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  • * The History of Parliament *

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    HEATHCOTE, Samuel (1699-1775), of Hanover Sq., London.

    (1699-1775), of Hanover Sq., London. Constituency Dates Bere Alston 22 Feb 1740 1747 Biography On the death of Sir Francis Drake, 4th Bt., leaving an infant heir, his widow brought in her brother, Samuel Heathcote, for the vacancy at Bere

    MAINWARING, William (1735-1821), of Hanover Sq., London

    (1735-1821), of Hanover Sq., London Constituency Dates Middlesex 1784 1802 Ofifces Held First prothonotary of the court of common pleas 1768-94; chairman Mdx. and Westminster quarter sessions 1781-1816; bencher, L. Inn 1795, treasurer 1804. Biography Belittled in political circles as

    HARLEY, Thomas (c.1667-1738), of Kinsham Court, Herefs.

    subscriptions to land bank 1696, S. Sea Co. 1711; jnr. sec. of Treasury 1711–June 1714; envoy to Hanover 1712, envoy extraordinary Apr.–May 1714. Ofifces Held Freeman, Ludlow 1701. Biography Harley entered public life under the umbrella of his uncle and

    BOSCAWEN, Hon. John (1714-67), of Hanover Sq., London.

    John (1714-67), of Hanover Sq., London. Constituency Dates Truro 1747 30 Apr. 1767 Ofifces Held Cornet 1 Drag. Gds. 1736; page of honour to George II 1738; lt. 1742; exempt and capt. 3 Horse Gds. 1742-6; capt. and lt.-col. 1

    HAMMOND, James (1710-42), of Hanover Sq., London.

    (1710-42), of Hanover Sq., London. Constituency Dates Truro 1741 7 June 1742 Ofifces Held Equerry to Frederick, Prince of Wales 1733-d. Biography Accompanying Lord Chesterfield on his embassy to The Hague in 1728, Hammond, the poet, was sent over to

  • * British History Online *

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    Index, Z, 01 January 1710-31 December 1710

    Index Z Z Zealand (Zeeland), boatmen to, payments to, 561. Zelle . See Hanover.

    Index, Z, 01 January 1717-31 December 1717

    Zeland , Scotch and Irish officers hindered from getting to Scotland from, 280. Zell , Hanover. See Celle. Zelle , Duke of. See Celle, Duke of. Zetland . See Shetland. Zigenhorne , Joseph, a clerk to the Commissioners of Transports,

    House of Commons Journal Volume 10, 31 July 1689, 31 July 1689-31 July 1689

    insist upon their Amendments: And that they do adhere to the Amendment touching the Limitation to the Princess Sophia of Hanover . That the Managers did propose it to the Lords, Whether the Lords would admit of any further Debate

    Appendix I, North and South Carolina Land Grants

    N Hanover 6 June ditto 640 ditto 6 June Malpas, Simon 254 Craven 28 February Marshall, William 300 N Hanover 22 November Mills, Robert 150 Craven 16 February Morton, Peter 640 Onslow 7 June Murray, James 640 N Hanover 5

    Acts, 1775

    adds the feeling of domestic affliction. Possessed, as we are, with reverence and with gratitude towards the illustrious House of Hanover, to which, under God, the nation is indebted for that full enjoyment of the Protestant religion, and of public

  • * British Newspapers 1600-1900 * *

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    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    Ymerawdwr -ao Ymerodres Aw'stria y iddY n ibnyn ystafell yr orsedd yn y palas Ynerodrol. Yr oedd teulu ,bren- hinol Hanover, urddasolion y ilys, . PrifWeinidog, Wr'r an fwyaf o. aedan'r. weinyddiaeth -yda thod * fawr o ymwelwyr yn bresenol Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    yr aingyichiada u ad presenol yn dyfod o fewo terfy3nai cytundeb 1856. GALLUOEDD ERAILL. wr Yu Mae Bavaria gyda Prwsia. Hanover a Den- Yn mark yn debygy o ocbri eyda Ffrainc. Rwsia yn tueddu yn gryf i gefnogi Prwsia. w Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    er nadydym yn ystyried ei fod yn debygol, y gallai y ilywod-raeth Ffrengig,|feddwl y cai ym- I1 lynwyr yn nheyrnas Hanover, cefnogaeth pa rai a 1 rbddent rywfaint' bach o liw gwirionedd i haeriadI yr Ymerawdwr o fod yn gyfaill Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    iddi gyfanu ei theyrnas, yr c hon hyd yn hyn oedd yn ddwy ran wahaned- 7 ig, drwy dderhyn ati Hanover a thalaethau d eraill llai pwysig, fel yr oedd ei phoblogaeth 2 yn 23,000,000, o ba rai y mae Subscribers-only content

