi Me-Fimt. Harber, Thomas, and White. producing an L a00n101 rental of £218. 9s. 4d, I w Lox LLI-Tlhrce FRiEEHOLD MESSUAGES, situate Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    (vice-president), G. Fletcher, H. Young, A. Chap- man, H. Wharton, J. Andrews,, Bcnnett, Brooks, Read, Chinu, J, Jones, Church, Gilbert, Harber, Gardner, San- sum, Barnes, and R. Rooke (secretary),-The auditor's report for the past quarter showed that the balances to Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    twenty-three mem- bers of the Metropoiitan Board of Works defeated, Six onlv being successfuli-namely, Colonel Roward Vincent, MA?., Colonel Hughes, 31P., Messrs. Jones, Fardell, Sly, and Harber. it is understood that Lord fosebery will be chairman of the new council. Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Iloderick, A. Harrisone(secretaiy), Bingley, Willes, Alachis' P ,einton, James Day, sen., James Day, juN., George D.ay' Charles Porter, MIrssey, Mulhew, Harber (agent to hfesmn AllSopps'), Mason, J. Sayer, Minehull, Docker, Dolte, S. Smith,' Levison, Burton, Harris, Whitchurob, and others. 6"The Subscribers-only content

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    24 March 1803, 24 March 1803

    43 Geo. III. Journals of the Houfe of Lords. ICI a. Acts paffed in the Thirty-third, Thirty-fourth, Thirty- " Gate in the Borough of Stafford, called Gaol Gate, fifth, Thirty-fixth, Thirty-eighth, and Forty-firft " tod from a certain Gate Subscribers-only content

    24 May 1832, 24 May 1832

    at the usual Time and Place j and to adjourn as they please. St.Andr jjolborr jmprove ll Shawbu Roads ] Harber fce. Inc Bill. Lords summc Educai (Irelar Petitio again s' posed (Bristc Inhab ofGh Presb Glasg Upon reading the Subscribers-only content

    General Index to the Journals of the House of Commons, Volume LXXV, A.D. 1820 - Volume XCII, A.D. 1837

    764 PETITIONS—'cowi^weJ. 1. Petitions for Relief with respect to various Matters, &c—(co?tf*«Med)—referfoe to— Corporation and Test Acts—confmwecZ. [1827.] For the Repeal thereof—c<m£mMe_Z. ling Hill, in Craven, lxxxii. 520. Cradley and Stourbridge, 527. Cranbrook, 510, p. Cranfield, 567. Cratfield, 521, Subscribers-only content

    25 March 1771, 25 March 1771

    Borough and Townfhip of Fr-amwelgate, known by the feveral Names of Framtvel- gate Moor, High Braffide Moor, Low Braffide Moor, Harber Houfe Moor, Potter Moor, Well Springs Moor, and FindoH Hill Moor; and for extinguiming, upon the Terms therein ipecified, Subscribers-only content

    29 April 1772, 29 April 1772

    feveral Moors, Commons or Waftes, known by the feveral Names of Framwelgate Moor, High Brajfide Moor, Low Braffuh Me or, Harber Houfe Moor, and Well Springs Moor, and in and upon Two Parcels of Ground, known by the feveral Names Subscribers-only content

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