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    Elizabeth, July 1578, 21-25, 01 July 1578-31 July 1578

    they reject him, the fear is that he either will take part openly with the enemy, or impatronise himself of Hainault, and so have a gap opened to invade the rest of the country, either of which inconveniences were hard

    Index, U, 01 January 1578-31 December 1579

    Agreement of, mentioned, 273, 274. -, Union of, 287, 339 ( p . 259), furthered by the counter association of Hainault and Artois, 544, 555 Brabant desires to be included in, 657, 668. Uz s , Duke of. See Crussol.

    Index, Y, 01 January 1578-31 December 1579

    the Duke desires that he may continue accredited to him, 442 helps to pacify Mons, 497 Deputy from the Estates to Peace Conference at Cologne, 555 ( p . 417), 642 back in the Council of State, from Hainault, 635.

    Cecil Papers, February 1598, 01 February 1598-28 February 1598

    of Spain. 1 [1597 8, Feb. 27. ] Two Letters: 1. The Council of State of Hainault to the Archduke Albert. The Estates of Hainault having heard the proposition made to them by the Duke of Arschot, Governor, Captain-General and

    Cecil Papers, September 1604, 01 September 1604-30 September 1604

    of Hainault and Chapel Hainault in Waltham Forest. The King restored the Earl of Oxford to the custody and charge of the Forest and the Earl, finding many abuses there committed by Anthony Witherings, then Keeper of Chapel Hainault walk,

    Elizabeth, January 1579, 11-20, 01 January 1579-31 January 1579

    the country, the state of which is better than it was at my last writing, because they of Artois and Hainault frame and accommodate themselves more to the observance of the union than was looked for. This happens because the

    Edward VI, April 1551, 01 April 1551-30 April 1551

    commissioners Louis of Flanders, lord of Praet, & c., and Sir Thomas Erskine knight, for the Queen, at Binche in Hainault [ Hannonie ] on 15 December 1550. Augsburg, 1 32 d and 37 th of his reigns. 10 pp. Subscribers-only content

    Elizabeth, March 1578, 21-25, 01 March 1578-31 March 1578

    endless and incredible means in divers parts of the country to gain possession of several places in Artois, Flanders, and Hainault, having, as is asserted, persons at their devotions ; the most part of these have by any means been

    Addenda, 1582

    now they ought to nourish and reinforce. I rather fear Oudenarde, for 'there' we have no passage good for Tournay, Hainault, and Artois. It is thought the Liberty of Religion will make divers towns revolt. I talked lately with a


    bottom, after April 12 add 232a. p. 123, l. 7, after April 13 add 232b. p. 162 and passim, for Hainault read Anhault. p. 177, l. 21, for l sa read l sa. p. 183, l. 2 from bottom, for

    Elizabeth, November 1578, 1-5, 01 November 1578-30 November 1578

    a view of getting away his mother, the Duchess of Aerschot. The secession of Hainault and Artois is held to be certain. The Seneschal of Hainault, governor of Tournay, has received letters from Mons [?'Nous' in orig . ] to

    Elizabeth, November 1578, 11-15, 01 November 1578-30 November 1578

    the States of Artois are meeting at Arras. A commissioner from Hainault is asking to join with them against the Flemings, which will probably take place. Those of Hainault have separated from the States General and recalled their deputies there.

    Elizabeth, December 1578, 6-10, 01 December 1578-31 December 1578

    and in addition to the Estates of Hainault, or their deputies, to the towns of Mons and Valenciennes, the Abbot of Hannon, the Duke of Aerschot, the Marquis of Havrech, the Seneschal of Hainault, exhorting each of them to do

    Addenda, Miscellaneous 1579, 01 January 1579-31 December 1579

    Riehove, besides many boors, with all provision to lay siege to Menin. The Walloons there have sent to Artois and Hainault for aid. It is thought M. Lanoye will do some exploit, if the town and provinces do not resolve

    Elizabeth, July 1579, 16-31, 01 July 1579-31 July 1579

    States of Artois met on the 12th inst. When it comes to publishing it, Valenciennes and several other towns of Hainault will by no means separate from the generality, although they have had three months to think about it, according

    Elizabeth, April 1578, 26-30, 01 April 1578-30 April 1578

    touching DON JOHN, the state of his camp, and his proceeding in this war. He remains in that part of Hainault which borders on France, and commands the following towns : 'Jeblowe,' Tillemont, Bovines, Sychena, 'Arskott,' Diest, 'Leawe,' Nivelle, Bins,

    Elizabeth, January 1579, 21-31, 01 January 1579-31 January 1579

    mischief happens alone that having overcome the troubles in Flanders they are entering into a new labyrinth with those of Hainault and Artois, whose malice to religion has already divided them from the rest of the country. The Marquis 'is

    Elizabeth, February 1579, 16-31, 01 February 1579-28 February 1579

    . 1 pp . [ Holl. and Fl. XI . 57. ] Feb. 20. 568. DOCUMENTS upon the AFFAIRS of HAINAULT and ARTOIS. (1) Count Lalaing to the States-General. Being advertised through divers true channels that the Duke of Guise

    Elizabeth, May 1578, 26-31, 01 May 1578-31 May 1578

    neglect of it. His chief reason was that if the States-General did not conclude with the Duke, the States of Hainault were resolved to go through with him, to the manifest dismembering of the provinces ; and so instead of

    Elizabeth, July 1578, 11-15, 01 July 1578-31 July 1578

    agents here still labour to render their master's course acceptable, but their travail has hitherto prevailed chiefly or only in Hainault. Rochepot is still in Picardy, where he has gathered about 2,000 foot ; the rest of the Duke's troops

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