    British Newspapers 1600-1900

    dywedasai jyr un peth wrth Ymerawdwyr Awstria a Rwsia." Derbyniodd, y mae'n wir, gan. NAPOLEON am ei anmhleid. garwch, deyrnas Hanover, yr hon a berthynai i Brydain fel hen drefdadaeth y Georgiaid, ond costiodd hbyn ryfel i Prwsia a Phrydain, Subscribers-only content

  • * Queen Victoria's Journals *

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    Sunday 17th June 1838

    M.'s words. I showed him a letter I had got from Uncle Leopold & also one from poor George of Hanover , signed by himself. - At 5 I drove out with Ly Mulgrave , Miss Pitt & Miss Rica

    Thursday 13th June 1839

    showed Lord M. a letter from Palmerston to Albemarle enclosing one from Baron Munchhausen , who says the sing of Hanover won't let us have any creams or blacks from his Stud,- which is very rude; and after talking it

    Saturday 12th November 1842

    dinner party increased by the Ansons & maids of Hanover - Further Details Journal Entry Place of writing Version Walmer Castle Princess Beatrice's copies Volume 14 1st July 1842-31st December 1842 Volume Page Nos 195 Featured Names Featured Places Hanover

    Saturday 24th December 1842

    presents to our personal servants & my maids, & later to Ly Lyttelton, Ly Canning & the 2 maids of Hanover . "Pussy" was with me & watched all the things being brought into our room. Went up to the

    Saturday 25th February 1843

    it again very raw & cold. - Both Children have slight colds. - The marriage of poor George of Hanover , of which I read the programme, was solemnized with great pomp & state on the 18th, taking place at

  • * House of Commons Parliamentary Papers * *

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    13 July 1689, 13 July 1689

    Ma- " jetties." " Their Lordßiips infifl upon their own Amendment, " 7 Skin, 25 Line, concerning the Houfe of Hanover. " Line 2d of the Claufe (A). The Lords agree to " the Commons Amendment ; but difagree to Subscribers-only content

    29 July 1689, 29 July 1689

    Whether to adhere to Lor,ds^here tiie L.lauie, ror naming the rlouie or Hanover ;„ Fav0urof •* to the Succeffion of the Crown in this Bill?" the Houie of Hanover. It was Refolved in the Affirmative. The Houfe of Commons being Subscribers-only content

    9 May 1702, 9 May 1702

    122 Journals of the Houfe of Lords. A 1702, And the Lord Vifcount Lengueville reported, " That u the Committee had gone through the faid Bill; and " think it fit to pafs, without any Amendment." L. Mount« joy's Subscribers-only content

    8 February 1703, 8 February 1704

    Journals of the Houfe of Lords. A *' gery*s being fent, I difcovered that to be falfe; he " going ftraight to the North to his own Houfe, which " I underftood when I arrived at Edinburgh. " Colin Subscribers-only content

    8 February 1703, 8 February 1704

    from Captain Simon Frazer, fent by his " Servant, who faid, " His Malier and he were come " from Hanover ;" whereupon he went, and met with St Captain Simon at Durham in England; and there " Captain Simon Subscribers-only content

  • * Lane's Masonic Records *

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    Lodge of the Cedar

    G.L. of Hanover, 24 June 1810, and left with it in 1827. Notes (3): Joined Nat. G.L. of Germany 27 October 1867, under which it is still working. Additional to Lane: null Status: 3 Meeting Places Hanover,Hanover,Hanover, Germany

    Lodge of the Black Bear

    at Berlin. Seceded to G. L. of Ratisbon, and re-warranted by it 19 Feb. 1785. In May 1786 again constituted under England. Joined the Three Globes G.L. of Berlin in 1806. Returned to Englis Meeting Places Hanover,Hanover, Germany 1786

    Lodge of the Silent Temple

    Lodge Number (1863): 0 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Notes (1): Warranted by Prov. G.L. of Hanover in 1791, and seceded to G.L. of the Three Globes, Berlin, in 1802, and has never been under English

    Lodge Charles Augustus

    Lodge Number (1832): 0 Lodge Number (1863): 0 ReNumber (1814): 0 ReNumber (1832): 0 ReNumber (1863): 0 Notes (1): Constituted by English Prov. G.L. of Hamburg, 15 Nov. 1801. Was closed in 1803. Meeting Places Alstaedt, Alstaedt, Hanover, Germany 1801

    Lodge of the Brilliant Star

    until 1821. Warranted by G.L. of Hamburg, 24 April 1811. In 1814 joined the Prov. G.L. of Hanover, and the Nat. G.L. of Hanover in 1827. Notes (2): Left our jurisdiction in 1827, and was erased from English Register in


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